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Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra: Release data, rumors, expected price, full specifications, and what to expect?

Axel Nash

Written By Axel Nash |

Every new year comes with the release of new phones in the market. All the headliner companies release their flagship phones throughout the year, but Samsung is following the custom of releasing their S series flagship phone in the early months of each year.

With the year being 2022, all the Samsung fans and phone enthusiasts are waiting for their highly anticipated Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra 5G. Like its predecessors, the expected arrival of the Samsung S22 is in early 2022, and as the year is already started, we can tell you about many confirmed rumors and leaks.

With the arrival of a new Samsung phone around the corner, it is probably the worst time to buy an S21. Samsung S21 Ultra is one of the best phones the brand has released over the years, but it's already been a year since the phone came out, and other brands have already released their flagship phones that can rival S21. The company has been working on its new phone for some time now, and there are lots of things that Samsung directly or indirectly confirms that we will see in the new Samsung Galaxy S22.      

Samsung Galaxy S22 Series: All the Rumors

 One of the biggest rumors about the new Galaxy S22 series is the merger of DNA from the S series phones and the Note series phones. Samsung already gave S-pen support in the Samsung S21 Ultra. Although the phone supported S-pen and its fantastic writing and drawing features, it didn't come in the box with the phone. Users had to get the S-pen separately, and there was no holster in the phone, so they either had to carry it along or not use it at all.

samsung phones

Adding the note features in the S21 was an excellent upgrade, but people still preferred to buy the Note due to its usability. Samsung fixed its little mistake and now comes with a better solution. The Samsung S22 not only supports an S-pen, but it also comes with it in the box, and you can insert the S-pen into the phone as you would do with a Note series phone. This is huge for many Samsung fans out there because if it was in 2021, they had to buy the Samsung S21 if they wanted a flagship or get the Note if they wished to use the note features. Now they can go and purchase the Galaxy S22 and enjoy both the elite specs of the Samsung flagship with all note features.

S-pen is only one of the many new and improved things you will see in the Galaxy S22. Samsung S22 Ultra is a next-generation phone with various features that will create a big gap between the future flagship and last year's flagship phone. We expect many upgrades such as camera and picture quality, nighttime pictures and videos, better and less-draining chipset, fast charging, and improved battery timing. Suppose you want to buy the new Samsung Galaxy S22, but you don't want to lose the data in your current phone, you can go to MobileTrans Wondershare to transfer your data to your new phone. Down here are all the rumors about the basic features of the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra.

  1. Samsung Galaxy S22 Price and Availability
  2. Samsung Galaxy S22 Specs and Features
  3. Samsung Galaxy S22 Design and Models
  4. Samsung Galaxy S22 Display
  5. Samsung Galaxy S22 Colors
  6. Samsung Galaxy S22 Camera
  7. Samsung Galaxy S22 Battery and Charging

1. Samsung Galaxy S22 Price and Availability

Aside from all the rumors about the coming Samsung flagship phone, the biggest question that needs an answer is when the Samsung Galaxy S22 release date is. After the company announced its upcoming phone, there was no confirmed date for the arrival of the Samsung S22. Problems coming up in the Samsung supply chain are not something new, and after clearing everything, it is partially confirmed that the phone's actual release is on February 25th, 2022. The reveal event, where you will find out every detail about the phone, will commence on the 9th of the month before the full release.

Samsung Galaxy S22 Price

The Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra release date or any other galaxy S22 series set will be the same month. Apart from the release date, one of the things that people like to know is the cost of the upcoming phone. Samsung S21 ultra is the best phone, with the best features in its price range. With lots of new features like the S-pen, the Samsung Galaxy S22 price will be a little higher than the S21, but that doesn't mean it will get to the point of being overly expensive. The Samsung Galaxy S22 comes at an $849 price tag; the S22 plus will cost you around $1049, and the Samsung S22 Ultra will be $1299. You can go to our Samsung Galaxy S22 vs. Samsung Galaxy S21: Every Difference we expect to read more into it.

2. Samsung Galaxy S22 Specs and Features

Samsung's flagship phones always come with the strongest and newest snapdragon chipsets, which sets the bar for flagship phones from other brands. When you look into the Samsung Galaxy S22 details, you will find the information where Samsung is placing the new Snapdragon Gen 1 chipset in the upcoming S22 phone. A new chipset doesn't mean that it will be better than its predecessor in terms of processing speed, but new tech and CPU will make it more efficient. The test scores are not high as expected compared to the Galaxy S21 Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 chipset, but it reduces power consumption up to 20% and faster processing up to 30%. This is not confirmed but let's hope it is true.

samsung Exynos 2200


Many high-end Android games came up in recent years, and having the best GPU is now essential for the best android phones in the market. Samsung S22 contains an Exynos 2200 chip with an FPS rate of 50. This new AMD RDNA chipset scored 8134 points in the benchmark result. It might not compete with the gaming consoles, but Samsung S22 is just one step below them. You will also see the new WhatsApp chat history transfer feature to migrate data from your iPhone to the new Samsung S22, but it will not be as efficient as it sounds. You can use Wondershare MobileTrans to transfer WhatsApp chats or other data from iPhone to your Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra. It will feature the android 12 operating system, and one of its variants contains 1TB storage.

