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Do you need to transfer files from Android phone to PC?

When you need to email an image or important document to your agent urgently, how do you transfer files from phone to PC?

There are many options for file transfer from mobile to PC, including Bluetooth transfer, USB cable method, cloud sync, tool sync, etc. Depending on the availability and easiness, you can choose any of the methods.

Below we have explained how to transfer files from phone to laptop. There are several methods, start exploring.

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Part 1: Transfer Files from Android to PC with MobileTrans [Best Choice]

The best mobile to PC file transfer method is MobileTrans. It is software with amazing features and user-friendly functioning. Let’s first explore how it works, after which we can check out the process of using MobileTrans.

  • Once you connect your computer and Android phone for Android to Windows file transfer, you can review the type of files. Select the ones that you need on your PC.
  • The process of using the MobileTrans tool is simple and hassle-free. Any user without prior technical knowledge can also start using it without any challenges. We have explained the steps for the same below.
  • Not only you can transfer photos from Android to Windows, but also other file types, such as WhatsApp chat, calendar data, contacts, etc.
  • When you are changing your phone, the MobileTrans tool is the best way to transfer files from your old phone to your new phone.

Now that you know the important features of MobileTrans software, let’s explore how you can use the tool.

Step 1: Connect Phone to Windows PC

Take your USB cable and use it to connect your phone to your Windows PC. This will take a minute. Once you connect the phone to a PC, your MobileTrans software will detect the phone.

If you don’t have MobileTrans yet, then visit our website and download it now!

Step 2: Select Files

When the connection of MobileTrans and your Android phone is achieved, you can transfer files from phone to PC. On the screen, you will receive options for data transfer. Select Export to Computer.

Now, select the files from your phone that you want to export to your computer. Review and mark relevant options.

transfer files from android to pc with MobileTrans

Step 3: Transfer Files

After selecting the file types, your Android to Windows file transfer will start. You need to keep the connection of the phone intact and keep your laptop on the charger for smooth mobile to PC file transfer.

transfer files from android to pc with MobileTrans

After this, whenever you need to import this data to your new phone or any other phone, you can select Import to Phone from the above options and follow the same steps.

Part 2: Transfer Files from Android to PC Using USB

If you have a USB cable and a Windows laptop, then one of the easiest ways is to transfer files from mobile to PC via USB cable. Here are two methods for the same:

Method 1: Transfer Files by Using USB Cable

  • Connect your Android phone to the computer using a USB cable.
  • Enable Allow Access on your phone to successfully start mobile to PC file transfer.
  • On your mobile, enable the transfer of files to PC.
  • Go to your PC, find the folder named as your phone on desktop or my computer. Select data and start pasting it on your Windows computer.

Method 2: Transfer Files by Using USB OTG

Another method in this category is to use a USB OTG cable.

  • Connect the cable to a flash drive.
  • The other end should connect to your phone.
  • From the notifications, find the options and transfer files from the phone to the flash drive.
  • After this, use the flash drive or SD card on your computer to transfer files from Android to PC.

Part 3: Transfer Files from Android to PC Wirelessly

If you are not comfortable using any of the above methods, you can check out these simple methods. These help you transfer small files from phone to PC wirelessly. Check how:

Method 1: Transfer Files via Bluetooth

  • Open the Bluetooth center of both Windows PC and Android phones.
  • Find available devices and connect with the PC.
  • Once your PC and phone are paired, the connection is made.
  • From your phone, go to options on a file and share it with the Bluetooth connection (Your PC).

Note: iPhone users can also quickly send files from their phone to PC via Bluetooth.

Method 2: Transfer Files via Wi-Fi

To transfer files from Android to PC using WiFi, you need to download a 3rd-party app on your mobile phone first. such as AirDroid. Using this, you can make a connection with your PC over WiFi and transfer selected files without any hassle.

  • Download the app, such as AirDroid, on your phone.
  • Create an account and sign in on your phone.
  • Open on your computer and sign in.
  • After detecting your mobile device, you can view files saved on your phone and download them on your computer directly.

This type of connection is best for small data transfers, such as some photos or documents.

Method 3: Transfer File via Cloud Service

Cloud has offered us the power to take our data anywhere with us. When you need to transfer files from Android to PC, you can use cloud services like Google Drive and Dropbox.

  • On your PC and phone, download Google Drive or Dropbox.
  • From your phone, share data or add it to Dropbox or Google Drive.
  • Now open the same account on your PC and you will get all the data there easily.

Method 4: Transfer Files via E-mail

When you have to transfer a file from phone to PC, you can also email it.

  • Open your files, such as images.
  • Select the file to transfer and go to More
  • From there, open Share.
  • Select Email and type your Email ID.

This will send the file to your email, which you can open on your Windows computer and download files on your PC.

Method 5: Transfer Files via Chats

Another simpler way to transfer files from Android to PC is through chat apps.

  • Open your chat app, such as WhatsApp.
  • On it, open a chatbox and go to more options.
  • From here, select a file to transfer from Mobile to PC.
  • Open this account on your PC, such as WhatsApp PC.
  • Download the file.

Are you looking for the best apps for Android to PC file transfer? Don't worry, we got your back. Feel free to transfer files with any of the listed apps.


When you have to transfer files from Android to PC, you can use any of the above methods. These methods help you easily transfer one or multiple files to your computer. Explore these options and choose one according to your data transfer option.

For example, when you need to transfer all the files from Android to PC, then you can use MobileTrans. Check out more about the tool on our website.

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