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How to Restore iCloud Backup

iCloud has made it easy to transfer all your content from one device to another. iCloud backup restore is a great way to get back your lost data and can also create and restore backups of your iOS devices. If you’re setting up a new iPhone then no need to worry about how to restore iCloud backup to your iPhone. Most people think that transferring all your content to a new iPhone device is very hard, but this is not actually true as we will discuss in this article as for how to restore iCloud backup during the setting process. Moreover, we will look at a number of issues you may face while taking iCloud backup restore.

Part 1. Tips for restoring iCloud Backup

There are multiple reasons you might require before you need to restore from iCloud to iPhone. The most common reasons being you’ve just purchased a new iPhone, here you need to remember that before you restore your iPhone to factory settings, you need to create an iCloud backup so all your data is safe and secured. Apple has made it really very easy to restore your iPhone from an iCloud backup easily especially when you’re restoring a brand new iPhone.


Another reason is when you’re restoring an iCloud backup to an iPhone then there are chances that you may end up having to reset the iPhone to factory settings before restoring from iCloud to iPhone. So simply power up the new phone, follow the on-screen directions, select the restore from iCloud backup and then enter your Apple ID and password. A list of most recent backup will be opened, select the most recent one and click on the restore button. Your new iPhone will begin its process and will take back up. This will resolve your problem of how to restore iCloud backup easily.

Part 2. How to restore a backup from iCloud Backup via

When you’re using portable devices there is always a risk of losing a data due to damage to the hardware, factory reset or phone is lost. So it definitely makes sense to make regular backups of your devices to iCloud. There are different ways which explain how to download iCloud backup files. Simply you need to have an active internet connection. There are many ways to access your iCloud backup restore, but using is most common way used by all. You need to sign in the website with your apple ID and password. This method is very convenient and secure way used for accessing personal data. With using this way you can upload some data such as Pages, Contacts, Photos, and notes to iCloud from PC.

iCloud Backup via iCloud

  • Access the recovery settings by clicking on ‘Settings’ app in the main iCloud menu.
  • Now click on ‘Advanced’ section
  • Click on the content you need to restore, a list of data will open up.
  • Using the Restore files option on brings a list of all files that is deleted over the past few days.
  • Check the box to choose the selection and click on restore file, it will return all the data in iCloud Drive.
  • Part 3. 1 Click to restore iCloud Backup

    Unfortunately, the methods we have mentioned above works very fine but Apple does not provide much control over the backup of data. We all love to browse iCloud backup in a well-organised way but we do not want to lose specific data that you have collected since a long time. So here we will see how to restore a backup from iCloud easily with using third party tool, i.e. Wondershare MobileTrans which can restore iCloud to iPhone data with the 1-single click. Also, it makes easier to search certain data through this tool. This tool uses one function and that works for all, it has designed modules that is bundled up with amazing features and which helps to make the digital life simple and straight forward.

    MobileTrans is the best tool which works as a perfect alternative to and provides a professional way to access iCloud backups. It is a tool which has the ability to resolve your problem of how to restore a backup from iCloud easily and work as the all-in-one tool to backup all required data within few clicks only. MobileTrans is a powerful app which can work on different platforms and can transfer all data such as photos, music, contacts, calendar and much more. This tool is very reliable and is 100% safe to use as it comes with zero data loss. There are several options available that provide both a selective part restore and also full restore.

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    Steps for how to recover an iCloud backup

    Step 1. Sign in to your iCloud account

    To get started simply plug in your iOS device to your computer and make sure that it can be detected. Run the program and then click on ‘Restore from Backups’ then click to iCloud.

    Sign in iCloud account -Step 1

    Step 2. Download your iCloud backup

    As soon as you have entered the iCloud account, you’ll be able to see your iCloud backup files. you need to wait for the downloading process to be completed. It would take few minutes depending on the file storage.

    Download your iCloud backup - Step 2

    Step 3. Restore iCloud backup to your iOS device

    Once the iCloud backup is being downloaded you can click on ‘Start Transfer’ button to begin the process. Make sure your device is connected properly until the process is completed so that you can transfer the data successfully. You can even click on ‘Clear data before copy’ if you want to replace your all device data.

    Restore iCloud backup to your iOS device - Step 3


  • It supports preview of iCloud backup files before restoring
  • It supports almost all types of data from iCloud
  • It can restore even notes and contacts to iDevice directly
  • It helps in seeking the interface and better user experience

  • Cons

  • It’s not available free as the trail version provide free scan and preview of the data

  • Hope you enjoyed our article as we were able to make you understand how to restore a backup from iCloud easily as we highly recommend using MobileTrans which is user-friendly and easy to use.

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