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How do you Transfer Music from iPod to Samsung Phone?

Axel Nash

Written By Axel Nash |

An innovation excels in the Electronics field such a way that every second brings advancement in the comforts of gadget usage. Despite OS platforms, the reliability and durability of the smartphones are facing tremendous growth. The iPod is now in-built with A10 chip expanding its storage up to 256GB and touch features. It is the sixth generation product from Apple’s iOS operating system.

Similar competing aspects in the Android platform with the product title Samsung Galaxy stepped into the digital market to satisfy the requirements of the customers without any compromises. The upcoming latest Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G is going to storm the market with overwhelming features. Switch to this gadget and get ready to transfer music from your iPod to Samsung phone effortlessly.

Part 1: How do you transfer music from iPod to Samsung phone with Mobiletrans - Phone Transfer?

Walk into this article with a positive approach for a dilemma query such as “Can you transfer music from iPod to Samsung galaxy phone”?

MobileTrans – What is all about?

It is an exclusive data transfer product from Wondershare getting familiar with professionals, youths, and students across boundaries. This product has a user-friendly interface and notable functionalities in data transfer between two devices with dissimilar OS platform. In an extended view, you can perform the data transfer process between social media and electronic devices too.

Here you will be learning how to transfer music from iPod (iOS device) to Samsung Phone (Android) effectively with the help of this incredible third party software MobileTrans - Phone Transfer from Wondershare.

Systematic process in transferring music between iPod and Samsung

1. Try out a free download

You can go for the appropriate OS version download to ensure compatibility with your system.

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2. Install and explore the home screen.

Complete the installation procedure and tap the MobileTrans icon. In the home screen, you have to hit the ‘Transfer’ button from ‘Phone Transfer’ option to transfer music files from iPod to Samsung Galaxy phone.

mobiletrans home 01

3. Connect the gadgets

It is the right time to link iPod and Samsung Galaxy with your PC via the USB ports. Make use of the USB data cable to connect these gadgets with your computer. Once you complete the linkage procedure, the MobileTrans sense their presence immediately. Ensure the source and the destination gadgets are at the right place, if not you have to tap the ‘Flip’ button at the top of the screen to interchange.

4. Check-in the music file

Select the checkbox near the ‘Music’ file and tap the ‘Start’ button to trigger the transfer process. If you want to move, the entire data files from iPod to Samsung, then check-in all the square boxes for a quick transfer.

start transfer

Before commencing the transfer process you can select the checkbox beneath the destination deice and beside the label ‘Clear data before copy’ to delete the existing data in the Samsung phone. In case if you want to retain the content in the destination phone then do not check-in this option.

    1. Hit the ‘Start’ button straight away without any hesitation to transfer the files from source phone to the destination gadget.

After the successful transfer process, disconnect the gadgets and check out the transferred files in your Samsung Galaxy. Enjoy your favourite music on Samsung Galaxy gadget with the help of the MobileTrans tool.

play music

Part 2: How do you transfer music from iPod to Samsung phone with Samsung Smart switch?

Now, you can have a synopsis on the tradition method regarding transfer music from iPod to Samsung phone via the Samsung Smart Switch option.

The Samsung Smart Switch works optimally only if the destination device is the product from Samsung. It is not compatible with other gadgets in the digital market. If you own a new Samsung Galaxy then try out this Smart Switch app to transfer data from your iPod to the newer Samsung Galaxy. This app is already available in the Samsung phones. In case, if you make use of your PC during the transfer, then download this app in your computer.

Samsung Smart Switch transfer using iCloud Backup

    1. Open the Samsung Smart Switch app.

In your Samsung Galaxy phone, tap the Smart Switch icon to proceed with the transfer process. If you cannot find this app in your Samsung phone then go to the play store for an immediate download.

smart switch

    1. Create a backup in iCloud.

Next, you must enable the iCloud backup option in your iPod. Go to ‘Settings -> iCloud -> iCloud Backup’. You have to turn on this option to create a backup of your files in this external storage platform.

icloud backup

    1. Set up the Receive mode in the Samsung phone.

      You must place the two phones closer and open the Smart Switch app in your Samsung phone then setup receives mode to get ready for the transfer process. In the app choose ‘Receive -> Wireless -> iOS device’ and then tap ‘Start’ button.

      recieve samsung

    2. Import from iCloud.

In the next screen, you should select ‘Import from iCloud’ option. Then log in to your iCloud account using the Apple ID credentials to select the necessary files from the backup to transfer.

icloud import

    1. Choose the necessary files.

From the iCloud backup, you can select the necessary files, which needs a transfer. Here you can select music, contact, call logs etc as per your requirement and finally hit the ‘Import’ button.

transfer music

The desired files reach the destination Samsung Galaxy phone optimally without any data loss. You can make use of the Smart Switch app to move the desired files from any gadgets into the Samsung phones.


Finally, it is high time to conclude the discussion related to transfer music from iPod to Samsung phone. The MobileTrans from Wondershare is the perfect app because of its compatibility features. With the help of this app, you can move data from one platform to another without any difficulty. The transfer takes place professionally in a precise way. It is a reliable app and gives you satisfying outcomes all the time.

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