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How to Sync iCloud Calendar on Android Phone and Tablet

There is a time that you jump ship from iOS to Android, only to find that all your important calendars, like appointment, meeting, events, are still in iCloud. Want to add iCloud calendar on Android phone or but find no way? Don't worry. It's a piece of cake. Today, this article shows you 2 easy ways to do transfer or sync iCloud calendar to Android. Read on.

Method 1. Share iCloud Calendar with Android in 1 Click

To sync iCloud calendar to Android phone or tablet easily, you can draw support from a third-party tool. Wondershare MobileTrans - Copy Data to Android is a professional iCloud to Android calendar transfer app, which gives you the power to transfer calendar from iCloud to Android with one click.

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Step-by-step guide on how to export iCloud calendar to Android

    1. To begin with, download and install MobileTrans - Copy Data to Android on your Android phone. Run it and click Import from iCloud.

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    1. Sign in your iCloud account and start to download data from iCloud backups. Please keep your phone connected with Wifi.

icloud calendar on android phone

    1. By default, all contents you can transfer are ticked. To transfer calendar only, you need to uncheck the other contents. Then, click Start Copy. The transfer process begins.

icloud calendar on android phone

Method 2. Add iCloud Calendar to Android via iCloud and Google Calendar

This is a free but complex way to put iCloud calendar on Android phone or tablet as long as you have Google account. By using this way, it will export your iCloud calendar to an .ica file, and then you can upload to Google calendar. Finally, sync Google account with your Android phone or tablet.

What you need:

Step 1: Export iCloud calendar as ica. file

    1. Launch iCloud website and sign in your account.
    2. Click Calendar to enter calendar control panel.

icloud calendar on android

    1. Choose a calendar category, like Calendar, or Work. Click the share icon.
    2. In the pop-up dialog, tick Public calendar. Then, a url will shows up, which begins with webcal.

android icloud calendar

    1. Copy the URL and paste it into the address field in your browser. Please don't press Enter or Return.
    2. Change "webcal" to "http", and press Enter or Return.

add icloud calendar to android

  1. A ica. file which saves your iCloud calendar will be automatically downloaded to your computer.

Step 2: Upload to Google calendar

    1. Open Google browser and sign in your Google account. Then, launch Google calendar website.
    2. On the left column, click the reversed triangle right to the Other calendar tab.

share icloud calendar with android

    1. In the drop-down menu, choose Import calendar. Browse your computer and import the .ica file to your Google calendar.

icloud calendar to android

Now, you have successfully upload iCloud calendar to Google. Next, you just need to sync Google account with your Android phone or tablet.

Step 3: Sync Google with Android

    1. On your Android phone or tablet, go to Settings > Accounts & sync.

icloud calendar for android

    1. All accounts you have signed into are shown. If Google account is there, just tap Google account.
    2. If not, tap Add account. Find Google account and sign into it.
    3. Then, on Google account sync screen, tick Sync Calendar > Sync now. When it's finished, you can view iCloud calendar on Android phone or tablet.

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