In what is now big news in the smartphone market, the Samsung generative AI will hit the market soon. In the announcement on 8th November 2023, Samsung also hinted that the new generative artificial intelligence model would be coming to its smartphones, S24.

The adoption of Generative AI has been increasing in recent years, with OpenAI and ChatGPT backing the technology. It relies on large language models trained on massive amounts of data.

According to Samsung, the new technology will be called Samsung Gauss, named after Carl Friedrich Gauss. It is for AI applications on smartphone devices.

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    1. Magic Editor VS. Samsung Gauss Images
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    5. AI Assistant with Gauss vs. AI Assistant with Bard

Samsung Generative AI at a Glance

Samsung Gauss is already in use, but only internally, as Samsung employees use it for several tasks. Samsung aims to compete with Google, whose Pixel 8 smartphone packs highly innovative AI features like Magic Editor, Best Take, and the Screen Call feature to accept phone calls.

At its base, the Samsung generative AI will handle tasks like writing emails, editing documents, image generation, translation, document summarization., and smart device control.

But there is a catch. Probably Samsung Galaxy S24's most significant AI features will not be free and available to all. Instead, users may have to pay to use them. That is an interesting rumor, considering that paywalled AI will be a new feature, and there is no certainty whether these features will be so significant that consumers would pay a subscription fee for them.

But what capabilities can users expect from Samsung's generative AI? We take a look.

Features and Capabilities of Samsung's Generative AI

It is important to note that many of the reports are rumors for now, but here are some of the reported features of the Samsung Gauss technology when it is finally released.

According to Samsung's developer newsletter, Samsung Gauss will have three models:

  1. Samsung Gauss Language, to generate texts
  2. Samsung Gauss Code, to generate code
  3. Samsung Gauss Image to create images
Samsung ai

Here is a list of what these capabilities will translate to.

  1. Email and content writing

    As expected, this is one of the easiest ways to implement Samsung's generative AI via the Samsung Gauss language. Although there are few details about how it will work, there are speculations that the technology would read the context of email conversations and compose emails based on that.

  2. Content translation

    There are strong indications that Samsung Gauss will have translation capabilities powered by the Samsung Gauss language. That is one area the Pixel 8 excels in. The Pixel 8 uses a Tensor G3 chipset that syncs with third-party apps to translate texts. For example, you can translate WhatsApp messages on the Pixel 8. It is still unclear how the translation feature will work in Samsung Gauss, but there are strong indications that Samsung's AI tech will have it.

  3. AI-generated images

    This could be a game changer for Samsung Galaxy users as Samsung Gauss's image would take charge of their AI image generation. Content creators will also use this feature to generate images based on their inputs. The image feature is called the Samsung Gauss image.

  4. Code Writing

    Developers can also use Samsung Gauss code, which works with code.i, to generate and write codes for their work. Like the other functions, it is still unclear how this will work, considering there are different programming languages and other technical requirements to run code.

  5. AI Live Translate Call

    Samsung has also announced the AI Live translate call. It is one of the prominent AI features for the S24 would be the call translation for phone calls, which will be available in real-time in text or voice format.

AI Competitor: S24 Generative AI vs. Pixel 8 Pro AI Features

As Samsung enters the generative AI race, there is still some uncertainty about how much AI capabilities the Galaxy S24 will have.

Strong rumors claim that the AI capability of the S24 will allow it to analyze the apps users frequently use and their usage patterns and use such data to simplify tasks automatically. For instance, it will explore a user's travel time and destination and offer information on traffic and weather conditions. As stated, the Galaxy S24 will be able to compose emails in a desired format and can also send emails.

But things are more evident with the Pixel 8 Pro, as the device is already available in the market. Here are some ways both devices stack up to each other.

Magic Editor vs. Samsung Gauss Images

For instance, the Pixel 8 Pro will have the Magic Editor app. This generative AI app will help users edit images, whether resizing or repositioning a subject. While that is impressive, the Samsung Gauss image will cater to all image generation and editing needs on the S24.

pixel pro 8 vs. Samsung s24

AI Live Translate vs. The Recorder App

Samsung generative AI will be the AI Live Translate for calls. The live translation feature will translate phone calls to the user's language of choice. If it works as promised, it could transform mobile communication.

