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Best Buy Among Samsung Galaxy S21 and the Upcoming Flagship Galaxy Phone, S22

Axel Nash

Written By Axel Nash |

The Samsung Galaxy S22 is near to release, and it will be working to convey more in the most minimized design available in the leader series. In this article, we will be looking at every difference between the Galaxy S22 and its archetype, the Galaxy S21.

The newer Galaxy model will bring a quicker processor and further developed cameras. The general plan of the telephone and its camera setup will remain something very similar. The size and weight will be the deciding factor since Samsung will go for a significantly thinner phone with the S22.

Here is a video for Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra (Green) Unboxing & Review:

Keep in mind that we have collected all the in this guide about the Galaxy S22 based on rumors and reports from tech experts. The S22 is due to be released in February 2022, and we will guide you further in the future when we dive deeper into the forthcoming S22.

Part 1: Is it the right time to buy the Samsung Galaxy S21 before the release of the Galaxy S22?

There's no question that Samsung's Galaxy S21 is probably the best smartphone of 2021. This gadget, released in the second month of 2021, has a quick processor and an excellent camera. It is equipped with a dazzling screen with a refresh rate of 120Hz, in addition to the long battery life and fast charging. Visit the website to find in-depth information regarding the Galaxy S21.

While it may be the best time for phone dealers to get a Galaxy S21, the people who generally need the best-in-class devices should stay away. That is because Samsung will be launching the new Galaxy S22 cell phone, which could incorporate a few significant updates. It will have the latest modern design and a more remarkable processor with further developed cameras and battery life.

Samsung Galaxy S21

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A few tech experts have reported that one model of the Galaxy S22 will have their trademark S Pen, while another source has said that the Galaxy S22 will have fast charging. It will be so quick that it could power the gadget from zero to a hundred percent in a matter of minutes. Therefore, you must know the difference between S22 and S21 before buyingSo, looking at the given situation, it is the worst time for a spec enthusiast to buy a Samsung Galaxy S21. 

Is the Samsung Galaxy S21 worth your money?

If you need 5G access and cost isn't a boundary can opt for the Samsung Galaxy S21. Individuals who use their smartphones for processer-hungry projects would probably profit from possessing a Galaxy S21 telephone. The most recent Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 and the Exynos 2100 offer great speed. It has a lot of RAM and storage capacity, appreciated by power users. Assuming that you're a shutterbug, the Samsung Galaxy S21 captures incredible pictures. The second-gen 108MP sensor on the Galaxy S21 Ultra is a force to be reckoned with for recording a video or taking a portrait. That makes Samsung a giant competitor to different manufacturers for the best camera phone of the year. 

The Galaxy S phones have forever been a steady venture for power users. It offers the best battery, speed, and steadfastness. Therefore, the Samsung Galaxy S21 is definitely worth its price.

Advantages of the Samsung Galaxy S21

Before buying the Galaxy S21 phone, you must know its pros to get going. for a comprehensive review of Samsung Galaxy S21 vs. S20, you can read our other article.

In this section, we have provided a list of advantages that come along with the Samsung Galaxy S21:

  • Samsung Galaxy S21 5G now has Android 11 as the inbuilt software. The new Samsung cell phone has a One UI 3.1 User Interface.
  • It has a triple camera setup, including 12 MP f/1.8 (Standard wide), 64 MP f/2.0 (Telephoto), and 12 MP f/2.2 (Ultrawide).
  • The screen utilizes the Dynamic AMOLED 2x with 120 Hz LCD to make 6.2 inches screen show a smoother and superb quality.
  • This phone utilizes 8 GB RAM for better performance while doing multiple tasks.
  • It has an IP-58 rating. That makes the phone washable with water and sanitizing liquid for sweeping any microscopic infections like Covid-19.
  • Has a very fast ultrasonic fingerprint.
  • Upholds futuristic 5G network speed.
  • Provides excellent camera results, even in the low or very faint light.
  • Equipped with Stereo system speakers.
  • Corning Gorilla glass makes the screen look delightful and can work flawlessly in much hotter environments.
  • Supports wireless and reverse charging.
  • Video recording at 8K can use OIS and Gyro-EIS sensors.
  • A high refresh rate screen assists you with having much more data on the screen at once.

Part 2: Why You Should Wait for the Galaxy S22 to Release? 

Users Will Get Even Better Performance

To no one's surprise, the Galaxy S22 should accompany an Exynos processor in some and a Qualcomm Snapdragon chipset in other regions of the world. There's a decent possibility the Galaxy S22 uses the best available chipset of Qualcomm Snapdragon processor. Many business sectors will have this processor in the Galaxy S22 series. At first, it appeared as though the chip would be known as the Snapdragon 898, yet it's called Snapdragon 8 Gen 1. The processor has, as of now, displayed in Galaxy S22 benchmarks, which portrays a great sign. Qualcomm utilized Samsung's 4nm interaction to create the new processor, yet, the TSMC may come in handy with the product.

Concerning the Exynos, Samsung is purportedly trying another form of the processor with AMD designs. It will be called Exynos 2200, and we've seen it show up in early benchmarks. Samsung thinks that the new processors would help the Galaxy S22 series convey surprisingly better performance in key regions like speed, battery life, gaming, and various tasks.

Enjoy Even Better Cameras

Samsung makes yearly betterments in the Galaxy S series' cameras, but we may not see a tremendous change in Galaxy S21 vs. S22. As indicated by reports, Samsung is attempting to introduce sensor-shift technology on the S22's camera. By doing so, they will make the Galaxy S22 series the only Galaxy device with this innovation. One can anticipate that the Galaxy S22 series should produce better picture stabilization and quality. 

