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WhatsApp Clear Chat vs Delete Chat: What's the Difference?

Axel Nash

Written By Axel Nash |

“Can you delete a WhatsApp conversation?” Or “What happens if I clear chat in WhatsApp?”

You're at the right place if you are deeply concerned about WhatsApp Clear Chat vs Delete Chat subject. WhatsApp is free messaging is one of the main reasons for its popularity. Plus, there are no ads within the platform to irritate you at all. There are undoubtedly other traits of WhatsApp that you may still don't know unless you are tech-savvy. One is that you can clear or delete WhatsApp chat history at once.

Although there are no rigid restrictions on sending messages via WhatsApp, it has recently limited the sharing of frequently forwarded messages to avoid unnecessary misinformation. So, WhatsApp is highly engaged for user privacy while also practicing CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility).

Keeping in mind all such positive aspects, we will introduce a step-by-step guide on how you can clear or delete WhatsApp chat so you can quickly determine the difference between these terms.

Part 1: How to Delete a Chat?

Learn how to delete WhatsApp chat in three sections. You can delete WhatsApp chat individually, in a group, or all WhatsApp chats at once.

1. Delete a chats in conversation

Step 1: Tap the individual WhatsApp chat.

Open your WhatsApp and click the icon of the individual with whom you want to delete the chat. Now, tap and hold any individual WhatsApp chat with that particular.

Step 2: Delete WhatsApp Chat

Hit the Delete icon to delete WhatsApp individual chat as shown in the image below.

whatsapp clear chat vs delete chat 1

2. Delete Group WhatsApp Chat

Step 1: Exit the WhatsApp Group

Firstly, you are required to exit the WhatsApp Group to delete its chat. So, tap and hold the WhatsApp Group icon and select Exit Group>Exit from the three dots (More Options).

whatsapp clear chat vs delete chat 2

Step 2: Delete WhatsApp Group Chat

After you successfully exit the group, you can tap and hold the WhatsApp Group icon again to Delete the chat, as shown in the image below.

whatsapp clear chat vs delete chat 3

3. Delete all chats at once

Step 1: Go to Chat History

Here, you need to delete the entire Chat History at once. So, go to three dots (More Options) > Settings > Chats > ChatHistory.

whatsapp clear chat vs delete chat 4

whatsapp clear chat vs delete chat 5

Step 2: Delete all WhatsApp chats

In the Chat History window, click Delete All Chats option.

whatsapp clear chat vs delete chat 6

Part 2: How to Clear a Chat?

Now, it’s time to study the second aspect of WhatsApp Clear Chat VS Delete Chat by knowing how to clear WhatsApp chats.

1. Clear a precise individual or group WhatsApp chat

Step 1: Go to the Clear Chat option.

Firstly, you are required to tap the individual or group chat icon to go to the Clear Chat option. Now, tap the three dots (More Options) > More > Clear Chat button.

whatsapp clear chat vs delete chat 7

Step 2: Clear WhatsApp chats

Check the Delete Media in this chat and hit the Clear option to confirm.

whatsapp clear chat vs delete chat 8

2. Clear entire WhatsApp Chats

Step 1: Go to Chat History

Click the three dots (More Options)>Settings>Chats>Chat History button.

Step 2: Clear all WhatsApp Chats

Select the Clear all Chats button. You can check or uncheck the Delete media in chats and Deletestarred messages and then hit the Clear Messages to confirm.

whatsapp clear chat vs delete chat 9

whatsapp clear chat vs delete chat 10

Part 3: Whatsapp Clear Chat v/s Delete Chat

Deleting the WhatsApp messages means deleting them entirely from the WhatsApp log book. On the other hand, Clear WhatsApp chats mean you are clearing them from your WhatsApp board only.

You can restore the backup messages when you log in to the new device, provided that you have only cleared them and not deleted them. Still, it is advised that you back up your WhatsApp data before deleting or clearing chat via MobileTrans, a quick phone transfer tool.

Part 4: Backup WhatsApp before Delete or Clear the chats with MobileTrans

So, here we are at the backup solution! We would like to highly suggest that you take a backup of your WhatsApp messages before doing any of the tasks of WhatsApp Clear Chat or Delete Chat mentioned above. For this purpose, you must go for the most trustworthy software provided by Wondershare named MobileTrans-Whatsapp Backup&Restore.

Key Features of MobileTrans

  • • It can quickly transfer entire data files from one device to another, including cross-platform transfer.
  • • MobileTrans can also transfer data from various social media apps, including WhatsApp, Line, and Viber.
  • • You can create a backup of data files of both Android and iOS devices to your Mac or Windows PC with MobileTrans in a few simple steps.
  • • It is also possible to restore the MobileTrans backup files and iTunes backup files via MobileTrans.

Steps to backup WhatsApp data with MobileTrans

Step 1: Go to the WhatsApp module.

The first step after installing MobileTrans is to select the "Backup&Restore" module on its main interface, as shown below.

backup & restore home

Step 2: Connect device

Connect the Android or iPhone device containing WhatsApp from which you want to create a backup. Then, hit the "WhatsApp" to proceed.

backup whatsapp home

Step 3: Start WhatsApp backup

Hit the "Start" button after selecting the data for backup and wait for the process to complete.

backup whatsapp faq


So, this was the simple explanation on WhatsApp Clear Chat vs Delete Chat concern. Hopefully, all your doubts are clear about their difference as well. All in all, it's an excellent decision to clear or delete chats for various personal and security reasons. Simultaneously, it is also essential to take a backup for any future reference. That's why we stressed using MobileTrans as the most reliable software to create an entire WhatsApp backup with hardly three steps.

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