According to the latest leaks, the iPhone 15 launched on its Wonderlust day, 12 September 2023. Under hot discussion, there seems to be one question on the mind of iPhone enthusiasts. Will the iPhone 15 Pro be worth extra money?

With the steady stream of rumors, you may have an idea of the appearance and features of the new iPhone. Yet, that's not enough to decide between iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Pro. There will be other factors like your personal preferences, lifestyle, and price.

  sample of iphone 15 series

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iPhone 15 vs. iPhone 15 Pro: Overview

From the rumored specifications, all iPhone 15 models will have the Dynamic Island, USB-C, and a slightly curved design. Yet, Apple has worked hard to differentiate the iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Pro. For example, while they have vastly improved the camera on the iPhone 15 pro, they have kept the display at a 60Hz refresh rate for the iPhone 15.
It is worth noting that none of this is official, but the leaks have come from usually reliable sources. With that in mind, this is how both devices stack up against each other.

iPhone 15 iPhone 15 Pro
Design (Material) Aluminum Frame, Glass Back Titanium Frame, Glass Back
Processor A16 Bionic Chip, 5nm A17 Bionic Chip, 3nm
Screen 6.1 OLED 60Hz 6.1 OLED 120Hz
Charging USB-C Port Connectivity 20W Wired USB-C Port Connectivity 23W Wired

Dual Camera (Rear)

48 Megapixels Main

12 Megapixels Ultra

12 Megapixels Front

Triple Camera (Rear)

48 Megapixels Main

12 Megapixels Ultra

12 Megapixels Front

12 Megapixels 3X Zoom

Periscope lens (iPhone 15 Pro Max)

Battery 3877 mAh 3650 mAh
AI Apps Upgrade

AI-powered personal voice

AI health app

AI Apps Store

AI-powered personal voice

AI health app

AI Apps Store

iPhone 15 vs. iPhone 15 Pro: The Key Differences

The comparison chart should help you decide whether the iPhone Pro is worth the extra money. But if you're still unsure, here is a breakdown of the differences between both devices.


The Display size will be 6.1 inches for iPhone 15 and 6.7 inches for iPhone 15 pro. Besides, You can expect the iPhone 15 to maintain the 60Hz refresh rate while the 15 Pro will get an upgraded LTPO panel with a refresh rate of up to 120Hz.


While the iPhone 15 will come with the standard Aluminum Frame, the 15 pro will spot a new Titanium frame. It will also have slightly curved edges and a 1.55mm bezel, the thinnest on a smartphone. This means your iPhone 15 Pro could be smaller than the previous iPhone Pro series.

 iphone 15 pro thinner titanium


According to Jeff Pu, the iPhone 15 Pro will cost $100 more than the previous iPhone Pro series. That means the iPhone 15 pro will come in at $1,099 while the iPhone 15 will retain its $799 price. Pu is a prominent Apple analyst and works with Haitong International Securities in Hong Kong. He cited the Titanium frame and solid-state buttons as notable reasons for the Pro series price hike.

Processor and Performance

Could this be the biggest difference? According to the rumors, the iPhone 15 will get the A16 Bionic chip while the iPhone 15 Pro will get the A17 Bionic 3nm chipset. Apple is continuing its strategy from last year. For the release of the 14 series, it was A15 Bionic for the standard iPhone 14 and A16 Bionic for the 14 pros. Analysts say the A17 Bionic is a significant upgrade. It will pack more power and speed.

  storage capacities of iPhone 15 series

A leaked GeekBench 6 score at a glance (Higher is better):

Geekbench 6 single-core score Geekbench 6 multi-core score
iPhone 15 2517 6289
iPhone 15 Pro 3269 7666

A16 chip for iPhone 15

 A15 chip for iPhone 15 Pro


It has leaked that Apple may fit the iPhone 15 Pro models with 256GB storage. There are also talks about the iPhone 15 pro getting up to 2TB in storage capacity. While the iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Plus will get the base 128GB storage capacity.

Battery and Charging

So, here's the thing. You can expect a 3,650 mAh battery size for the 15 pro and a slightly larger battery for the iPhone 15. This leak came from a Foxconn employee, according to PhoneArena. Will these differences have a significant impact on the battery performance? No one is certain.
There isn't much difference in terms of charging. The iPhone 15 will get 20 wired-charging speed, while the iPhone 15 pro will get 23 wired-charging speed.

 iphone 15 pro battery charging

Which One to Buy?

