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WhatsApp Will Not Restrict Users Who Don't Accept the New Privacy Policy

Axel Nash

Written By Axel Nash |

In early-May, Facebook announced that users who failed to accept WhatsApp new policy by 15th May will see a decline in functionality over time. This announcement was distressing to most WhatsApp uses who saw it a violation of their privacy, raising questions on just how much users’ personal data WhatsApp should be sharing with Facebook.


WhatsApp Will Not Restrict Account Functions

In a recent reversal of their position, Facebook has said that you will not be restricted from account functions if you fail to accept the new privacy policy. In a statement, WhatsApp says that following lengthy discussions with various authorities and privacy experts, they will not limit the apps’ functionality to those who choose to not accept the update.

WhatsApp New Privacy Policy Has Made Some User Leave

The rollout of the new policy by WhatsApp has generated a lot of concern for users who were already apprehensive about the amount and type of personal data that WhatsApp might share with Facebook. In a privacy policy that was rolled out in 2016, WhatsApp indicated that they would share some personal data such as phone numbers with Facebook and for the most part, users seemed OK with this. But this new policy has caused some users to rethink using WhatsApp because of the threat to restrict functionality if they don’t accept the new policy.

Even with the threat lifted, there are some users who have chosen to stop using WhatsApp for privacy reasons. This trend may be expected to grow the more WhatsApp chooses to share user personal data with Facebook.

Should We Accept WhatsApp New Policy?

But still, the majority of WhatsApp users have accepted the new WhatsApp policy. If you still haven’t, you still have time to make a decision although WhatsApp will continue to remind you to accept the new policy.

The key to any privacy policy is taking the time to read through it and see if you can agree to all the terms in the policy. If there are certain aspects of the policy that make you uncomfortable, you retain the right to refuse. Hopefully in this case, you can continue using WhatsApp as you did before even if you choose not to accept the new policy.

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Axel Nash

Axel Nash

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