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How to recover deleted photos from WhatsApp free?

Nicola Massimo

Written By Nicola Massimo |

"How can I retrieve lost WhatsApp pictures?" I think I missed them permanently. Yes, recently, while clearing a particular WhatsApp contact chat, I just messed up with another contact related to my business. Including photos of important transactions and ordered products, I have put myself in a helpless situation. Is there a possibility to get my images back?"- Anonymous. 

Are you anxiously surfing or weeding through the entire Internet so that you can get back the deleted photos from your WhatsApp? Else, fed up that you aren't satisfied with any of the recovery or retrieval techniques? Be relaxed as you have reached the right place. Yes, losing essential photos due to scenarios like system crash, accidental deletion, and mobile switching is usual at present. With simple tricks or hacks, you can get them back, and all you have to do is explore how to recover deleted photos from WhatsApp through today's article. The critical point is, they are ultimately free-to-use!

Part 1: Recover WhatsApp Images saved automatically on phones

At times, if the auto-download feature of media files like photos and videos is active, they get stored on the default WhatsApp storage folder called Gallery. You can look onto Google Photos and Gallery on an Android device, whereas you can access the WhatsApp photos from the Photos app on iPhone. 

You have to open the Gallery application on your Android and see the WhatsApp folder to find the missed one or the photo you are looking for. In iOS, you need to explore the Photos app. Unfortunately, if you have deleted them from the chat session on WhatsApp, you cannot find them with this method.  

Part 2: Restore Deleted Photos from a WhatsApp Backup

If the first method fails in your case, then here is a promising method if you routinely backup all your WhatsApp data. As Android and iOS devices possess Backup through Google Drive and iCloud, restoring the deleted photos to WhatsApp isn't a great deal.

1. Open your WhatsApp app, click on the "Three-dotted" icon and choose the "Settings" option. Now, execute "Chats > Chat Backup," which will take you to the screen of the backup process, including the previous backup date.

Click on the "Back Up Now" key to proceed.

whatsapp backup

2. After the backup process, uninstall the WhatsApp device from your mobile and reinstall it from Google or Apple Store.

3. Finally, proceed with the WhatsApp setup, confirm your phone number, and restore from the backup file when prompted. Your messages will then get restored to your WhatsApp account.

restore from backup

So, that is how to recover deleted photos from WhatsApp through the backup file; however, here is a restriction. If you do the Backup after the photo deletion, you are out of luck.

Part 3: Recover Deleted WhatsApp Photos from Your Phone's Storage (Android)

Recovery from the phone's storage method is exclusively for Android users. You can access the local folder hierarchy that is limited to a few cloud folders in iPhone. Yes, by default, all photos and WhatsApp videos can be on the file explorer of your device aligned or put into different folders. Even if the images get erased from the chat, you can find photos with this method. This recovery method will be easier to navigate when you connect your device to a computer.

1. On your device, open the file manager application and find the WhatsApp folder on the list.

2. On the WhatsApp folder, you can find separate folders for documents, profile photos, status, database, and so on. Click on the Media option followed by WhatsApp Images.

3. You can find photos from there along with separate folders for sent and received images.

phone storage recovery

If you have deleted the photo with the “delete media from phone” option on the WhatsApp application, then, unfortunately, you cannot find the files with this method.

Part 4: Restore Lost WhatsApp Images on iPhone from iTunes Backup

While the above-mentioned methods don't guarantee a 100% photo recovery success rate, you can try some dedicated data recovery software like Dr. Fone – Data Recovery (iOS). With an easy-to-use interface, you can recover photos efficiently, and here is one such guide on how to recover deleted photos from WhatsApp from iTunes backup for free with Dr. Fone.

Dr.Fone - iPhone Data Recovery

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1. Download and install the Dr. Fone – Data Recovery (iOS) software on your computer, and launch it. From tools on the left panel, tap on the “Recover from iTunes Backup Files” option, pick a file from the available iTunes backups, and tap the “Start Scan” option.

start scan

2. The scan will now get complete, and the data stored on the iTunes backup file will get listed on the screen. You can then tick the photos checklist based on your requirement to filter the photos based on Apps. Just pick the items, preview them, and save them to your computer with the “Recover to Computer” option.

recover photos

Part 5: Retrieve Missing WhatsApp Pictures on iPhone with iCloud Backup

If you are wondering is it possible to retrieve missing WhatsApp photos from iCloud Backup, then the answer is a yes. And, here is how to recover deleted photos from WhatsApp using iCloud Backup with Dr. Fone – Data Recovery (iOS) for free.

1. After the Dr. Fone – Data Recovery (iOS) tool launch, click on the "Recover from iCloud Backup Files" option.

2. Enter the Apple ID and password to sign in to your iCloud account.

icloud sign-in

3. Download the iCloud Backup from which you can recover the WhatsApp deleted photos.

download icloud backup file

Dr. Fone – Data Recovery (iOS) makes your recovery task straightforward as you can select the desired data type to display for effective screening. Hit the "Next" button to proceed.

select data type

4. Once the scanning gets complete, you can view all the WhatsApp photos received or sent through attachments, camera roll, and so on. To recover them, all you need to need is, select the desired ones, preview them, and tap the “Recover” option.

recover whatsapp photos


There you go! That was our entire discussion about how to recover deleted photos from WhatsApp for free. Finally, I hope you have found a way to rescue your deleted photos. Isn't it? Losing your data isn't a good feeling. Thus, we always recommend you have a periodic backup of data; hence you are always on the safer side. So, what are you waiting for? Put the above-discussed tricks and get back your precious photos as they are the ones that last forever!

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