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How to Transfer Ringtones from Samsung to iPhone?

Axel Nash

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iPhones, like other smartphones, have standard ringtones that you may use to alert users to incoming phone calls, text messages, or emails. On the other hand, those default ringtones are pretty restricted, and virtually all of them have a monotonous and inflexible melody.

You may be perplexed as a new iPhone user while trying to establish personalized ringtones on how to send ringtones to another phone. You can't set the music on your iPhone as a ringtone, something you can do with ease with your old Android phone. Then, because you like the old Android phone ringtones, you'd like to transfer ringtones from Samsung to iPhone. Is this possible?

Many individuals want to make their favorite music songs into iPhone ringtones to show off their unique personalities. Because iPhone only supports M4R ringtones, you can use the procedures indicated below to transfer ringtones from your computer to your iPhone. If you are looking to find out a quick way to do it, read on to learn how to transfer ringtones, music, and other media files from Samsung to iPhone.

Part 1: Where are ringtones stored on Samsung?

When using a Samsung smartphone, figuring out where Android ringtones are kept might be a little challenging.

  • Find the Ringtone in the folder system>Media>Audio>ringtone to sort it out. On the other hand, you may examine the folders using any accessible file manager on your device.

how to send ringtone to another phone

Part 2: Where are ringtones stored on iPhone?

In most circumstances, especially for those ringtones that came with your iPhone, you can quickly identify and find your iPhone ringtones on your device. Put another way, you may refer to them as iPhone default ringtones. You can locate such iPhone ringtones with relative simplicity on your iPhone. Many people refer to ringtones as m4r ringtones since they are saved in the .m4r format on your iPhone. 

  1. On your iPhone, go to Settings.
  2. Choose sounds & haptics, Ringtone, and text tone may be found under sounds and vibration patterns.
  3. To access a new page with a ringtone list comprising all detected iPhone ringtones, click Ringtone, and you are at your destination.

how to send ringtone to another phone

Part 3: How to transfer ringtones from Samsung Android to iPhone?

Below are steps that can help you in doing so:

  • Step 1: Transfer Ringtones from Samsung mobile to computer

Connect your Samsung smartphone to a computer via a USB connection. It will be recognized as a media device using the MTP protocol, allowing you to access just the files that the Android system permits. On an Android phone, the system ringtones, notification tones, and alarm tones are concealed, and you can't discover or export them from your computer.

  • Step 2: Convert Samsung ringtones to iPhone ringtones using UniConverter

Actually, you may need to convert a ringtone for your phone from time to time. However, while there is a lot of free music available to use as a ringtone, you'll need to tweak your sound file to make it stand out. You can, for example, remove the sections that are loud or silent. Your Ringtone for iPhone users must be under 40 seconds long and in M4R format. So, keep reading to comprehend how to use Wondershare UniConverter to convert M4R ringtones for Mac, Windows, Android, and iOS.

  • 1. After you've launched the software, go to the Converter section and drag and drop your music file. Alternatively, you may use the Add Files button to load music files from your computer's hard drive. Click the Converter tab to convert video to audio, then follow the exact instructions to load files.

how to send ringtone to another phone

  • 2. If you're using an iPhone, you might wish to shorten the music files to 40 seconds. To do so, first, click the Trim button, then select an area to begin cutting. Cut after entering the new duration. Now choose the portion you don't want and hit Delete. Before deciding OK, repeat the process on the terminating point.

how to send ringtone to another phone

  • 3. Select your audio format and bitrate/quality from the Output Format option. Choose the M4R format for iPhone users. Finally, use Wondershare UniConverter to convert your audio to a ringtone by clicking the Start All button.

how to send ringtone to another phone

  • Step 3: Transfer ringtones from computer to iPhone

If you own an older version of iTunes, you may use it to transfer ringtones from your computer to your iPhone. Follow the instructions outlined below on how to get Ringtone from Samsung to iPhone?

  1. Connect your iPhone to your computer and open iTunes on it.
  2. Find your ringtones on your PC. To add them to your iTunes library, drag & drop them into the iTunes window.
  3. Choose your iPhone icon and then "Tones" from the left sidebar on iTunes.
  4. To add ringtones, check "Sync Tones" and select "All tones" or "Selected tones."
  5. Click the "Apply" at the bottom when you're finished.

how to send ringtone to another phone

The procedures above will not work if you have updated iTunes to the most recent version. You'll need to navigate iTunes. It would take the place of the original music file on your device. You can only transfer music to your iPhone from one computer at a time. If you don't, your phone will be erased.

  • Step 4: Activate Ringtone on iPhone
  1. Go to your iPhone's home screen. To open the Settings app, tap on it.
  2. From the left menu, select Sounds, then the Ringtone button. Your iPhone will display a list of all ringtones. Set your iPhone's ringtones by tapping.

how to send ringtone to another phone

Part 4: How to transfer ringtones and all data from Android to iPhone with 1-Click

Many of us are required to transfer data across our phones for several reasons. It's possible that we've received a replacement phone or that our old one has broken. Similarly, we may wish to back up the data on our phone if it has to be replaced. Whatever the cause, transferring your data and files may be a genuine nuisance.


So many users choose MobileTrans, a fantastic program from Wondershare that makes it incredibly simple to transfer large amounts of data swiftly and efficiently. If you want to learn four main reasons MobileTrans is the most incredible phone transfer tool available, you can click here to find a step-by-step guide.

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You may quickly transfer ringtones from Samsung to iPhone by following the outlined steps. Wondershare MobileTrans software is a desktop application designed to quickly convert any file into whatever format you choose. Furthermore, it allows you to convert multiple files simultaneously, saving you time and effort. So, if you want to convert several files as iPhone ringtones, this is an excellent option.

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