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How To Recover Delete Photos From WhatsApp - 5 Possible Way Explained

Nicola Massimo

Written By Nicola Massimo |

Truth be told, no one is above deleting important WhatsApp data accidentally. The only difference is that smart folks like you find solutions to recover them quickly.

So, if you accidentally deleted some crucial photos, don't panic. We understand your current situation and have created this guide to help.

Here, we will walk you through several solutions on how to recover deleted photos from WhatsApp with or without third-party software. It does not matter if you're tech-savvy or not. Just keep reading.

recover deleted photos

Part 1: WhatsApp Delete Photo Recovery: The Simplest Way

Since WhatsApp usually downloads media files to the Photos app by default, the first thing you should do in this kind of situation is to check your phone's photos app to see whether the deleted photos are still there.

For Android

Step 1: Open the Gallery or Google Photos app on your Android phone.

Step 2: Locate WhatsApp Media under Albums.

locate whatsapp media under albums

You should see the deleted WhatsApp photos if they've not been deleted from your Android device's gallery.

For iPhone

Step 1: Open the Photos app on your iPhone.

Step 2: Tap Albums from the bottom and select WhatsApp.

Part 2: How To Restore Deleted WhatsApp Photos WIthout Backup (Android Only)

If you're an Android user struggling to restore deleted WhatsApp photos, don't panic. You can restore deleted WhatsApp photos without backup. All you need is the MobileTrans software.

The MobileTrans software lets users retrieve deleted photos on WhatsApp and does the job quickly.

This app can help you quickly retrieve WhatsApp chats, images, stickers, etc. You don't need technical knowledge to operate.

Wondershare MobileTrans

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Step 1: Download and Install MobileTrans software on your Mac or PC.

Step 2: Launch the MobileTrans app and select the Backup & Restore module > Deleted WhatsApp Data Restore.

launch the mobiletrans app

Step 3: Click Restore.

click restore

Step 4: Open WhatsApp on your Android and go to settings. Then, select Chats > 'Chats Backup >turn off auto-backup to Google Drive and tap Backup.

open whatsapp

Step 5: After you complete the backup process, tap Install on your Android to allow the installation of the WhatsApp app through USB.

complete the backup process

Step 6: Tap Continue from the pop-up that appears on your phone. Select Allow to enable the installed WhatsApp to have access to your Media.

tap continue

Step 7: Sign in to your WhatsApp account using the same phone number and verify it. Then, once you reach the WhatsApp data restoration screen, tap Restore to restore the backup. Finally, click Next on your PC.

sign in to your whatsapp account

Step 8: MobileTrans will start scanning for all deleted WhatsApp files. All the detected WhatsApp deleted files will be displayed on your screen. Click Restore to Device to restore deleted photos from WhatsApp.

Note: You can also export WhatsApp chats as PDF or HTML.

export whatsapp chats

Step 8: Do not disconnect your Android phone until complete restoration.

Part 3: How To Download Deleted Photos From WhatsApp via Phone Storage

Fortunately, WhatsApp usually saves user data to phone storage on Android devices. If you've deleted WhatsApp photos, there is a high chance you can find them in your phone storage. The only problem is that you might find it challenging to find specific photos.

Step 1: Open File Explorer on your Android and navigate to Internal Memory or Phone Storage, depending on your phone.

open file explorer

Step 2: Find WhatsApp Folder and tap on it.

find whatsapp folder

  • Select WhatsApp File and tap on Media.

select whatsapp file

Step 3: Tap WhatsApp Images to view all photos sent and received on your WhatsApp.

tap whatsapp images

Part 4: How To Recover Deleted WhatsApp Images via Backup

WhatsApp backup is another reliable approach to recovering deleted WhatsApp images. However, you need to ensure your WhatsApp data was backed up before the images were deleted. Follow the following steps to recover deleted WhatsApp messages via iPhone.

On iPhone

Step 1: Locate the WhatsApp app icon on your device's home page and hold it until a pop-up appears. Then, select Delete from the pop-up.

  • After that, reinstall the WhatsApp application from App Store.

reinstall the whatsapp application

Step 2: Open WhatsApp and set up your account using the same phone number. Then, verify the number and complete the following actions.

Step 3: Once you reach the Restore Backup screen, tap Restore and wait for the data restoration process to complete.

reach the restore backup screen

Check to see whether your deleted WhatsApp photos have been recovered.

On Android

Step 1: Uninstall and install the WhatsApp application on your Android.

Step 2: Launch the WhatsApp app, set up your account using the same phone number, and verify it.

Step 3: Tap Restore once you reach the Restore Backup page. Your WhatsApp backup should be restored within a few minutes. Afterward, you can check for the deleted photos in your chats.

tap restore

Part 5: How To Retrieve Deleted WhatsApp Pictures From Another Participant

If you can't find the photos in your device's Photos or Gallery app, you can ask the person or someone in a group you shared the pictures with on WhatsApp to send them to you. However, this will only work if you did not select the Delete For Everyone option when deleting the photos.

shared the pictures

  • Delete For Me: This means the photo, text, or files on WhatsApp will only be deleted on your phone.
  • Delete For Everyone: Photos, text, and whatever is shared with your contact will be deleted for you and the person you're chatting.

The Closing Thoughts

Recovering deleted WhatsApp photos is not difficult in this era. The article on this page has explored five techniques to recover deleted WhatsApp photos. So, all you have to do is to choose the best technique that suits your requirements.

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