With both devices having similar top-end features, opting for the iPhone 15 Pro could come down to lifestyle choices. If you do not plan to take many pictures, the 3X Zoom on the iPhone 15 pro may be pointless.
There’s also the price with the iPhone 15 coming in at $799 and the iPhone 15 pro at $1,099. That's a $300 difference. This could be too much of an obstacle for some users. But if you are a heavy user, you may feel the Pro series titanium design and superfast 3nm A17 will be money well-spent.
So, whether the iPhone Pro is worth the extra money will come down to these factors.
Users with photography needs will appreciate the Camera features on the Pro series. If you handle many documents and need to swipe through as you work, the 120Hz ProMotion will speed things up.
But if you’re not a heavy user and want to upgrade your device, the iPhone 15 is a good option. It has many high-end features on the iPhone 15 pro and comes at a lower price point. Here is a quick preview of the advantages and disadvantages of both devices.

iPhone 15

  • cheaper
  • a bigger battery
  • a familiar aluminum body
  • lower storage capacity
  • lower speed
  • comparatively worse camera system

iPhone 15 Pro

  • the premium feel of the titanium design
  • better camera system
  • faster refresh speed with 120Hz ProMotion
  • up to 2TB of storage capacity
  • more expensive (even cost $100 more than previous Pro series)
  • periscope lens only available on the Pro Max series
  • limited supply

Bonus: Buying A New iPhone Without Data Transfer Trouble

The USB-C cable will debut with the iPhone 15 series. That is good news for many users. Apart from charging, it allows for quick and easy data transfer. However, you may face some challenges transferring data from specific applications like WhatsApp.

The Wondershare MobileTrans offers a secure, fast, and easy way to transfer WhatsApp data to your new iPhone 15 series. You can move all your WhatsApp conversations, images, videos, and documents to your new smartphone. It works for iPhone to iPhone, Android to iPhone, and vice-versa.

MobileTrans WhatsApp Transfer

WhatsApp Transfer - MobileTrans WhatsApp Transfer allows you to move your WhatsApp data across platforms quickly and securely. Thus, no worry about information leakage. Here are solutions for both iPhone and Android.

iPhone to iPhone transfer

The MobileTrans app allows you to transfer from iPhone to iPhone using the USB-C. So, if you wish to transfer WhatsApp data from your old iPhone to the new iPhone 15, this option is ideal for you. Here are the steps.

1. Download and install the MobileTrans - WhatsApp Transfer. Then launch the app. On the main screen,  click on WhatsApp Transfer.

select WhatsApp transfer

2. Select the two devices. In this case, your old iPhone is the source device and your new iPhone 15 is the destination device. Take the respective cords and connect the smartphones to your PC. A screen will pop up, as you can see below.

 select source and target device for iphone to iphone transfer

3. Select content to transfer. You could flip the positions of the smartphones if the PC detects them wrongly. After you have them in the right positions, click on Start. You will get a pop-up asking you to confirm the action.

select start and confirm to start whatsapp data transfer

4. Start your WhatsApp data transfer. Ensure that both devices are always connected during the process. Wait and do not disconnect until the completed notification comes up.

finalize whatsapp data transfer

Android to iPhone transfer

Transferring WhatsApp data from Android to iPhone is ideal when you get the new iPhone to replace your Android device. MobileTrans will assist you in the following steps.

1. Connect your Android device and iPhone to the PC using a USB-C cable.


2. Install and launch the MobileTrans App on your PC or Mac. Then choose WhatsApp Transfer.

select whatsApp transfer

3. MobileTrans will detect both connected devices. The app will mark the devices as source or destination. Ensure the placement is correct. If it is wrong, click on Flip to correct it.


select the source and destination of whatsapp data transfer


4. Click on Start to begin the WhatsApp data transfer. If you are already using WhatsApp on your new phone, you can either choose to keep the existing data or not.

5. Finally, wait for a few minutes. And ensure the devices remain connected throughout the process.


finalize whatspps data transfer from android to iphone

The above five steps will complete your WhatsApp data transfer from Android to iPhone. Once you launch WhatsApp on your new iPhone device, it will automatically detect the data you just transferred. Then it will let you restore it to your iOS device.



Apple has worked hard to ensure that the iPhone 15 series have the features you desire. So, is the iPhone 15 pro worth the extra money? Heavy users will think so, but they will part with an additional $100. Regular users will enjoy the high-end functions of the iPhone 15. Hence, they may feel the iPhone 15 Pro is not worth it. It will come down to lifestyle, personal preference, and budget. Whichever choice you make, if you need to transfer your WhatsApp data, the MobileTrans app is ideal for you.

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