The Pixel 8 Pro has something similar to Samsung's AI live translate, though slightly different. The recorder app uses generative AI to summarize users' conversations and share them with the user as a bullet point. However, the app is unavailable immediately and is only due for release by next year.

The Text-to-Image vs. The Best Take App

In the images section, both the Galaxy S24 and Google Pixel 8 Pro have much to offer. Samsung has the AI-generated images feature and the text-to-image Generative AI . The text-to-image Generative AI works with Samsung Gauss to create images from user text input.

The Pixel 8 Pro also comes with many AI apps for images. For example, Zoom Enhance uses generative AI to fix blurry zoomed images by using predictive details to fill gaps between pixels.

The smartphone will also introduce the Best Take app. The app lets users change faces in a group photo by auto-generating alternatives. For example, if you take a group photo and don't like how your face looks, the app will generate other suggestive images of your face that you can use to replace the one you do not like. While that will surely change group photography, some experts suggest it may be too much. AP's Will Sattelburg noted Best Take might take things too far.

Video Boost vs. Audio Magic Eraser

Google Pixel 8 Pro has other interesting AI features like the Audio Magic Eraser, allowing users to identify and remove unwanted sounds from their videos. Then, the Video Boost also improves video quality through generative AI in the cloud. Nothing has been said about what Samsung Gauss would do regarding video.

audio magic eraser

AI Assistant with Gauss vs. AI Assistant with Bard

However, the Samsung generative AI plan includes a native AI assistant to build on Gauss. As you may also know, Google has something similar. The Pixel 8 Pro comes with Assistant with Bard, a combination of Google Assistant and Bard AI. It is a multi-modal generative AI that can work with voice, text, and images. Here are more details about Assistant with Bard. Here is a complete collection of the notable AI features of the Pixel 8 Pro.

While Google has developed the Tensor G3 chip to power its AI smartphone, Samsung intends to use the Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 and Exynos 2400 processors. But most of the Samsung S24 AI features are speculations, and even then, the company has not said much about their plans. So, we still remain in the dark about Samsung’s generative AI and what AI features will come with the Galaxy S24 flagship.

While things are still unclear regarding Samsung’s generative AI in the Galaxy S24, it promises to be an exciting time for users. With the smartphone release looming, you may consider getting it when it hits the stores.

At the same time, you may wonder how you would move your data to the new Samsung if you were using a Google Pixel, Huawei or another Android smartphone. Although there are official ways to do it, officially transferring phone data will be slow, considering the large amount of data. But there is a better alternative that you can use, and that is Wondershare MobileTrans.

Bonus: Transfer Android to Samsung S24

The MobileTrans software is a powerful and secure way to transfer data, regardless of size or source. It is also fast and easy to use. Here are the steps to transfer one phone (iPhone or Android) to Galaxy S24.

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install and launch mobile trans

Step 2: Connect your Pixel 8 Pro or other Android smartphone and Samsung device to the computer. Both devices will show up on your screen. The phone you are sending from will show as your source, and your Samsung S24 will show as your destination. If the arrangement is wrong, click Flip to correct it.

connect your devices to a PC or Mac

Step 3: After connecting your devices, select the data you want to transfer and click the “Start” button to begin data transfer. You may opt for the “Clear data before copy” option to wipe the existing data on the target phone.

commence phone-to-phone transfer

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finalize phone to phone transfer

In 4 simple steps outlined above, you have moved your old phone data to the new one. So, if you intend to get the S24 after its release in January, you do not need to worry about how to transfer your old data. Mobiletrans does the job for you.

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Samsung’s entry into the generative AI field is long overdue. For years, they have been known as innovators in the smartphone market. The Samsung generative AI and the announcement of Samsung Gauss are steps in the right direction. With Samsung Gauss coming on board, users can enjoy the benefits of generative AI through their smartphones.

Axel Nash
Axel Nash Dec 26, 23
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