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How To Save WhatsApp Audio on Android or iPhone - All Amazing Methods

Nicola Massimo

Written By Nicola Massimo |

Hello,My friend shared the audio file of a song I like on WhatsApp. But after downloading it, I can't locate the audio file on my phone. How can I save WhatsApp audio?

Saving WhatsApp audio to your Android or iOS device is easier than you might think!

So, if you're in a similar situation as the user query above, don't panic.

There are various ways you can save WhatsApp audio files to Android or iPhone without compromising your data. You just have to stick to this guide and learn the fantastic methods you can employ for the operation.

stick to this guide

Part 1: Save WhatsApp Audio Files on Any Phone

Saving WhatsApp audio to any phone is like walking in the park once you have a reliable tool like MobileTrans at your fingertips. The tool boasts many incredible features that allow you to transfer, backup, restore, and recover deleted WhatsApp data on over 6000 mobile devices.

Also, unlike regular data management software, MobileTrans can perform WhatsApp data backup to a computer for free.

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Step 1: Download and Install MobileTrans software on your PC.

Step 2: Launch MobileTrans and select Backup & Restore. Then, click Backup under the App Backup & Restore function.

launch mobiletrans and select backup

Step 3: Select WhatsApp.

select whatsapp

Step 4: Connect your Android or iOS device to the PC using a USB cable and back up WhatsApp to the computer.

connect your android or ios device

Step 5: Click the Start button to start the backing-up process. After the process is complete, disconnect the phone from the PC and view the WhatsApp data on your computer.

click the start button

Why Use MobileTrans

  • You can view your WhatsApp audio files on your computer and restore them to any other phone.
  • It has a clean UI, which makes it easy to operate.

Part 2: How To Save Audio From WhatsApp on Android

There are different ways to save Audio from WhatsApp on Android. From using Gmail to Google Drive or internal storage. We've explained each method and how they operate below;

Method 1: Save WhatsApp Audio File on Android via Internal Storage

Fortunately, it turns out that Android usually give users access to view their app's data. So, if you're looking to save WhatsApp audio files on Android, you can quickly get the job done via your device's internal storage. The process is pretty easy, and it's as follows.

Step 1: Go to the File Manager app on your phone. Scroll down and select Phone Storage.

go to the file manager app

Step 2: Locate WhatsApp Folder and tap on it. Then, select Media.

locate whatsapp folder

Step 3: Under the Media folder, you should see various options. Select WhatsApp Audio for music files or WhatsApp Voice Notes for voice notes. For this guide, we used WhatsApp Voice Notes.

under the media folder

Step 4: Now, you should see a list of audio files or voice notes shared with you on WhatsApp. The files will be arranged in order of time and date. So, find the WhatsApp audio or voice note you need based on the time and date it was shared with you.

a list of audio files

Step 5: Once you find the file, hold it until a menu list appears on your screen. Select Copy from the menu list.

menu list appears

Step 6: Open the Folder where you want to save the WhatsApp audio file and paste it there.

paste it

Note: Audio files like music are stored in the WhatsApp Audio folder, while voice messages are stored in the WhatsApp Voice Notes folder.

Method 2: Save WhatsApp Voice Note on Android Using Email

You can also use the email app to save voice notes to Android, though this is not a great choice if the audio file you're looking to send via email exceeds 25 MB.

Step 1: Open the Chat where you want to save the voice note or audio file.

Step 2: Hold the audio or voice note your friend shared and tap the three-dots icon at the top-right corner. Then, select Share.

select share

Step 3: Select Gmail, enter the email address where you want to send the audio file, and tap the Send button.

enter the email address

Step 4: After you send the audio file, open the sent mail and download it to your phone.

audio file

Method 3: Save Audio Files From WhatsApp on Android via Google Drive

Backing up WhatsApp to Google Drive is another innovative way to save audio files from WhatsApp on Android. The only problem is you won't be able to access the WhatsApp audio or voice message via the Google Drive backup.

The following steps explain how to use this method;

Step 1: Open WhatsApp and go to Settings > Chats > Chat Backup.

go to settings

Step 2: Tap the Google Account and enable WhatsApp access.

Step 3: Turn on the toggle next to Videos to include your videos in the WhatsApp backup. Then, tap Back Up to begin the backup process.

Part 3: How To Save WhatsApp Audio Files on iPhone

Even though iPhone does not allow users to access app data, there are other ways you can achieve your goal effortlessly. Read on to explore the efficient methods we've prepared for you below.

Method 1: Save WhatsApp Audio on iPhone via Email

Our first recommended method to save WhatsApp audio on iPhone is email. Yes, just like we explained for Android, you can share the Audio file to yourself via mail, then download it to your iPhone from there.

See the steps for this method below;

Step 1: Locate the WhatsApp audio or voice note you want to save to your iPhone.

Step 2: Hold down the audio or voice note and select Forward. Then, tap the share icon at the bottom right corner.

hold down the audio

Step 3: Select Gmail and send the WhatsApp audio file to yourself.

select gmail

Note: You cannot send files larger than 25MB via mail.

Method 2: Save Audio from WhatsApp on iPhone via Files App

If you want to avoid using email, the Files app on your iPhone is the way to go. Although the process is quite similar to using email, it allows you to save more WhatsApp audio as long as you have enough storage to save them.

The process is as follows;

Step 1: Navigate to the chat with the audio file you want to save. Then, locate and hold down the audio or voice note. Select Forward.

Step 2: Tap the Share icon at the bottom left side and choose Save to Files from the menu list.

tap the share icon

Step 3: Now, select iCloud Drive as the preferred location to save the WhatsApp audio or voice note. Then tap Save at the top right to finish.

Method 3: Save WhatsApp Audio File on iPhone via Export Chat

Exporting your chat with media is another reliable means of saving WhatsApp audio files on your iPhone. This is an excellent choice for anyone looking to save multiple audio or voice notes in a WhatsApp chat to iPhone.

Step 1: Open your WhatsApp and tap the gear icon at the bottom left corner to open Settings.

tap the gear icon

Step 2: Select Chats > Export Chat.

Step 3: Select the Chat you want to export. Then, choose Attach Media from the pop-up that appears and wait for WhatsApp to prepare the file.

select the chat

Step 4: Afterward, select Save to Files from the pop-up to save it to the Files app on your iPhone.

save to files

Method 4: Save Audio Files From WhatsApp on iPhone via iCloud

If you want to save all audio files on WhatsApp on your iPhone, you can quickly get the job done via iCloud. You need to back up WhatsApp data to iCloud, though you must ensure you have enough iCloud storage space for this operation.

Step 1: Open the Settings app on your iPhone. Tap the Apple ID banner and select iCloud.

open the settings app

Step 2: Locate WhatsApp and turn on the toggle next to it.

turn on the toggle

Step 3: Open the WhatsApp app and go to Settings. Then, select Chats > Chats Backup > Back Up Now.

go to settings

Step 4: After the backup, you can access the WhatsApp audio or voice note from the iCloud storage and save it to your iPhone.

Final Thoughts

If you find saving WhatsApp audio on your Android or iOS device difficult, the above methods should help you do the job flawlessly. Besides, the process for every method is pretty simple, whether on iPhone or Android. You just need to choose the one that is suitable for you.

But if you still don't know which method will be best for you, tech experts recommend using MobileTrans. The tool offers fantastic features to help you operate more efficiently.

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