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4 Methods to Transfer Notes from iPhone to iPhone

Axel Nash

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If you are an enthusiastic writer like me, then every moment you open iPhone Notes to jot down, anything. Like, your day’s events, the following week’s tasks, or saving recently changed passwords. You thank heavens for this brilliant invention, right! So when switching to a new iPhone, you need to make sure your notes are transferred to the new iPhone too. 

In that case, we have about four solutions for you to choose from to transfer notes from iPhone to iPhone. You can transfer notes using AirDrop, a thrid-party tool, iCloud, and iTunes. So, follow the guides carefully in this article and smile your way through the transition.

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How to Transfer Notes from iPhone to iPhone with AirDrop

Airdrop is to iPhones as Bluetooth is to Androids. Most simply, I can master to explain it. Being an inbuilt software, you will not have to go through any installation process or pay to access the app’s services. So it is free and easy to use, perfect combo, right!

Besides aiding in the transfer of notes between iPhones, iPad, iPods touch, and Mac computers, you can use Airdrop to share other files like photos, locations, videos, contacts, and much more!

Tips for iPhone users: If your notes are missing, try restoring them before you transfer anything.

Now, before transferring notes from iPhone to iPhone, ensure that the WLAN and Bluetooth software in the respective phones are in right functioning conditions. Otherwise, the transfer will be a messy disappointment. After that, carry on to transfer notes from old iPhone to new iPhone with Airdrop using the following steps:

Step 1: Launch Control Center and select Airdrop

Firstly, on both phones, open the Control Center app and select Airdrop to switch it on. Then allow your iPhone to be discoverable by either Contacts Only or Everyone, as you desire.

activate Airdrop

Step 2: Find the Notes application

Secondly, on your old iPhone, find the Notes app and tap on the notes you want to transfer to the new iPhone.

Step 3: Share the notes to the new iPhone

Next, click the Share button and select Airdrop. Then tap on the new iPhone where you can the notes get copied.

Step 4: Grant access for the notes to get received on new iPhone

Lastly, on the new iPhone, click the notification to let the notes being sent from the old iPhone to get accepted on the new one. You can then preview the moved data to check if they have all got copied to the new iPhone.

transfer notes to new iPhone with Airdrop

And in just four straightforward steps, you get to transfer notes from iPhone to iPhone with Airdrop quickly!

In case the WLAN or Bluetooth software are not functioning correctly, there is yet another way to transfer notes between iPhones in the next part. Scroll on.

How to Transfer Notes from iPhone to iPhone with MobileTrans – Phone Transfer

Unlike Airdrop, transferring notes from iPhone to iPhone with MobileTrans –Phone Transfer requires you to install the desktop application version. This app is available for smooth operations on all iOS devices and is highly effective yet easy and straightforward to use.

MobileTrans - Phone Transfer

Transfer Data from iPhone to iPhone With 1 Click!

  • • The data types include calendar, contacts, text messages, photos, notes, videos, apps, wallpaper, voice memo and more.
  • • Move safely without resetting devices or deleting original data.
  • • Retain the quality of your data and would keep it private.
  • • The interface is extremely simple and will let you select the type of data you wish to move.
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Here is the way how to move notes from iPhone to iPhone using MobileTrans:

Step 1: Install and launch the application

Download the MobileTrans app from its official website and install it on your computer. Launch it and select Phone Transfer > Phone to Phone from the main interface.

MobileTrans Home

Step 2: Connect iPhones to the computer

Using USB cables, connect the two iPhones to your PC. To make the phones detectable by the comp, unlock them. After secure connectivity, ensure you have the old iPhone as the Source and the new one as the Destination. Use the Flip option to ensure this order is correct.

iPhone to iPhone transfer

Note: The connectivity is a very delicate and crucial part of the transfer and thus should be kept stable and uninterrupted.

Step 3: Start the copying process for the new iPhone.

Select the data types that you wish to copy to the new iPhone; here we need to tick Notes and then click on the Start button to begin data transfer. That's it, now you just need to wait for the process to be completed.

transfer complete

Depending on the size of the Notes file, the transfer will take the required amount of time to finish. You can preview the copied Notes to ensure all of them are in the new iPhone. To get rid of any Notes existing on the new iPhone, check the box beside ‘Clear data before copy.’ Otherwise, leave it as it is.

These are the three simple steps on how to transfer notes from iPhone to iPhone with MobileTrans – Phone Transfer in a single click.

If you don’t find this way suitable for you, check out the next method in Part 3 below, where we will guide you on how to transfer notes between iPhones using iCloud.

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How to Transfer Notes from iPhone to iPhone with iCloud

Just like Airdrop in method 1, iCloud is pre-installed on iOS devices and does not require any downloading for use. The procedure of copying notes from the old iPhone to the new iPhone with iCloud is just three steps long.

Step 1: Make a backup of Notes on the old iPhone in iCloud

Backup to iCloud on old iPhone

Firstly, make sure your Notes are backed up in iCloud on the old iPhone after you switch on iCloud Drive. During the backup process, have the phone fully charged and connected to a good and stable Wi-Fi network.

On completion of the backup process on the old iPhone, switch it off. Doing so prevents it from causing conflicts with the existing iCloud Backup.

Step 2: Restore Notes from iCloud to a new iPhone.

Restore from iCloud Backup

Secondly, have the new iPhone switched on and set up. Then find iCloud from Settings and select to Restore from iCloud Backup. The next window displays a list of all backed-up items.

Step 3: Start the restoration process.

Restore Notes to new iPhone

Finally, find the iPhone Notes you backed up and click Restore to copy them to your new iPhone. After that, the phone will automatically restart.

In case all the above three methods are not appealing to you, there is still one more method to opt to transfer notes from iPhone to iPhone. Keep reading to find out which it is.

How to Transfer Notes from iPhone to iPhone with iTunes

The last method in our list is transferring notes from iPhone to iPhone with iTunes. The process with iTunes differs slightly from the one with iCloud. To be able to transfer notes from old iPhone to new iPhone with iTunes, you must first backup Notes on old iPhone on a computer then copy it to the new iPhone. Here is how to go about it.

Step 1: Connect iPhone to a computer and open iTunes

First, connect the old phone to PC using a USB cable then open the iTunes app on the comp.

Step 2: Select Summary

Secondly, in the iTunes window, tap on Device and select a Summary option from the left side of the interface.

Step 3: Back up

Backup to iTunes on computer

Next, tap on This Computer and choose to Backup Now in the Backups section. Then tap on Apply to commence the backup process of the file on an old iPhone to a computer.

Step 4: Connect the new iPhone to PC

Once the backup to iTunes on the old iPhone is over, disconnect it. Then connect the new iPhone to the computer. Now, re-open iTunes and select Summary.

Step 5: Choose to Restore Backup

Restore Notes from iTunes to new iPhone

Next, select Restore Backup to transfer the Notes you backed up to the new iPhone. On the complete restoration of the backed up files, preview the Notes to see if they all got transferred to your new iPhone.


Coming to the end of this knowledgeable article, those are the four best methods you can choose from to transfer notes from iPhone to iPhone effortlessly and effectively. However, if you make use of iTunes or iCloud, and the restoration process gets stuck at some point, and the process fails, you are likely to lose all data files permanently. Hence, we would like to recommend you to make use of MobileTrans –Phone Transfer, a foolproof tool to transfer notes from iPhone to iPhone adequately.

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