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Samsung Galaxy S21+ Review: You Should Know

Nicola Massimo

Written By Nicola Massimo |

Samsung had hit the digital market with its brand smartphone S21+ and it is conquering through its attractive features. Most of you must be wondering what is unique with this Samsung Galaxy S21+ gadget? Check out this article to discover the hidden functionalities in this branded gadget.

Samsung Galaxy S21+ is a unique product with the latest and trendy features. Its stylish outlook attracts people of all ages in no time.

In this article, you will take a closer look at its mind-blowing specifications and features. An elaborate discussion on how it stands unique amidst the competitive grounds of smartphones? You will find reliable and perfect solutions for all these queries in a well-structured format.

Part 1-Samsung Galaxy S21+ basic information

The Samsung Galaxy S21+ has excellent built with a professional design pattern. In this model, Samsung designed uniquely to embed the three cameras in the corner of the phone wisely.

A separate module holding the three lenses delivers an attractive outlook to the product. It has a 4800 mAh battery capacity and installed with Android 11 operating software. The display size comes around 6.7 inches with a resolution of 1080*2400 pixels at 394 PPI.

Storage: chipset is Exynos 2100 processor with 8GB RAM and 128/256 GB storage space.

Color: >This product is available in six colours like Phantom Black, Phantom Silver, Phantom Violet, Phantom Pink, Phantom Gold, Phantom Red.

Release Date: January 2021


128GB $749.99

256GB $1029.98.

Camera: 12MP wide-angle lens, and the territory has 64MP with a telephoto lens.

Network: supports connectivity through Wi-Fi 6, Bluetooth 5.1, NFC and 5G etc.


You can establish a flawless and fastest connection around the globe and take high-resolution images in no time. Sufficient storage helps the users to store their crucial files and memorable media documents without any issues. The operating software Samsung One UI 3.1 supports Android 11 offers an astonishing performance despite interruptions.

Part 2- What's new on S21+?

Connectivity: The gadget’s 5G feature helps the users to connect with the internet at a faster rate without any interruptions. Due to its ultra-wideband, you can achieve a download speed of 2.4Gbps.

Quality Video Clicks: In this device, you can capture the best moments with 8K video. Effortlessly record the live actions and create a high-quality album of 33MP quickly.

Efficient Camera activities: The Samsung Galaxy S21+ automatically corrects the sharpness and brightness level when you try to make a click in the night mode. The overall image quality increases without any manual changes by the users.

Moreover, you can use the three cameras and bring a director view while making clicks. You can switch between the lens and select the one that has a better focus to acquire a perfect picture for your needs.

This device allows you to capture videos using two lenses simultaneously without any issues. You can create a wide range of images and videos just with a single tap. It sounds exciting, am I right?

Excellent Display: The eye comfort shield is available on the device’s display to avoid eye fatigue due to consistent usage. This shield adjusts the blue-based lights automatically and helps the users to overcome eye strains.

excellent display

Switch to Galaxy Ecosystem: You can connect with another Samsung gadget flawlessly at a faster rate. Link with Gadget Buds Pro, Galaxy tablets, smartphones, Samsung Dex. Using Motion Mirror, project your phone on TV and monitor it as per your requirements.

These are the hidden features of the Samsung Galaxy S21+, and you can make the best use of them depending on your needs.

Part 3-Is Samsung S21+ waterproof?

Yes, of course, Samsung Galaxy S21+ and S21 ultra exhibit this water-resistant property. These gadgets have an IP68 rating, tested by submerging the phone into the freshwater of 1.5 meters up to 30 minutes. Both the devices succeed through this test and provided the usual performance without any issues soon after this test. It is highly advisable not to use this gadget in pools and beach.

The testers employ freshwater during the water-resistant tests, and you must protect your device while exposing it too salty or any other water containing chemical residues.

If you had purchased this brand device from the commercial digital market, then next, you must be wondering how to transfer phone data to thisSamsung Galaxy S21+

No need to worry any more, in this section, you will discover an effective method to transfer phone data between your old device and the new one. The Wondershare MobileTrans is an excellent data transfer tool that executes lossless data transfer without any difficulty. It is enough if you surf through the below content to learn about its data transfer procedure. You do not require any special skills to work on this platform.

It is an excellent software support multiplatform data transfer efficiently. You can take a quick look at its remarkable functionalities below.

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4.1: How to transfer data from iOS to Samsung Galaxy S21+ Android device with MobileTrans?

In this section, you will learn how to employ MobileTrans to effectively transfer data between the iOS device and Samsung Galaxy S21 gadgets. Carefully follow the stepwise procedure for successful data transfer between devices.

Step 1: Download the Software

Go to the official webpage of Wondershare MobileTrans and download the tool as per your OS version. Choose the Windows or Mac and install the app on your Computer. Then launch the app by double-tapping the tool icon. On the home screen, press the ‘Transfer’ button in the Phone Transfer module.


Step 2: Connect the Phones

Next, use a reliable USB cable to connect your iPhone and Samsung Galaxy S21+ with your PC. Ensure the connection remains firm throughout the data transfer process to avoid unnecessary data loss. T

he application detects these two gadgets and places them at the right place on the source and destination side. If you find any controversies in the gadget position, then quickly tap the ‘Flip’ option available at the top centre of the screen to flip their places. Check whether the source gadget is iOS, and the destination is Samsung Galaxy S21+. Select the data you need to transfer between devices by simply hitting the checkboxes.


Step 3: Begin the transfer

After choosing the desired data to transfer, press the ‘Start’ button available at the right bottom of the screen. The Transfer process begins, and you must wait for a few minutes until the transfer process completes successfully. Check the USB cables and ensure it has a firm connection to avoid data transfer issues.


Now, disconnect the gadgets safely from your PC and check the transferred data in your new Samsung Galaxy S21+ device.

4.2: How do you transfer data between Android and Samsung Galaxy S21+ device with MobileTrans?

In case, if you have an old Android phone, then transfer your phone data with Samsung Galaxy S21+ quickly using the MobileTrans application.

Step 1: Install MobileTrans software

Visit the MobileTrans webpage and try to down the software as per your system’s OS version. You can choose between Windows or Mac-based on your needs. Install the tool by following the instruction wizard. Double-tap the tool icon to launch this software and select the ‘Phone Transfer’ module from the home screen.


Step 2: Attach your devices to PC

Connect your Android device and Samsung Galaxy S21+ gadget with your PC using a reliable USB cable. The MobileTrans program senses the connected gadgets precisely. Next, ensure the application placed the devices in the right place. The source device must be an Android gadget, and the destination is Samsung Galaxy S21+. You can press the ‘Flip’ button to switch the devices between these two positions effortlessly. Next, select the desired phone data from the list to transfer to your new device. You can also check in all the data if required.


Step 3: Press the Start button.

Finally, hit the ‘Start’ button to trigger the transfer process between the gadgets. It takes a few minutes, and you must wait until the procedure completes successfully. Any interruptions may cause data loss, and you need to be careful with the connected gadgets.


Later, you can remove the devices from your PC and check whether the phone data is available with the new device.


Thus, you are in the last lines regarding the discussion on the new gadget Samsung Galaxy S21+. It is an incredible product in the digital space exciting gadget lovers to explore. Stay tuned to this article to discover the upcoming innovations in the electronic world.

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