3. Samsung Galaxy S22 Design and Models

Samsung Galaxy S22 will come in three models like its predecessor. You will see the simple Galaxy S22 phone at the initial price tag. The second one will be the Samsung Galaxy S22 Plus with a larger display, better storage, and a few advanced features, owning its higher price than the basic Galaxy S22. The third variant will be the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra, with the highest price tag and the best features among the three. We might see other variants of the phone with different storage options.

The design of the new Samsung S22 will not be similar to the Samsung Galaxy S21 or Samsung Galaxy S20. The previous Galaxy S series phone came with a solid design that focused more on the sturdiness of the phone rather than its beauty. From the current leaks of Samsung Galaxy S22 series phones, the first two comes with a plain glass back and rounded edges. It gives the phone a whole new class, but the S22 Ultra will be one step ahead. The black variant of S22 Ultra comes with a plain-mate back where you can't even see the camera bump. You can go to our Best Samsung Phones: Which Galaxy Model You Should Buy page to learn more about the upcoming design and which one will be better for you. 

4. Samsung Galaxy S22 Display

Not many android flagship phones in the market can compare to Samsung Flagship phones regarding display and video capture frame rate. We have good and bad news depending on which type of phone you prefer. If you like phones with a larger display, then the Galaxy S22 series will disappoint you a little because the leaks show that Samsung shrunk the display size of their upcoming phones. The simple Galaxy S22 will feature a 6.06-inch display, shorter by 2 inches than the basic Galaxy S21. The Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra will feature a 6.8-inch display compared to the 6.9-inch display of the S21 Ultra.

Another fantastic feature in the Samsung Galaxy S22 will be its auto framerate setting. If you are playing games or watching something or your phone is just sitting idle while you listen to music, the phone will automatically change the framerate between 120Hz to 1Hz based on what you are doing at that time. Another possibility is that you might see an 8K video capture with 60Fps. We know that Samsung is testing new things and might include this in its upcoming flagship phone.

5. Samsung Galaxy S22 Colors

Some of the brands do not give a large selection of colors for their flagship phones, but all Samsung phones come in attractive color variants depending on region or series. The Samsung Galaxy S22 colors will come in four basic variants and a few others that you might see in the other areas or other versions. The colors white and black are something everyone will expect, but the S22 series will also come in Olive Green and Rose gold variants. One of the best qualities of Samsung S series phones is their screen brightness and saturated screen colors. The upcoming phones will feature 1750 nits screen brightness. It means that you can keep the brightness at the lowest and still see everything during the daytime.

6. Samsung Galaxy S22 Camera

Samsung Galaxy S22 camera

Samsung Galaxy S22 series will get massive upgrades for their camera quality and better zoom-in. The primary camera for Samsung Galaxy S22 and the S22 plus will be 50MP. Many flagship phones from other brands come with a better camera, but with the new telephoto tech and Samsung GN5 sensor, hardly any other phone will match up to it when it comes to picture quality. The sensor it carries is already tested in google pixel 5, and the results and brilliant. Adding up to a few tweaks that the phone will get before its release, the picture quality and the clear 3x zoom-in will stun everyone. Don't forget that there is a chance of it featuring the 8K video capture with a 60-fps refresh rate.

7. Samsung Galaxy S22 Battery and Charging

There are many rumors about the Samsung Galaxy S22 battery life. From different rumors, we can easily make out that the S22 will be better than the S21 in almost every aspect, except its battery life. With a 3800mah battery for the basic Galaxy S22 and the 4800mah battery for the galaxy S22 plus, you see a downgrade battery life compared to its predecessor. Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra will carry the same battery life of 5000mah as its predecessor. If you use your phone all day and only charge once, then Samsung S22 might not get you through the whole day.

Although Samsung downgraded the battery life, it is replacing it with faster charging. You know that 25W charging is fast enough to charge your phone in an hour or so, but Samsung is working to give you a 45W or 65W fast charging speed. With this being the case, even if your phone runs out of juice during the day, you can charge it back in a bit of time, so it doesn't affect you that much. If the new Samsung Galaxy S22 charger is, in fact, 65W, then it will be a game-changer for other flagship Android phones.

