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Tips to Send a Memoji Sticker on WhatsApp on iPhone

Axel Nash

Written By Axel Nash |

Every year iPhone brings innovative features to offer entertainment and comfort to the users. One such exciting feature is WhatsApp Memoji, through which people can send custom stickers to their friends and family members.

With Memoji stickers on WhatsApp, you can select clothing, facial expressions, and other character accessories to make your chatting experience fun-loving. This article will offer a detailed guide on how to send Memoji stickers on both iPhone and Android with simple and easy instructions.

Part 1: How to Send Memojis on iPhone

Memoji stickers can only be used and created for the iOS 13 and upgraded models. However, you can send them on various apps on your iPhone instantly and can enhance your chatting experience. This section will discuss how to send WhatsApp Memoji on iPhone with easy steps through different apps.

How to Send Memojis on WhatsApp as Stickers on iPhone

Apart from built-in apps on iPhone like iMessage, you can also send Memojis on third-party apps like WhatsApp. iPhone users can utilize these vibrant stickers without restrictions and add their creativity for a customized look.

  • Step 1: Open WhatsApp on iPhone

Memoji stickers are embedded in the iOS keyboard so that users can use them on third-party apps. For example, open WhatsApp and select any contact for the conversation.

launch whatsapp app

  • Step 2: Tap on Emoji Button

Bring up the keyboard on your screen after picking up any WhatsApp chat. Then, click on the “Emoji” button from your keyboard on the left side to display all the frequently used stickers gird.

tap on smiley icon

  • Step 3: Select Favorite Sticker

You can find frequently used Memoji stickers by going to the “Emoji” tab. You can tap on the “Three-dot” icon to see more of them. Here you can explore every Memoji sticker easily. Then, click on your favorite Memoji sticker that will be directly sent to your WhatsApp conversation.

access all stickers

How to Send Memojis on iMessage App

You can use your iMessage app to send Memojis as stickers on your iPhone. By doing so, you can creatively express your feelings without using words. Also, there is a variety of Memojis that you can find to use appropriately according to the situation.

  • Step 1: Select any Conversation

Open your iMessage app on your iPhone and select any conversation. Afterward, bring the keyboard on your screen to proceed.

open conversation on message app

  • Step 2: Choose Memoji Stickers

At the toolbar above your keyboard, you can see various features. For example, tap on the icon of “Memoji Stickers” to see a variety of these stickers.

access memoji stickers

Step 3: Click to Send

You can scroll down to find any suitable Memoji Sticker from the given options. After selecting the sticker, click on it and tap on the “Up Arrow” to send it in your conversation.

send the memoji sticker

Part 2: How to Send Memojis as Stickers on WhatsApp on Android

Do you want to use Memoji stickers for Android? Android users can also use Memoji stickers on their WhatsApp conversations easily. Remember that Android users can send Memojis only on WhatsApp, unlike on iPhone, where users can use every app. Through this section, you can come to know how to send Memoji stickers on Android effortlessly:

  • Step 1: Add to Favorites

If an iPhone user sends Memoji stickers to your WhatsApp, you can save that sticker. Then, just tap on that particular Memoji sticker and click on "Add To Favorites."

add memoji sticker to favorites

  • Step 2: Click on Memoji Icon

Now, tap on the “Smiley” icon from the left side on the Message Bar. Once done, tap on the “Sticker” icon and locate the added Memoji sticker. Then, just with a single click on that particular sticker, you can send it to your WhatsApp chats.

access your favorite stickers

Part 3: How to Custom Animoji on Android WhatsApp

Do you want to create captivating and funny Animoji on Android? Several tools and online apps enable users to create personalized emojis and stickers. Learn about reliable and powerful apps through this section that will help you to create custom Animoji on Android WhatsApp.

1. Bemoji

This app can function effortlessly in creating 3D stickers with colorful clothing and accessories. It comprises more than 1000 options for hairstyles and facial features. You can make your sticker look fashionable and alluring through trendy outfits. It also enables the user to choose the facial features like eyes, nose, and face structure for more enhancement. Moreover, you can add various expressions to your sticker by inserting words, letters, and backgrounds.

bemoji app for android users

2. Bitmoji

Bitmoji is one of the famous tools to create and customize funny stickers. You can use your camera to craft a sticker that resembles you. You can explore and use tons of interesting stickers belonging to various categories through its built-in library. You can also add modifications to the appearance of pre-made stickers according to your desire. After creating Bitmoji stickers, you can easily share them with your friends across various online platforms instantly.

bitmoji sticker maker

3. MomentCam

MomentCam is also a suitable option for designing and crafting unique and appealing stickers. You can select any of the pictures from your gallery, and this tool will create a similar look quickly. Moreover, you can precisely add vibrant backgrounds to your sticker according to religious or cultural occasions. It also allows users to win incentives and prizes by sharing their customized stickers with the MomentCam community. Hence, it's a perfect tool to craft and design vibrant stickers to unleash your innovation.

momentcam sticker creator


Do you want to make the conversations with your friends interesting and expressive? This article has focused on WhatsApp Memoji, an exciting feature that can make your boring chats funny and captivating. Also, you can discover how to use Memoji in WhatsApp on both iPhone and Android by reading our well-structured guidelines.

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