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How to Migrate WhatsApp from Android to iPhone?

Axel Nash

Written By Axel Nash |

I am willing to purchase the new iPhone 15. However, till now, I have used Android phones only. Therefore, I am not sure how to transfer WhatsApp from Android to iPhone 15. Many friends have explained that it is not possible. But, I use this app for professional communications, too. Is there a way to migrate WhatsApp from Android to iPhone?

For many users like the above, WhatsApp data is essential. It has so much data and communications that everybody wants to save it. So, in this article, we have explained how to migrate WhatsApp from Android to iOS. Retaining your WhatsApp data when migrating WhatsApp from Android to iPhone using these three methods is possible. 

Part 1: Ways to Migrate WhatsApp from Android to iPhone

The first category on our list is to use common ways to migrate WhatsApp from Android to iPhone. However, these methods only offer your WhatsApp data as a file. You can’t restore your chats to Android. If you want to restore to your Android, turn to part 2.

Migrate WhatsApp from Android to iPhone via Email

WhatsApp offers an email functionality to transfer WhatsApp from Android to iPhone 15 without hassle. You need to use your email ID and open the same ID on your new iPhone 15, too.

  • Unlock your old Android device and open WhatsApp on it.
  • Go to the Settings of the app. From here, go to More and then Export Chats.
  • This will give you an option to Export Chats to Email.
  • You need to provide your email ID in the next step.

It is a creative method, but remember that a document will be sent to your email, and that’s how you can access your chats. On your WhatsApp or iPhone, there will be no chats.

Migrate WhatsApp from Android to iPhone via PDF

You can convert the above chats to a PDF. This will help you securely save your data for as long as possible.

  • You need to export your chats like how we exported the chat to email.
  • Open this email ID on your PC.
  • Download the chats TXT file on your computer.
  • Now, open the TXT file in MS Word or other similar document openers.
  • Go to Save As and select PDF.

This will migrate WhatsApp from Android to iPhone in PDF format. You can send this PDF to your iPhone using email or Bluetooth transfer. This will help you secure your WhatsApp chats on your new iPhone 15 from Android phones. You can refer to this chat and read it whenever you need to go through previous or old data. 

Part 2: How To Directly Migrate WhatsApp From Android To iPhone?

All of the above methods don’t offer to migrate WhatsApp from Android to iPhone. You are only transferring your chats in a readable format in a document viewer. These chats won’t end up in your WhatsApp.

To transfer WhatsApp from Android to iPhone such that the chats reflect on your WhatsApp, you can use the MobileTrans WhatsApp Transfer tool.

MobileTrans is a state-of-the-art software that helps you transfer data from one device to another. Whether you need to transfer data from Android to iPhone or store pictures on your computer, you can use it. Let’s explore some features of MobileTrans in detail:

  • MobileTrans is a user-friendly software that anyone can easily access. You only need to download it and use the one-click option to migrate WhatsApp from Android to iOS.
  • Not only can you migrate WhatsApp for Android to iPhone, but it is also possible to migrate one device’s data, such as images, app data, etc., entirely to another.
  • Merging chats guarantees your conversations remain complete and consistent across platforms.
  • When migrating data from one device to another, you can check the files to transfer. Select your preferred types and transfer data to another device.

Do you want to explore how to use the MobileTrans WhatsApp Transfer tool?

Step 1: Download and Open MobileTrans

You have to visit our website and download the MobileTrans tool. You can download the free trial first to check how it functions. Later on, purchase the full version to receive the full functionality of the MobileTrans tool.

Once you download the software on your computer, go to Phone to Phone Transfer and select WhatsApp Transfer under it.

MobileTrans WhatsApp Phone to Phone Transfer

Now, you need to select what type of app transfer you want to achieve. For example, you can select WhatsApp or WA Business.

MobileTrans WhatsApp Business Transfer

As you can clearly see, there are many other options on the list for data transfer. For example, if you need to transfer Viber data too, you can select Viber under this category.

Step 2: Connect Android and iPhone

Next, take both your phones and connect them to your computer. Use the relevant USBs to physically create a connection between your PC and Android/iPhone. When your phones are connected to the PC, MobileTrans will detect it automatically.

It will show a transfer screen. You can Flip the choice if the source and destination phones are not correct, here you need to ensure to migrate WhatsApp from Android to iPhone.

MobileTrans Android to iPhone Transfer

Step 3: Migrate WhatsApp from Android to iPhone

When you adjust the source and destination, you can click on Start. This will initiate the WhatsApp Transfer process, and it will take some time according to your data storage on WhatsApp.

MobileTrans WhatsApp Transfer

While you can migrate WhatsApp from Android to iPhone using any of the above three methods, is it suggested to use MobileTrans only. If you look at it, then the first two can offer you your data chats without any hassle, but you won’t be able to get these chats on WhatsApp. With MobileTrans, this is possible. So, check the features of MobileTrans, use its free trial, and download the app to transfer WhatsApp from Android to iPhone 15.


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