A more current report guarantees that the Galaxy S22 Ultra will have two Telephoto sensors that will almost have the specifications as the Galaxy S21 Ultra. It is rumored that the Galaxy S22 will accompany a 10-megapixel Telephoto camera (having 3x optical zoom). The selfie camera on Galaxy S22 and Galaxy S22+ will be 10MP, while the one on Galaxy S22 Ultra will allegedly be 40MP.

It Will Have a Bigger Screen

Galaxy S22 reports show more than one screen size for the three upcoming smartphone leaders, yet, commonly, they will have screen sizes more than 6 inches. One of the reports demonstrates that the Galaxy S22 will have 6.06 inches of screen size, the Galaxy S22+ will be 6.55 inches, and the Galaxy S22 Ultra will have 6.81 inches. 

The other report demonstrates that the Galaxy S22 will have 6.1 inches of screen size, the Galaxy S22+ will be 6.5-6.6 inches, and the Galaxy S22 Ultra will have 6.8 inches. Sadly, according to the reports, the LTPO backplane technology will only be introduced in the Galaxy S22 Ultra. 

samsung s21 vs s22

Every one of the three models ought to have a 120Hz refresh rate. The display might become the hot topic for S21 Ultra vs. S22 Ultra combat. As per Ice Universe, the Galaxy S22 Ultra's screen breaks all the brightness records of Samsung's OLED screen. So if you want to get more from your screen through gaming or other light extensive applications, you better wait.

Enjoy the Best Software Support

While it may be enticing to get a budget phone gadget like the Galaxy S10 or Note 10, but their software support will end significantly earlier. Buying an older device may stop the software updates because of its hardware capabilities. That is a danger you make while purchasing an older model over a new one. Since Samsung keeps their devices updated with new software updates, many of their famous smartphones could pass up Android 12. The Galaxy S22, being the flagship phone, will get the best form of Android 12 and Samsung's One UI.

The S Pen Will Be Improved

The Galaxy S21 series was the first to come with an S Pen Stylus. It seems that Samsung will continue to include the S Pen in the Galaxy S22. A Korean source guarantees that the Galaxy S22 series will surely support the S Pen Stylus. One more report also backs this claim. The Ice Universe has said that the Galaxy S22 will become the Note since it will come with an S Pen. We ought to likewise see some S Pen improvements and updates. 

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Part 3: A Comprehensive Description: Samsung Galaxy S22 vs. S21 5G

Price: Both the phones should have a similar price

We haven't heard any reports at this point about the cost of the Galaxy S22, yet we guess that Samsung might keep costs mostly the same as Galaxy S21. Samsung reduced the price of the Galaxy S21 by $200, compared to the Galaxy S20 at the time of its release. 

It will be surprising if Samsung drastically increases the price of their new model this year. The Galaxy S21 costs around $799 to $1,379, depending upon the model. The Samsung Galaxy S22 ultra price is also expected at around $1,379.

Design: Galaxy S22 Will Be Slimmer and Modest than the S21

The Galaxy S22 could be somewhat more modest and more slender than the S21, as revealed by Mauri QHD. The Galaxy S22, as mentioned above, is hypothesized to come in three sizes: 6.06, 6.55, and 6.81 inches. Whereas the Galaxy S21 is 6.2 inches, the S21+ is 6.7 inches, and its Ultra model is 6.8 inches. You can explore the Samsung Galaxy S21+ review and find out is S22 better than S21?

The expected shrinkage of the Galaxy S22 is unusual when checking out Samsung's past trends. The company has been consistently filling in size after some time. 

Colors: The Galaxy S22 Could Offer New Colors that the S21 Didn't Offer

The Galaxy S21 is available in six different colors, i.e., black, silver, grey, white, chrome-like purple, and pink.

samsung colors

A Dutch blog Galaxy Club says that the Galaxy S22 and its Plus variant will come in four colors: white, black, rose gold, and green. The new green choice will be like the Phantom Green of the Z Fold 3 5G. The Ultra variant of the upcoming model will be available in white, black, and a dark red color. 

Camera: Galaxy S22 Will Get Major Camera Updates 

Samsung might overhaul its camera for the Galaxy S22 after overlooking this feature for S21 and S20. The Galaxy S22 Ultra is said to have a 200 MP main camera. That could turn out to be the highest pixel count on any Samsung device. Compared to the Samsung S22 Ultra specifications, the Galaxy S21 Ultra has a 108 MP wide-angle camera. To find detailed information about all the lenses installed in the S21 Ultra's cameras, visit

Processor: The Most Awaited Snapdragon 895 Chip Vs. Snapdragon 888

The Galaxy S22 could be getting extra speed, thanks to the Snapdragon 895 or Snapdragon 8 Gen 1. According to the reports, the Samsung Galaxy S22 could be getting the further developed and improved Qualcomm chip. On the other hand, the Galaxy S21 comes furnished with the Snapdragon 888, used by many big names in the smartphone industry.

Charging: The Galaxy S22 Will Charge Quicker Than the S21

Samsung could be launching the Galaxy S22 with 65-watt charging support, compared to the 25 Watt charging support of the Galaxy S21, as indicated by FrontTron. It is circulating that they are testing 65 Watt charging for Rainbow RGB (a coded name for the S22). If it's true, the S22 will offer quicker charging than the Galaxy S21 and Galaxy Note 20.

What's inside the Box?

Albeit some of the information regarding the upcoming phone is dubious, Samsung has already affirmed that beginning with the Galaxy S21 line, future cell phone boxes won't have chargers or earphones.


This is the most recent information regarding Samsung S21 vs. S22. If the Samsung Galaxy S22 turns out that way, it will be a strong redesign on the S21. After going through this guide, you will make the best decision regarding your new phone choice. If you are a tech enthusiast and want the most from your phone, we suggest you wait for the Galaxy S22.


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