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WhatsApp vs Telegram: Which One is Better?

Written By Axel Nash |

The advanced technology in the communication industry had led to many instant messenger applications. The WhatsApp vs Telegram choosing between these two apps is challenging. In this article, you will learn the similarities and differences of these two programs and identify the right ones for your personal and professional use. You will be witnessing the discussion based on various aspects like security, privacy features of these tools. Quickly surf the below content to discover the perfect messenger app for your needs.


Part 1: Telegram vs WhatsApp: Introduction


The Telegram messaging app was established in the year 2013 by Nikolai and Pavel Durov. These two intelligent brothers resigned from the Russian Social Network firm after it was acquired by Group.

The Telegram is a simple messenger comprising of various features. To make your interaction lively it has built-in stickers, emojis. Apart from these functionalities, you can also find a few creative innovations like secret chat, bots, cloud storage, Media compression, multi-platform support.

More than 200 million users had installed this app for their use. The count may increase in the future. This app offers excellent security to the user’s data and takes special effort to protect the user’s privacy.

It is a cloud-based messenger app and offers an open API to carry out integration and development based on your needs. You can send nearly 30 messages in a second. The encrypted channels provide high standard security in protecting your texts from unnecessary hacking. This application acts as one of the best instant messaging programs that serve the user’s needs both personally and professionally.



Most widely used messenger app around the globe. This application was recently acquired by the expert mind of Facebook ‘Mark Zuckerberg’. Controversies started to arise after the Cambridge Analytica data breach issues.

The security terms of WhatsApp became a threat to the users. Despite controversies, WhatsApp still survives as one of the renowned messengers in the digital space. The comforts and the simple interface attract the users in no time.

The persuasive features like video calls, emojis, stickers, GIFs, picture messages, attaching a wide range of files grab the user’s attention in no time.

The attractive interface impresses the users, and they will feel comfortable accessing the controls. You can handle this platform effortlessly despite prior knowledge. There are options to customize the chat space and make your conversation livelier. Few of its personalized functionalities inspire the users to work with this application despite issues. It acts as one of the well-known messenger programs conquering communication channels worldwide.


Part 2: The difference between WhatsApp and Telegram

If you take a closer look at these two apps WhatsApp vs Telegram, you will find several differences. This section will help you to choose between these two apps wisely.

The Telegram has a reliable end-to-end encryption technique to secure the messages with the self-destructive property.

You can set a time limit for the sent messages to appear at the destination for a specific period, and it disappears automatically. WhatsApp promised end-to-end encryption in the chat environment, but a recent investigation reported that the spy malware is collecting the user’s WhatsApp data even without their knowledge.

The Telegram works on a multi-platform. It uses different channels, and you can open the Telegram app on multiple devices. In WhatsApp, it is impossible to work with many phones. Telegram uses Bots to carry out various activities like scheduling reminders, playing music, develop a to-do list.

This bot is an in-built application, and you need not install it separately. WhatsApp does not provide this feature. In Telegram, you can find unlimited file sharing options and cloud storage features, but WhatsApp lags in it. Telegram can handle any file type and send it to the destination quickly.

The file size limit is up to 1.5GB. In WhatsApp, the file type restricts to video, photo, document types. The Telegram has the best updates when compared to WhatsApp. The group member capacity in Telegram is 200,000 members, and in WhatsApp, the maximum count is 256.

Part 3: Telegram vs WhatsApp: Privacy

The important reason for the user to switch from WhatsApp to Telegram is due to the poor privacy terms with the WhatsApp platform. Recent changes in the privacy terms announced by WhatsApp had led worldwide users to move on with the alternative messenger applications.

WhatsApp reveals the user’s phone number, and it acts as a big threat to privacy. The WhatsApp group chat link seems to be available in the Google search, and anyone can join in the link. This had led to anonymous interruptions. These issues are resolved with the Telegram app. The Telegram App does not use phone numbers as the user’s identity. You can choose a username to interact with on the chat platform. This technique protects the user’s identity.

