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How to Recover Deleted WhatsApp Images on Samsung: 4 Tips and Tricks

Axel Nash

Written By Axel Nash |

You may have necessary photos and videos from family or office colleagues. If you accidentally deleted them or decided later that you needed them, you may get frustrated. It may become hell-of-a-pain to get them back by begging your contacts to share them again. How pitiful.

But luckily, there are various ways to recover your deleted WhatsApp media from Samsung phones, even if you deleted them permanently from mobile. Whether there are third-party apps or online backup, you can choose from various options.

If you want to know how to recover deleted WhatsApp images on Samsung, here are the four most popular methods that guarantee how to restore deleted photos from your gallery?

Part 1: Where are WhatsApp photos stored?

Whenever you download any media file from WhatsApp, it saves in a "WhatsApp" folder in your Samsung mobile's internal storage. This folder is further sub-categorizes into three different folders, Profile Pictures, Media, and Database.  

The Database folder is where all your contact information, status, and backup info is stored. The media folder contains all the media obtained from WhatsApp, and the Profile Picture folder is where all your profile pictures are downloaded and stored. If you find it empty, it is because you never downloaded any profile pictures from WhatsApp.

Ok, ready to find out four ways how to recover deleted WhatsApp images from Samsung? Let us dive in.

Part 2: Methods to recover WhatsApp messages from Samsung mobile

Method 1: Restore media by uninstalling and reinstalling WhatsApp (Common solution)

WhatsApp is the world's most widely used messaging app having over 1.4 billion users worldwide. To facilitate their users, WhatsApp developed a great feature on how to restore deleted photos from gallery.

It is the most common method to restore images from Samsung Galaxy WhatsApp, where your data is stored temporarily for seven days (backup at daily 4 am). If you lost your media within this time frame, you get it back by uninstalling and reinstalling WhatsApp.

uninstall whatsapp

Here's how you can recover your media by this solution:

  • Step1: Open Play Store to find WhatsApp.
  • Step2: Play Store tells it already installed WhatsApp. 
  • Step3: Tap the Uninstall button and wait for a complete uninstallation.
  • Step4: Now re-launch Play Store.
  • Step5: Search for WhatsApp and click install.
  • Step6: Follow instructions by verifying your phone number, etc.
  • Step7: Before taking you to the main screen, WhatsApp detects backup and asks you to retrieve all files and images.
  • Step8: Click the Restore button and get your files back on your Samsung mobile phone.

Method 2: Recover deleted WhatsApp images by MobileTrans

MobileTrans - Backup & Restore is the most popular third-party software. Why? It is easy to use and trustworthy. You can store and restore your lost or deleted WhatsApp data with simple steps.

This great tool saves all your WhatsApp data like messages, photos, videos, and attachments, so you never miss anything. Along with WhatsApp, it also supports other popular messaging apps like WeChat, Viber, LINE, and many more. 

Here is how to securely backup and restore your WhatsApp images anytime you want:

  • Step1: Open MobileTrans on the computer and click the "Backup & Restore" option. Here MobiTrans offers you four various types of data you can backup.

backup home

  • Step2: Connect your Samsung mobile phone to your computer. Go to the "Backup and Restore" modul and select "Deleted WhtasApp Data Restore" Option.

connect pc to phone

  • Step3: Now hit the Start button. You will notice a prompt screen appearing where you now need to start the backup process from your Samsung mobile.
  • Step4 Go to WhatsApp Settings, Chats, Chats Backup, and backup the data to Samsung's local storage. Do not disconnect your Samsung mobile untill the whole backup is done.

backup whatsapp

  • Step5: Now locate your backup record on the software and click to restore the data to your phone. Keep your phone connected untill the restoring is completed.

retrieve whatsapp message

Method 3: Restore your WhatsApp images on Samsung mobile by Google Drive

It is another easy method how to recover deleted messages from WhatsApp, including media files. Yes, Google drive is also one of the available backup storage options.

By default, all Android requires a Gmail address to give you access to Play Store and use the phone. So your Gmail account automatically stores all your contacts and images, provided you synchronized your gallery to your Gmail address.

uninstall whatsapp

Here is how you can recover deleted WhatsApp images on your Samsung mobile:

  • Step1: Open WhatsApp.
  • Step2: Click on the Menu key.
  • Step3: Head to the Settings and click the Chats option.
  • Step4: Now press the Chat Backup and tick on the "include videos" option and click to backup to Google Drive.
  • Step5: Decide how frequently you want to backup your data.
  • Step6: Choose the Gmail account and start the backup.

Method 4: Recover your WhatsApp images by asking the contacts

It truly is the hard way, but at least it also gets the job done to some extent. Those who sent you images may have a backup on their phone. If you ask them, they may give it to you. But if they do not, apply one of the above methods to retrieve your WhatsApp images on your Samsung mobile.


Even if you deleted your WhatsApp images from your phone, you do not need to panic. Restoring your photos is just a few simple steps away. There are various methods to get your images back. 

Free tools in the market boast that they will recover your lost images. But, they either fail to recover many photos or give poor quality results. So it is highly recommended to only use paid tools like MobileTrans. The results delivered by the purchased version of this software are worth the price.

If you do not want to purchase any software, you can still get your images back by either uninstalling and reinstalling WhatsApp or restoring via Google Drive. It will save you much time as well as cost.

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