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3 Ways to Transfer Data from Samsung to Oneplus

Axel Nash

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‘How do I transfer data from Samsung to Oneplus?’ – Anonymous

The recent launch of Oneplus has made it quite a prominent brand among Android phones. Specifically, Oneplus 10 Pro is what you should look for as the smartest version. You can note the list of cool features among the specified version. Even the Samsung brand is pretty familiar and worth consideration in terms of performance and quality. Well, we are not going to dive into the rivalry for these brands. Our goal is to tell you the fact about data transfer between Samsung and Oneplus. If you switch from Samsung to Oneplus, there will be a dire need for data transmission to Oneplus.

So, the methods we will discuss for Samsung to Oneplus transfer are a bit fast, effective, and reasonable.

You will get to know three ways as follows.

Method 1: Transfer data from Samsung to Oneplus with MobileTrans

The Wondershare MobileTrans is a highly adopted method for Samsung to Oneplus data transfer. The software also supports transferring data based on cross multiplatform. So, you can also transfer data from Android to iPhone, iPhone to Android, Windows Phone to Android/iOS, Android to Android, and iPhone to iPhone.

The software is designed for restoration and backup between different devices as well. So, that’s called an easy, quick, and one-stop solution to all your common phone problems.

Steps to data transfer from Samsung to Oneplus with Wondershare MobileTrans

Step 1: Download and install Wondershare MobileTrans

Go to Wondershare MobileTrans' official website and hit the Download button to install it on your Windows or Mac operating system.

Step 2: Select “Phone Transfer”

After installing the software, head to the Phone Transfer feature and tap “Phone to Phone” to proceed.

mobiletrans home 01

Step 3: Connect both phones

The third step is to connect both Samsung and Oneplus phone with the computer. Now, you need to select the Source as Samsung and Destination as Oneplus carefully. Click the Flip button if you have wrongly chosen the setup.

phone transfer android to android 02

Step 4: Select data and start transfer

The third step will display various data options that you can tick for Samsung to Oneplus data transfer. Hit the Start button after selecting the required data files. You can also set the Clear data before copy option if you want to erase the destination device's data.

phone transfer android to android 03

Here, the process completes!

Method 2: Transfer Data from Samsung to Oneplus with OnePlus Switch

Now, it's time to explore the second way of Samsung to Oneplustransfer with OnePlus Switch. The Oneplus itself launched this Oneplus Switch app for data transfer purposes. It is useful to transfer various kinds of data such as messages, contacts, and photos from any old device to an Oneplus device. It also assists in data backup on the Oneplus phone as a compressed archive. You can use this compressed archive further for restoration purposes.

Steps to data transfer from Samsung to Oneplus with OnePlus Switch App

Step 1: Install the OnePlus Switch App

First and foremost, your Android device must have a 6.0 or later version. Now, you can install the OnePlus Switch App on both Samsung and Oneplus device.

Step 2: Select respective phone locations

First, you would need to choose from ‘I am New Phone’ and ‘’I am Old Phone’ after the app’s installation. Select ’I am Old Phone’ for the source phone, i.e., Samsung. Select ‘I am New Phone’ for the destination phone, i.e., Oneplus.

samsung to oneplus data transfer 1

Step 3: Select the old device

The third step would require you to select the Android (Samsung) as an old device on the Oneplus Switch app on the Oneplus device.

samsung to oneplus data transfer 2

Step 4: Scan QR Code

samsung to oneplus data transfer 3

A QR Code prompt will appear after selecting the Android option. Hit the Next button to get the QR Code and scan it from the Samsung device.

Step 5: Select data and begin the migration

After you’re over with the scanning process, such as the kind of data you want to migrate, such as contacts, messages, call logs, audio, videos, calendar, applications, and other files.

Finally, hit the Begin Migration button to transfer data from Samsung toOneplus with the Oneplus Switch app.

Method 3: Transfer data from Samsung to Oneplus with Bluetooth

This method of transferring data via Bluetooth is not a batch process. It means you will have to move the individual data content one by one from Samsung to Oneplus. So, let’s review the steps to do so!

Step 1: Turn on the Bluetooth

The very first step is to turn the Bluetooth on for both Samsung and Oneplus devices. Go to Settings>Bluetooth and switch it on.

samsung to oneplus data transfer 4

Step 2: Pair Bluetooth devices

Activate the phone visibility and start pairing the Oneplus device on your Samsung phone. Beforehand, you need to choose the target device as Oneplus and then pair. It may ask you for a key. So, type the correct pin for pairing.

samsung to oneplus data transfer 5

Step 3: Start transferring the files

samsung to oneplus data transfer 6

You can now transfer files like music, photos, videos, etc., between the devices. Open the File Manager after selecting the data. Tap the Menu button and select the Share option for Samsung to Oneplus data transfer. Hit the Accept button on the target device to begin the transfer.


You may also be aware of other data transfer options available. Still, the three ways mentioned above are famous and mostly used to ease use and security. Among the three methods, renowned software such as Wondershare MobileTrans is highly in demand among mobile users. It presents the most comfortable and safest way to transfer data from Samsung to Oneplus. So, we would urge you to consider using MobileTrans for all your data transfer queries to save time!

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