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Transfer Photos From Samsung to Mac - 5 Workable Ways

Axel Nash

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Do you want to transfer photos from Samsung to Mac but don't know how to do it? Unfortunately, direct photo transfer between Samsung and Mac is impossible because you cannot connect these two devices.

Data sharing is a constant issue between Android and Mac, and there are many limitations when it comes to transferring files from Android to Mac. That's why we have listed five convenient ways to transfer photos. Keep reading to learn how to transfer photos from Samsung to Mac in no time.

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transfer pictures from samsung to mac

Method 1: Transfer Photos From Samsung to Mac via MobileTrans

One of the best ways to transfer photos from Samsung to Mac is through Wondershare MobileTrans. It is known for its notable feature of transferring data between Android and Mac. It works cross-platform perfectly.

Besides data transfer between phone and computer, MobileTrans is also capable of moving 18+ data between mobile devices. And it only requires a couple of clicks to complete the data transfer.

Best alternatives to Samsung Smart Switch

Although Smart Switch is developed by Samsung, it is not an ideal method to transfer your data. To overcome its limitations, you can simply use MobileTrans by Wondershare. It can directly transfer all kinds of data including whatsapp data from one phone to another instantly.

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Key Features:

  • Transfer photos and videos from any phone to any PC/Mac.
  • Transfer photos between 6000+ mobile devices.
  • Back up Samsung to a computer for free.

Steps to Transfer Photos from Samsung to Mac via MobileTrans:

  1. First, install MobileTrans.
  2. Connect your Samsung phone to the Mac using a USB cable. Then click Phone Transfer > Export to Computer.

click phone transfer

  1. Click "Photos" and select the pictures you wish to transfer from Samsung to Mac.
  2. Click on the "Export" option at the bottom to begin the photo transfer process.

photo transfer process


  • This data transfer method requires no internet connection.
  • It is fast and does not affect data quality.


  • You need to install this tool first.

Method 2: How To Transfer Photos From Samsung to Mac via Android File Transfer

While MobileTrans helps quickly transfer photos from Samsung to Mac, you can also use Android File Transfer. To use this transferring method, all you need is a working USB cable. It's a safe application that you can use without any worry.

Transfer Photos from Samsung to Mac via Android File Transfer:

  1. Install this app on your Mac. Then drag the installed file into "Application."
  2. Launch the app by clicking "Get Started."
  3. Next, connect your phone to the Mac.
  4. Look for the image file folders named "DCIM" or "Pictures" from your Samsung device on the Mac.
  5. Select the photos, then drag them to any of your preferred folders on the Mac.

transfer photos via android file transfer


  • Android File Transfer has impressive speed.
  • It supports macOS 10.7 and higher.
  • This app is developed by Google.


  • This application is not easy to use.
  • The app might get disconnected in between the file transfer process.

Method 3: How To Transfer Photos From Samsung to Macbook via Smart Switch

You can use Smart Switch, an application by Samsung to transfer photos or any data from one device to another.

Besides transferring data to a Samsung phone, Smart Switch allows you to back up your Samsung devices to a computer quickly. However, you can not view the photos on your Macbook.

Transfer Photos from Samsung to Mac via Smart Switch:

  1. Visit the website of Smart Switch and then look for the "Transfer Content" option.
  2. Get the application on your Mac by "Download for PC or Mac."
  3. Launch the program and carefully connect your phone to your Mac.
  4. You will see the "Backup" option on the Smart Switch's homepage. Back up your Samsung files on your Mac by clicking on this option.
  5. Smart Switch lets you change the location of the backup. Click on Settings > More > Preference.

transfer photos via smart switch


  • Smart Switch lets you back up all the photos from Samsung to Mac.
  • It has a secondary backup feature that helps you store your phone data on a different device.


  • You cannot view your photos.

Method 4: How To Transfer Pictures From Samsung to Mac via Google Drive

If you don't want to use any additional app or cable to transfer photos from Samsung to Mac, you can use Google Drive. The best thing about this method is that you can easily share photos between any device compatible with Wi-Fi.

You can use the additional cloud storage service of Google Drive to upload photos in no time easily. Plus, you can access Google Drive accounts directly from your Mac without any third-party app.

Transfer Photos from Samsung to Mac via Google Drive:

  1. To transfer photos to your Mac using Google Drive, you first need to open this app on your Samsung device.
  2. Then click the "+" sign to add the pictures you wish to transfer.
  3. Next, open Safari or any other browser on your Mac.
  4. Sign in to your Google Drive using the same Google account id.
  5. Download the pictures to your Mac.

transfer photos via google drive


  • Unlike other photo-transferring methods, Google Drive doesn't need to install any additional app.
  • It's a wireless photo transfer method.


  • This method is a bit complicated compared to other photo transfer methods.

Method 5: How To Import Photos From Samsung to Mac via Bluetooth

One of the easiest ways to transfer photos from Samsung to Mac is via Bluetooth. This wireless transferring technology does not require you to use any third-party application.

Transfer Photos from Samsung to Mac via Bluetooth:

  1. Turn on Bluetooth on your Mac from the menu bar.
  2. Go to System Preference > Sharing and tick the Bluetooth Sharing option. You can also select the desired location on your Mac for the transferred photos.

transfer photos via bluetooth

  1. Likewise, enable Bluetooth on your Samsung device to start the photo-transferring process.
  2. Pair both devices.
  3. Select the photos transferred from Samsung to Mac.
  4. Select Bluetooth as your preferred transfer method by tapping on the share option.
  5. Accept the transfer request on your Mac.


  • It's a wireless transfer method.
  • No additional app is required.


  • Transferring photos from Samsung to Mac via Bluetooth is time-consuming.

The Closing Thoughts

You can select any of the mentioned methods to transfer your photos from Samsung to Mac quickly. But we suggest giving Wondershare MobileTrans a try first. Along with photos, you can also transfer videos, music, and apps to your Macbook via MobileTrans.

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