How to Save WhatsApp Audio on Android or iPhone

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“How to save WhatsApp audio messages on an Android? I want to save the voice notes that I get from my friends and siblings, but I can’t seem to find where they are stored on my phone!”

WhatsApp, being one of the biggest social IM apps of the present time, comes with tons of features. For instance, a lot of people use it to exchange audio files, songs, and even voice notes with each other. Though, after when the WhatsApp audio files are saved, users often find it hard to access them. Just like the above query, we also get similar questions from other WhatsApp users too.

Well, there are different ways to learn how to save WhatsApp audio in iPhone and Android. In this guide, I will cover the same with dedicated solutions on how to save WhatsApp voice notes and exchanged audio files like a pro.

Part 1: How to Save WhatsApp Audio on Android?

If you have an Android device then you can simply access its storage to save the exchanged voice notes or audio on WhatsApp. As you know, when any media is sent or received on WhatsApp, it is also saved on the internal storage.

Once you have accessed its storage, you can just copy the saved media and move it anywhere you like.

To learn how to save WhatsApp audio files on Android, just go through these steps:

1. Firstly, use any File Manager on your Android to access its device storage. You can use the native file manager or any third-party app (like ES File Explorer) for this purpose.

2. In most of the phones, WhatsApp data is stored in the internal storage, but for some (rooted) devices, the SD card can also be a source as well.

3. Browse to the Internal Storage > WhatsApp folder and tap on the “Media’” folder here.


4. This will display folders for different types of media files like WhatsApp Images, WhatsApp Audio, WhatsApp Voice, and so on.

5. To access the exchanged voice notes, just go to the WhatsApp Voice folder while to get the saved audio files, visit the WhatsApp Audio folder. Explore the saved audio files from here and copy/move them to any other location to save them.


If you want, you can mail these files to yourself, share them with another device, or simply connect your device to the computer to save them as well.

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If you are an active WhatsApp user, then you should consider taking a regular backup of your chats. Since WhatsApp does not provide a native solution to save our chats on the computer, you can use a third-party tool like MobileTrans - WhatsApp Transfer. A highly useful and user-friendly application, it can save all WhatsApp data from your iPhone/Android to the computer. This would include its chats, shared media, voice notes, documents, and so much more. You can later preview the backup and restore it to your device as well.

You can just download MobileTrans on your computer. Later, you can save your WhatsApp chats by following these steps:

1. Launch MobileTrans, select the “Backup&Restore” feature from its home, and connect your phone to the system using a working cable.

MobileTrans home

2. Go to the WhatsApp section here and choose the “Backup app data” feature, and click "WhatsApp" to continue.

whatsapp backup

3. Just click on the “Start” button and wait for a while as the application would take an extensive backup of all the WhatsApp data to your computer.

whatsapp backup

4. When the process is completed, you will be notified so that you can safely remove your phone.

whatsapp backup

5. If you want, you can view the backup content from here as well. Furthermore, you can connect your device and choose the Restore WhatsApp Backup option to view the list of the available backup files (and restore them).


Part 2: How to Save WhatsApp Audio on iPhone?

As you can see, it is pretty easy to learn how to save WhatsApp voice notes on Android.

Though, when it comes to an iPhone, things get a bit tricky. This is because unlike Android, we can’t access the file system of an iOS device.

Therefore, you can either take WhatsApp backup to iCloud or just email the voice note/audio file to yourself. To learn how to save WhatsApp audio on iPhone, follow these basic steps.

1. When you get the audio file or voice note on WhatsApp, tap on the download button to save it on your iPhone storage.

2. Now, go to iPhone’s settings > iCloud, turn on the iCloud Drive option, and connect it to your active iCloud account. Scroll down and enable the option to save WhatsApp data. This would save WhatsApp media (including its audio) in an iCloud backup.


3. If you don’t want to save the entire WhatsApp data, then you can simply email selective voice notes or audio files to yourself. Just open your WhatsApp chat and select any audio file or voice note you want to save.

4. As you would hold it, you will get different options like reply, forward, delete, etc. Tap on the Forward option and then choose to share the audio file.

5. This will display various methods to share WhatsApp audio files like messages, notes, iCloud Drive, and so on. Tap on the Mail option to open a new draft window with the selected audio file attached. You can now email it to yourself or any other contact of yours.


Part 3: How to Record WhatsApp Video Calls with Audio on iPhone?

Apart from sending voice notes, WhatsApp is extensively used to have video chats with our contacts as well. There are times when we wish to save a video call on iPhone including its audio.

To do this, you can take the assistance of a dedicated app like dr.fone – iOS Screen Recorder. With just a single tap, it can record the screen activity of any iOS device or even mirror its screen on a computer. To record iPhone screen activity, you can either use its desktop application or an iOS app. Since you wish to record WhatsApp video calls, the iOS app of screen recorder would be an apt solution.

1. To start with, just download the iOS Screen Recorder app on your iPhone, which is a 100% secure and trusted app to record your iPhone’s screen activity. If you get the following prompt, just tap on the “Install” button to get things started.


2. Now, go to your iPhone’s Settings > General > Device Management, select the distributor of the app, and tap on the “Trust” button to grant it the needed access.


3. That’s it! Whenever you wish to record video calls, launch the iOS Screen Recorder. If you are using it the first time, then grant it the permission to access your phone’s microphone to record video calls with audio.


4. Before you start recording the screen, you will be given an option to select the resolution for the video and whether you wish to include audio or not.


5. Once you have started recording the screen activity, minimize the dr.fone app and launch WhatsApp. You can now make the video call and it would automatically be recorded in the background.


6. In the end, you can disconnect the video call and go back to the iOS Screen Recorder app. From here, you can stop the screen recording and save the video to your phone’s Camera Roll.


After reading this complete guide on how to save WhatsApp audio in Android or iPhone, you would be able to meet your requirements. Apart from that, we have also provided a solution on how to record WhatsApp video calls with audio as well.

Though, the most important tip here is to save your WhatsApp data. To do that, you can use MobileTrans - WhatsApp Transfer and take a complete backup of your WhatsApp data. The tool can also be used to restore an existing backup or just transfer WhatsApp data between different devices directly.

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