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Are you tired of the constant reminders from iCloud to back up your iPhone? Or are you looking to save some space on your iCloud storage? Whatever the reason, turning off iCloud backup on your iPhone can be a simple solution.

Even while data backup is crucial, there may be situations where we want to disable iCloud backup. This article intends to instruct users on turning off iCloud backup on an iPhone with or without a password. We'll also provide a different backup strategy with MobileTrans.

The reasons why someone would wish to disable iCloud backup will be covered, along with a step-by-step tutorial on how to do so. Let’s explore this guide more!

Part 1. Can you turn off the iCloud backup on your iPhone?

Yes, it is possible to turn off iCloud backup on an iPhone. Even though it's vital to back up our data. There may be instances when we wish to disable iCloud backup in order to free up storage or switch to another backup method.

You can stop iCloud backup with or without a password, and the procedure is simple. It's important to remember that turning off iCloud backup requires selecting another backup method to secure your data.

turn off the icloud backup

You can accomplish the turning off iCloud Backup on an iPhone by the following methods:

  • Turn off iCloud backup from a computer (with a password).
  • Turn off iCloud backup through device settings (without password).
  • Use a third-party backup solution (by MobileTrans).

Explore why there is a need to turn off the iCloud Backup on an iPhone in the next section!

Part 2. Why is there a need to turn off the iCloud backup?

Although iCloud backup is a useful and simple way to back up the data on your iPhone, there may be situations where you wish to deactivate it. Here are some explanations as to why disabling iCloud backup can be a good idea:

1. To free up storage space

iCloud backup can quickly consume space, especially if your iPhone has a lot of data. You may clear up space and keep your smartphone from filling up by disabling iCloud backup.

free up the storage space

2. To maintain security and privacy

Although iCloud backup is often safe and secure, some users might need more time to put their data on a distant server. You may retain your data on your device and maintain your privacy by disabling iCloud backup.

3. To use an alternative backup solution

Other individuals may utilize a different backup method, such as the computer's iTunes backup or a third-party backup service like MobileTrans. You can utilize these other methods if you disable iCloud backup.

4. To avoid backups of unwanted data

For your protection, iCloud backup automatically backs up all of the data on your device, including any applications, settings, and other files. Turning off iCloud backup will help you achieve your goal of not backing up specific data or files.

In general, disabling iCloud backup might enable you to handle your iPhone data in a way that suits you best. To guarantee that your data is protected if your device is lost, damaged, or destroyed, it's vital to consider alternate backup methods.

Part 3. How to turn off iCloud backup with a password?

To ensure nobody else can access your device and change your backup settings without your consent, you may use a password to turn off iCloud backup on your iPhone.

A password can safeguard your data, stop unauthorized modifications, guarantee privacy and security, and prevent data loss. Messages, documents, and other sensitive data may be included in your iCloud backup.

You can keep your data safe and private by disabling iCloud backup with a password. If you forget the password but want to turn off the backup, then it’s kind of tricky.

Steps to Turn off the iCloud Backup with a Password

You need to follow the following steps to make this process possible:

Step 1. Launch the "Settings" app on your iPhone, then touch on your name at the top of the window.

Step 2. Touch "iCloud" first, followed by "iCloud Backup."

Step 3. Turn the "iCloud Backup" switch to the off position.

turn off the icloud backup

Step 4. You must enter your iPhone passcode or Touch ID/Face ID to validate the update.

Step 5. iCloud backup will be off when you enter your passcode or authenticate with Touch ID or Face ID.

You can prevent anybody from accessing your backup settings without your permission. As well as protect your data from unwanted access by disabling iCloud backup with a password.

Note: When you're prepared to continue backing up your data to iCloud, remember to switch iCloud backup back on.

Two methods to turn off the iCloud backup (If you forget the password)

Apple claims that there is the minimum way possible to turn off iCloud backup if you forget your password. But we are provided the two methods to turn off the backup if you forget the passcode:

Method 1. Restore by iTunes

You can back up and restore your data without using iTunes if you have an iCloud account. Then turn the iCloud Backup off. Also, it is easy to complete.

Note: For individuals who have previously configured an iCloud backup, method 1 is appropriate.

Method 2. Reset the password

If you don't have an iCloud account, you can reset the password and generate a new encrypted backup.

Note: Method 2 is a better substitute if you want to remove encryption from an iTunes backup. Users of iOS 11 and later versions will likewise find Option 2 to be simple.

reset the password

Part 4. How to turn off iCloud backup without a password?

You might be required to turn off iCloud backup without a password for a few purposes. You cannot disable iCloud backup using a password if you have forgotten your Apple ID password or iPhone passcode.

