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How to Create a WhatsApp Business Account

Axel Nash

Written By Axel Nash |

WhatsApp account can do wonders if utilized rightly. We're explicitly talking about WhatsApp's business account, its advantages, and how to make one. The app is readily available for download since January 2018 with lots of custom features. However, let's look at some of its benefits before learning how to create the WhatsApp Business account. First, it's a platform for business persons only, which means no dissimilar fluff. It is a million-user platform. You can access tools like Greeting Message, Quick Replies, or Away Message. WhatsApp business version supports the WhatsApp web. It allows online access to service without using the mobile.

Now, let's start on how to make a business account with WhatsApp below.

Part 1: How to create a WhatsApp business account?

Start by installing the WhatsApp business application from Google Play Store. Go and get the app as it is freely available.

Step 1: Continue after Download

After the installation, simply tap on the 'Agree and Continue' button.

how to create a WhatsApp business account – 1

Step 2: Enter your contact details

You need to enter your phone number details in this step. Use the professional business number instead of personal contact.

how to create a WhatsApp business account – 2

Step 3: Verification via OTP

There will be a one-time password sent to verify the authenticity of the provided contact details. Enter the received OTP to confirm.

how to create a WhatsApp business account – 3

Step 4: Give the name and type of business

The 'Create your Profile' window wants you to enter the name and type of business. Then, tap the Next button to proceed.

how to create a WhatsApp business account – 4

Step 5: Explore different features to connect with customers

Even though the window will look identical to the standard WhatsApp account, it consists of various exciting features to explore and start connecting with potential customers. So, get connected globally in a reliable, secure, and straightforward manner.

how to create a WhatsApp business account – 5

That's how to make a business account on WhatsApp with five easy steps, as discussed above.

Now, get to know WhatsApp business API with regards to the WhatsApp business account.

Part 2: How to create a WhatsApp business account for the WhatsApp Business API

WhatsApp Business API facilitates quick communication with global customers in a reliable manner. Facebook partnered with WhatsApp for comprehensive business solutions and is offering the Business Manager's services.

Have you created the WhatsApp business account? If so, you can now access Facebook WhatsApp Manager to use WhatsApp Business API for direct communication with potential customers.

Consider the following step before setting up a WhatsApp business account with Facebook Business Manager.

  • • Sign Up to Business Manager.
  • • The step of Business Verification is necessary even if you are creating a WhatsApp Business account on behalf of a business. Only after the confirmation, you will be able to send a message.
  • • Then, it's time to review by the WhatsApp business team. Once your account gets approved, you can go further.

A detailed step-by-step guide to creating WhatsApp business account for WhatsApp Business API

Step 1: Go for Business Manager login and select the Business Settings tab.

Step 2: Go to Accounts> WhatsApp Accounts> Add.

Step 3: Fill the name and type of your business in Create WhatsApp account window.

Step 4: The feature Messaging provides access to two options as follows.

  • • Select Your Account if you are yourself a business person and making an account.
  • • Select The Client's Account if someone is creating an account on behalf of your business. In this case, you should head to the Business Manager Settings and enter the Business Manager ID.
  • • Select Time Zone for the ad.
  • • Enter the Local Currency that should match the invoice you pay.
  • • Set up the current credit line for payment and choose your Payment Method for ads.
  • • PO number is a purchase order number to be indicated on your invoices.
  • • Under People tab, add or search the people you want to add to your WhatsApp Business Account.
  • • Assign roles such as Admin access and Standard access.

Then, your Account will undergo a final policy review. From Account Status, you can check the progress. However, you can still access WhatsApp Manager in pending account status.

So, these were the steps on how to create a business account on WhatsApp Business API.


Hopefully, you understood how to create WhatsApp Business Account with regards to both app installation as well as Facebook Business Manager. Finally, you must note that status should be approved when you can download sent or received messages certificate. However, all the process is quite straightforward with easy steps.

If you are looking to go online simply and safely, consideration of WhatsApp Business account is mandatory. In our opinion, there would be nothing more effortless than this particular service. Furthermore, the integration of WhatsApp business API ensures business growth via Facebook also. Let's conclude the post by discussing certain benefits of the WhatsApp business account as follows.

  • • After the creation of a business account, you will get a designated business profile. It further promotes the trust factor among customers.
  • • A separate app for messaging enables business communication to travel faster without the fluff.
  • • The organization of the contact list, as well as other tasks, would be better in one specific app.
  • • It facilitates the promotion of service or product directly.

So, this is the complete overall guide of how to make WhatsApp business account. Decide for one while keeping in mind the merits and have a good day!

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