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Huawei P50 Official First Look

Axel Nash

Written By Axel Nash |

If you are a smartphone enthusiast, you probably will want to know about the latest sets of phones released with intriguing features and quality hardware. Currently, the Huawei Company is working on the P50 Series, which is expected to be released soon.

Considering the impressive features found in the P50 predecessor phones, you could agree that the new release will likely be edge cutting innovation that you will what to miss. Perhaps this could be your next smartphone, so pay attention to learn more about the P50 Series and what is expected from these flagship phones.

The Smartphone industry is growing rapidly than experienced in the past years. Innovative technology is integrated into Smartphone production, bringing futuristic features into the latest handsets. Huawei is one of the giant companies known for producing high-end smartphones with all-around flagship specs.

huawei p50

So far, Huawei Company is preparing to introduce P50 Series phones into the market, and rumors are already spreading about the expectations for this set of phones. Considering everything experienced in the Huawei P40 series, there is no reason not to get excited about the P50 and P50 Plus phones, which are yet to be launched. This is because every aspect of the Huawei P50 ranging from hardware, software, technology, and massive camera, sounds superb and powerful than most rivals in the market. In this blog, we will have the first look at this excellent P50 smartphone and its all-around expectations, as well as what makes it different from its competitors.

Huawei P50 release date and price

There have been teasing rumors in the market about the release of the Huawei P50 series. First, it was anticipated that the P50 would be released in the first quarter of 2021 but turned to be wrong. The fact is that little has been said about the exact dates when the P50 Smartphone will be launched. Unlike the predecessor of P50, which has had a regular pattern of the official launch date, this brand tends to take a different path. This flagship phone is said to launch on 29th July, but this is unclear information. However, Huawei is looking to launch the P50 Series as soon as it could.

Considering the pricing trends Huawei has demonstrated on the predecessor models, and it will hopefully stick to the pattern when the P50 Series arrives. The price trend seen in the past models has been £599/€699 for the P20 model, £699/€799 for P30, and £699/€799 for the p40 models. Perhaps the 2021 catalog will likely follow the trend. The anticipated price for the P50 and P50 Pro models is anticipated to be around £799 and £999, respectively.

The Design and Build

A couple of leaks of the Huawei P50 appearance reveal a unique design that gives the smartphone a premium look and feel in hand. The rear is featured with massive camera hardware divided into two circular sections on the upper left corner. It appears like the P50 pro model will feature five cameras while the P50 model will have quad cameras.

The back and the screen appear to be slightly curved, and the combination with the slim gives the phone a sleek premium appearance. The front of the P50 comes with a flat screen, with the front camera appearing as a punch hole in the upper middle section. Additionally, the P50 will apparently feature glass in the rear and a metal frame. The display size would be 6.6 inches curved screen for the P50 Pro, while the standard model will feature a 6.3 inches flat display. The devices will supposedly come with in-screen fingerprint sensors.

huawei p50 Design and Build

Other characteristics that will likely appear in the P50 phones include an OLED display that delivers a refresh rate of 90Hz or 120Hz. The display also features probably full HD and 2340 X 1080 pixels for the P50 and quad HD+ and 2640X1200 pixels for the P50 Pro version.

The Camera specs

The details of the P50 camera have captured more attention because of the new design. The Huawei Company has itself revealed information about the P50 camera and provided a teaser video to demonstrate the camera specs. Since the camera is the most anticipated in the P50 Series, it would likely outperform some of the big rivals in the market, such as Samsung and Apple. This is a big step to mobile photography demonstrated by the Huawei Company.

huawei P50 camera

Different sources leak that the anticipated camera features for the P50 will include the standard, ultra-wide, and telescope setup. At the same time, the P50 Pro model will replace the telescope lens with a periscope camera. There is little information to back up the camera details, but the successful leaks only demonstrate the arrangement of lenses and the housing on the rear of the smartphone. The P50 pro plus will supposedly include the standard, ultra-wide, telescope, and periscope camera setup.


The performance of the P50 series phones will likely be incredible even though little has been said about the hardware and software loadout. It is anticipated that the Huaweip50 will run on a powerful processor called kirin 9000. When considering the software aspect of the P50 series phones, the devices will supposedly provide no Google services at all. The firmware will run on Harmony OS, which was officially announced on July 2. Huawei claims that this operating system offers more efficient performance than the previous software and that it provides a faster experience with better battery life.


Considering the efforts Huawei is putting on the flagship P50 series phones, the final product will likely transform the Smartphone industry, especially in the mobile photography aspect. The devices will also demonstrate a more attractive design and high performance as compared to the giant competitors in the industry. Even though minor leaks have been out there so far, there are many expectations from the P50 Series since the predecessors are already performing incredibly.

Furthermore, the Huawei Company will probably use high-end technology to integrate futuristic features and specs to deliver the best user experience for its customers. Although many sources deliver the little details according to the bits announced from Huawei to anticipate the expectations of the P50 Series, it would be helpful if you regularly checked to confirm the exact information and ensure you have the correct information about the Huawei P50 series phones. However, the insights available are already getting Smartphone enthusiasts excited about what to expect in the P50 Series.

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Axel Nash

Axel Nash

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