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How to Import Contacts from iCloud to Android

Written By Axel Nash |

As of the modern era of technologies, you always focus to get your best one. Sometimes android is your choice and on the other hand, you may choose the apple platform to get your work done. In this scenario, if you change your plan in the future then you may worry about how you can import contacts from iCloud to android. But here’s the kicker, a step-by-step procedure to get iCloud contacts on android.

The overall procedure is divided into two major parts or into two different ways that are given below that you may be wondering for:

Method 1: Transfer contacts from iCloud to Android with MobileTrans - Copy Data to iCloud

The very first and simplest step to transfer contacts from iCloud to android is the use of MobileTrans application. You can download this application from your apple store and simply make a backup for your data including audio, video, photos, files, contacts, etc. Here are the steps that you must follow to transfer your iCloud contacts to android phone.

1. Importing your iCloud contacts to android

You can use MobileTrans App to sync iCloud contacts to android. It is explained in the simplest way to help you solve your problem accurately. Follow the following steps:

Step 1. Create your iCloud account if you don’t have already

If you don't have an Apple id or an iCloud account then first you have to create a new account. After creating an iCloud account, backup your data into that account from your IOS, or an Apple device.

Step 2: Download MobileTrans App on your Android phone

The next step is to download the MobileTrans App from the google play store if you don’t already have this application. This app will help you to restore contacts from iCloud to an android phone as this application will use your iCloud account to access your backup including audio, video, pictures, contacts, etc.

Step 3: Open MobileTrans App and get started

Here you go! Open the application and get started with this application. MobileTrans will pop-up with an activity where you see different options and this is crazy.

Step 4: Select the importing method

You notice two options to perform the importing process. One choice is "Import from iCloud" and the extra is "Import from USB cable". Here’s the deal, select the option “Import from iCloud”. Here you go!

galaxy s8 right

Step 5: Sign-in to your apple id, or iCloud account

After choosing your import option which is “import from iCloud", the app will then ask for your iCloud account credentials. Fill up the username and password and tap “Sign in”.

Galaxy S8 Right 3

Step 6: Choose what data you want to import

Now, you notice further options on the screen where you have to choose what kind of data should be imported from the iCloud account. You can select more than one option depending on your import needs. And finally, you have successfully imported your iCloud contacts to android.

Galaxy S8 Right 4

2. Transferring your contacts between IOS and Android via OTP USB cable

After a successful installation of the MobileTrans App, now you have to sync iCloud contacts to android by choosing “Import from USB cable”. For this purpose, all you need is an OTP USB cable that connects your both devices. After connecting both devices, you can easily import your contacts from an IOS device to an android phone.

Why MobileTrans is your choice?

You might be wondering that why MobileTrans is your choice to import iCloud contact to an android phone? Alright! This application comes with a speedy transfer technology where you can enjoy OTP transfers as well. Another benefit of this app is the compatibility, it can be installed on most of the android devices without any problems or bugs. It supports more data types such as bookmarks, calendars, contacts, images, videos, clock, docs, reminders, voicemails, memos, tunes, wallpapers, audio.

Method 2: Transfer iCloud Contacts to Android via computer

Export contacts from iCloud as vCard and then transfer to your Android device.

The second method has two parts. The first part shows how to restore iCloud contacts to android directly and the second part shows saving iCloud contacts as vCard and then import to Android phone. Although, you need not worry because here is the step by step guide to help you understand in a good way. This guide will assist you to copy your contact with the help of your computer.

Here are two different way to perform such contact importing process from iCloud to Android with the help of computer:

  • • Importing your iCloud contacts to Android directly
  • • Exporting your contacts from iCloud and then to importing to Android

1. Importing your iCloud contacts to Android directly

This is the most convenient and the simplest way to restore contacts from iCloud to android. Here are several steps that you should have to follow to perform this procedure:

Step 1: Install dr.fone on your computer

First of all, you need a good internet connection to download the installation file from their website or you can simply google the name “dr.fone” and you can find your results at the top.

After downloading, you need to install the software on your computer. Now, open this software after a successful installation. That’s it!

drfone home

Step 2: Log in to dr.fone via your iCloud credentials

The next step is to log in to your iCloud account via dr.fone software. All you need is to enter your iCloud account username and password. In some cases, you might be asked for two-factor authentication where you have to approve the login request from your phone or via code.

drfone icloud backup restore 1

Step 3: Download your backup file from your iCloud account

Once you successfully login to your iCloud account, the next step is to download the backup file from your iCloud.

drfone icloud backup restore 2

Step 4: Finally, transfer contacts from iCloud to android

After downloading your backup file from iCloud now you need to sync iCloud contacts to android phone. Just click restore contacts from iCloud to android phone that is connected to your computer.

drfone backup restore android

2. Exporting your contacts from iCloud and then to importing to Android

There is another method that may be time-consuming and would be helpful for you to import iCloud contact to android device. In this method, first of all, all of your data from the iCloud account is exported to your computer and then this data is imported to your android phone. To perform such a method you need to follow the following steps:

Step 1: Upload data to iCloud

First of all, upload all of the contacts to your iCloud account from your Apple device. Go to Settings, iCloud, and then sign in to your Apple account. At last, turn Contacts on.

sync icloud with iphone

Step 2: Export all of your iCloud contacts and save as vCard file

Now, after uploading contacts to your iCloud, you need to export the contacts as vCard files.

Step 3: Import that vCard to your Android phone SD card

Save all of your vCard files into your android phone SD card. You can use a USB cable to connect your Android mobile phone to your PC and then transfer the files to the SD Card to get iCloud contacts on android.

Step 4: Finally, transfer your iCloud contacts to the android contacts book

And finally, transfer all the vCard files of your contacts into your contact book of android phone. Go to your contacts app and then tap “Import/Export” and then at last click “Import from USB storage”. That’s it!

import vcf to android


Transferring contacts from and Apple device to an Android device is not a big deal. MobileTrans app has made it simpler and easier to get the synchronization process done within seconds. On the other hand, you can also use your computer as a medium to sync contacts from iCloud to android. You can also simply export your contacts as vCard and then import them to your android contacts book. Hence, you can now restore contacts from iCloud to android phone and you can get iCloud contacts on android without any hesitations.

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