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Samsung Galaxy S22: What We Want to See

Samsung will gradually confirm all the new Samsung Galaxy S22 specs as it moves towards its release date. What they will add to their new S series phones is up to them, but being a Samsung user and fan, I have expectations of the upcoming Samsung phones. When the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra came into the market last year, everyone got a picture of what next-generation phones will look like.

Although it was the best Samsung phone, there are a few things that people didn't like or wanted as a part of the new Samsung Galaxy S22. One of these things was the phone's display and size. Many people prefer short phones, and all Samsung phones feature 6.2-inch + displays going up to 6.9-inches; Samsung acted on it, and now the size is a little downgraded. We also want a new and efficient data transfer between iPhone and Samsung Galaxy S22, because the WhatsApp chat transfer guide that Samsung gave us before is complex and not works properly. You can go to Wondershare MobileTrans for an easy phone-to-phone WhatsApp chat and data migration. Here are some things that everyone wishes to see in the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S22 series.

S-Pen for Every S22 Phone

It is more or less confirmed that the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra will come with S-Pen, and you will be able to insert it in the phone like you would do with the Galaxy Note, but this feature is only for the S22 Ultra, other two variants are not getting this upgrade. Samsung didn't release their Note 21 last year, and if it goes on, we are not going to see the Note 22. If you want the note series phone, you have no choice but to buy the S22 Ultra. That being the case, everyone wishes that the new Samsung phone S22 series will all come with S-Pen support.

A Better Camera

Samsung Galaxy S22 camera

Everyone is asking the same question about when is Samsung S22 coming out? That is not because they can't wait to get a new phone; they want to know whether the next-gen Samsung S22 supports a better camera compared to other flagship phones in the market. You can see that the S20 and S21 Ultra cameras were both 108 MP, but there was still a considerable picture quality and zoom difference between both of these phones. Now we got the news of Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra specs and how it will come with a 200MP camera. If there is only a slight difference between S22 Ultra and the S21 Ultra camera, then it will be the worst thing for Samsung fans.

Real Full-Screen

Other brands tested the actual full-screen design before, where you will only see the front camera lens when you use it; otherwise, it is not visible, but the results were not favorable. After some time, there were display problems where the screen above the camera lens glitched or showed broken pixels. What fans want to see in the new Galaxy S22 is an actual full-screen panel-free design. If the upcoming Samsung series includes that, it might become the best android phone of all time.

Same Chipset and 120Hz Resolution on all models

The specs that Samsung reveals at the major release of its phones are hundred percent accurate, but that doesn't mean all of its phones will carry those features. Samsung has a bad habit of using different chipsets for phones of the same series, depending on the region. The first Samsung comes with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 chipset, but you might see Samsung giving lesser quality chipsets like Exynos in some other area. We want Samsung to provide the same phone to all regions; we also wish a 120Hz auto-adjust refresh rate on all S22 series phones.

Phone Cooling

Mobile gaming is a lot popular now because new phones not only come with a powerful gaming processor, they also come with longer battery life and phone cooling options. Add it to the mobility of taking your phone anywhere in your pocket and playing whenever you want; many people prefer mobile games rather than playing on consoles. One problem with previous Samsung phones is their cooling mechanism. We want a higher-quality chipset in Samsung S22 series so it will stop heating up after we play games for a longer time.

Better Charging and Battery Life

The charging speed with a 25W charger is already good enough, and if it remains the same in the upcoming S22 series, it will not be a big issue. On the other hand, the battery is something that we want Samsung to improve. S21 Ultra packs a 5000mah battery, giving you good battery timing, but the other two variants lack the power, especially the basic S21. Suppose this continues in the S22 series; people might buy phones from other brands. From the rumors and information going around, we know that the S22 Ultra will come with a 5000mah battery, but the battery life of the other two variants is getting a downgrade of 200mah each.

Does Samsung S22 Get Back Micro SD Card Slot?

Will Samsung Galaxy S22 Have a MicroSD Card Slot or Not

Extended storage used to be a part of Samsung Galaxy S series phones, but now we don't see that option anymore in some of its recent phones. Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra supports 512 GB storage, and it might seem more than enough at first glance, but if you capture 8k videos, the storage will not last long. The 512 GB storage is not a problem; the problem is that we can't add a micro-SD card and extend our phone. If you think that deleting your old data to make space for new data is not bad enough, the Samsung S22 Ultra will come with a 200MP camera. You can imagine the file size of any video or picture, and if there is no extended storage slot, most of us will face some problems with this phone.  

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