Also, to stop someone from accessing your data if your iPhone is damaged or stolen, you might need to disable iCloud backup without a password remotely. Another situation is when your iPhone isn't working properly, and you can't unlock it or input your passcode.

Note: It's crucial to remember that erasing your device completely will erase all of your data, so you should ensure you have a backup of your information before doing this.

A step-by-step guide to turning off the iCloud backup without a password

If you don’t know the password of the iPhone, as because you purchased it or it’s for office work. Then you can turn off the iCloud backup by this process as shown:

  • Step 1. Go to iCloud and log in using your Apple ID and password on a computer or other device.
  • Step 2. Choose "Find iPhone" and then "All Devices."
  • Step 3. Choose the device for which you wish to disable iCloud backup.
  • Step 4. After selecting "Erase [device]," confirm your choice.

erase the iphone to turn off icloud backup

  • Step 5. iCloud backup will be immediately turned off when the device has been erased.

Part 5. How to get a backup of your iPhone when iCloud backup is turned off? (MobileTrans)

Even when iCloud backup is turned off, iPhone owners may back up their data using MobileTrans, a third-party program. You can desire to utilize MobileTrans for various reasons, such as when your iCloud storage space has run out.

You can also use it when you don't have internet access or need to make a selective backup. MobileTrans can also utilize when you want to move your data to another device, such as an Android smartphone.

MobileTrans - Backup & Restore

Easy to backup your iPhone to anywhere without iCloud in 1 Click!

  • • Backup and restore data on your device to a computer with one click.
  • • Easily restore photos, videos, calendar, contacts, messages and music from iTunes to iPhone/iPad.
  • • Takes less than 10 minutes to finish.
  • • Fully compatible with major providers like AT&T, Verizon, Sprint and T-Mobile.
  • • Support the latest iOS and Android OS.
4,085,556 people have downloaded it
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wondershare mobiletrans- data backup tool

Whether you want to back up your data for safety, move it to another device, or just free up iCloud storage space, MobileTrans is a great option that is both simple to use and incredibly effective.

Features of using MobileTrans for turning off iCloud Backup

MobileTrans is a great option for disabling iCloud Backup on your iPhone because it has a variety of capabilities. The following are some of MobileTrans' salient attributes:

1. Data backup and restoration:

MobileTrans makes it simple to back up and recover your iPhone data, even if iCloud backup is off.

2. Selective backup

You have more control over your backups using MobileTrans's selective backup feature, which lets you choose the precise data you wish to preserve.

3. Support for cross-platform backups

Cross-platform backups are supported by MobileTrans, allowing you to move data between iOS and Android devices.

4. Easy to use

The simple and user-friendly interface of MobileTrans allows for quick and simple data backup and restoration.

5. No need for an internet connection

MobileTrans can operate without an active internet connection, making it the perfect alternative when you don't have access to the internet.

6. Encrypted backups

MobileTrans can use encrypted backups to safeguard data from illegal access.

7. Regular backups

To ensure your data is always current, you can configure MobileTrans to back up your iPhone data regularly and automatically.

After getting the features of MobileTrans, it’s time to use it. Check the below section carefully!

A Step-by-step guide to getting backup via MobileTrans (if iCloud backup was off)

If, in any case, your iCloud backup was turned off and now you don’t have access to get back up, then MobileTrans will give you an easy way. You can achieve your data back by these steps:

  • Step 1. Connection of device with PC

Launch the "MobileTrans" program on your Mac or Windows computer and attach your iPhone to your PC.

  • Step 2. Select the Mode on MobileTrans

Next, from the main interface, select "Backup & Restore" and select "Backup" from the list of "Phone Backup & Restore" options.

phone backup and restore mode

  • Step 3. Selected Files to Backup

Choose the iPhone data you wish to back up to your PC. To accomplish this, choose the checkboxes next to the appropriate data category. Next, choose the Start button.

selected files for backup

  • Step 4. Finishing the Backup

After starting the iPhone data backup procedure, MobileTrans will finish it quickly. Following that, unplug the iPhone from your computer.

backup is completed by mobiletrans

Congratulation! You’re all done by turning off the iCloud Back up option. No need to get worried next in the future about those loadings. Whenever you need a backup solution, you must go with MobileTrans and enjoy the rest!

Final Words

In conclusion, deciding whether to disable iCloud Backup on your iPhone depends on your needs and preferences. There are various ways to disable iCloud Backup, including using a password and third-party applications like MobileTrans.

Although turning off iCloud Backup may have certain advantages, it's vital to keep in mind that there are dangers involved, including the possibility of data loss or errors. Because of this, it's essential to routinely back up the data using secure software like MobileTrans.

Even when iCloud backup is off, MobileTrans provides a fantastic option for backing up your iPhone data. It is because of its robust capabilities and easy-to-use UI.

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