The Telegram allows you to lock chats using PIN, Pattern, or finger impression. This app protects your personal and official chats from other’s views. WhatsApp fails in implementing this feature. You can hide your device's IP address by using proxy servers. Telegram supports the use of proxy servers without limitations. It preserves the device identity from the network and ensures privacy for users.

In Telegram, there is an added privacy feature in controlling the strangers adding your number in the group. You are allowed to fine-tune and set permission to link your username in groups. There are no such options with WhatsApp.


Part 4: Telegram vs WhatsApp: Security

Do you feel WhatsApp is more secure than Telegram or vice versa? Most users opt for Telegram over WhatsApp due to its convincing security features. The Telegram ensures end-to-end encrypted conversation and protects the user’s data in the cloud storage.

The Telegram application uses a high-standard encryption technique. It is difficult to decipher the messages while intercepted by various sources like ISP, network administrator,s and anonymous parties. The WhatsApp users feel threatened by the data breach issues. It had led WhatsApp users to find an alternative due to the poor security features.

When Telegram is used for business purposes, the payment bot securely transacts the payments without any issues. Quickly you can sort out the payment details and the shipping info using the Business Telegram app.

The Telegram lets you work on multiple gadgets. There are options to close the Telegram app opened on different devices from any gadget to ensure security. You can remotely log out of the Telegram sessions in no time.


Tip: Back up important information if you want to switch from WhatsApp to Telegram.

If you want to move on with the Telegram App, then you need to backup WhatsApp data for future use. To carry out this process, you require reliable software to accomplish the lossless data transfer procedure. The Mobile Trans app from Wondershare is the perfect tool that fits your needs perfectly.

Connect with this software to satisfy your requirements without compromising any factors. The Mobile Trans is a desktop application available in two different versions to support Windows and Mac users. This app helps you to transfer data, back up information on your PC for further reference.

You can perform a wide range of activities using this innovative tool. Before learning in-depth about its stepwise procedure, it is high time to surf the mind-blowing in-built functionalities displayed below.

Features of Mobile Trans application

  • You can easily back up WhatsApp data with a PC in no time.
  • Backup any type of file despite file sizes
  • Compatible with Android and iPhone gadgets
  • This app allows you to restore the backup data to any device effortlessly.
  • Mobile Trans permits you to export the WhatsApp messages to PDF format for future reference.

These are the fabulous collections of its functionalities concerning WhatsApp backup activities.


Follow the below stepwise procedure to backup WhatsApp data on PC and later restore to any desired platforms.

Step 1: Download the App

Go to the Mobile Trans webpage and download the app according to your system OS. If you are using Windows, then go for the Windows version or choose the Mac one. Install it by following the displayed instructions. Finally, launch the tool by double-tapping the tool icon.

Step 2: Choose WhatsApp Transfer

In the app screen, you must choose "Backup&Restore -> Backup app data". Tap the "WhatsApp Transfer" option available in the left panel.


Step 3: Connect the gadget

Now, use a reliable USB cable to attach your device to your system. Ensure you use the best cable to connect the PC with the gadget. Any issues with this connection will lead to data loss. Take special care and watch out the phone is firmly connected with the PC throughout the backup procedure using a reliable cable.


Step 4: Trigger the backup process

The Mobile Trans app automatically senses the WhatsApp data in your phone. It is enough if you tap the "Start" button to commence the backup process. You must wait for a few minutes until the backup completes successfully.


After the successful backup completion procedure, disconnect the gadget from the PC and check the WhatsApp data on your PC. Now, the WhatsApp data is available in your system for future restoration procedures. You can access the WhatsApp data whenever required without any issues.


Thus, you had an elaborate discussion on WhatsApp vs Telegram. This article had given you useful facts about these two applications. You must be able to find out the perfect one that suits your needs. Try the Mobile Trans program to backup your WhatsApp data for future use. You can use this program comfortably without any technical skills. The simple interface and easy reach control assist you to carry out hassle-free tasks. It is a reliable tool to make a WhatsApp backup without any issues. Connect with this article to explore the best method to establish a WhatsApp backup for future reference.

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