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How to Retrieve Blocked Messages on WhatsApp

Axel Nash

Written By Axel Nash |

If you are annoyed by contact on WhatsApp, the easiest fix is to block them out. But sometimes, we are curious to see what messages our to-be-blocked contact has sent you. But first, let's understand if it's possible to retrieve blocked messages on WhatsApp.

Yes, it is possible if you seek solutions to retrieve blocked messages on WhatsApp. And luckily, you have reached the best place. This post will tell you the best and easiest fixes to help you retrieve your messages.

So, without wasting a second, give this post to get answers to your questions.

retrieve blocked messages on whatsapp

Is It Possible to Retrieve Blocked Messages on WhatsApp?

Retrieving blocked messages on WhatsApp is possible, but their methods will vary. First, do check if you have any messages archived or not. If you do not have your messages archived, you will have to enable WhatsApp's backup feature to retain the messages. After turning it on, you can delete and reinstall WhatsApp.

But what if you have a blocked contact? You will not receive any new messages from the person in the first place, but you will have the previous messages. However, all the messages will be deleted if you report and block the person. You will only have the messages back via a backup file.

How to Retrieve Blocked Messages on WhatsApp via Archived Chats

You can painlessly retrieve your blocked WhatsApp messages if you only have the chats archived. This is one of the easiest ways to retrieve your blocked messages.

Using this method blocks message notifications. Furthermore, you can view all messages from Archive and retain them without using a third-party tool or creating a backup.

Works On: iPhone and Android

Steps for Retrieving Blocked Messages on WhatsApp via Archived Chats:

  1. After you open WhatsApp, you will find the Archive option at the top. Hit on Archived and choose the contact.

hit on the archive

  1. You will find the option to Unarchive the chat. Then, hit on the icon to send it back to the regular chat list.

tap on unarchive icon

  1. Right after you do this, you will receive all the blocked message notifications without an issue.

How to Retrieve Blocked WhatsApp Messages on Android

If you are willing to retrieve the reported and blocked messages on your WhatsApp, you can do it pretty easily using the backup file. But, here is a condition, the chat must have been backed up before you have reported and blocked the individual.

Retrieve Blocked WhatsApp Messages on Android via Google Backup

Google Drive Backup is the primary way to help you back up your messages. When you do not have a chat history with the blocked individual, you can try to restore messages on WhatsApp if you have backed up your data earlier.

Here is an easy outline. Do follow along:

  1. Uninstall WhatsApp and install it again.
  2. After installing, follow the on-screen instructions and verify your account.
  3. After confirming, when prompted to restore your messages, do it.

setting up whatsapp

Retrieve Blocked WhatsApp Messages on Android via Local Backup

Another way of retrieving your blocked messages on WhatsApp is via Local Backup. Besides Google Drive backup, WhatsApp also creates a regular backup stored in your phone's internal storage.

Steps for Retrieving Blocked WhatsApp Messages via Local Backup Files:

  1. Open your File Manager here: Internal Storage/WhatsApp/Databases.
  2. Choose the backup file you have recently created and change its name to msgstore.db.crypt12.

file manager internal storage

  1. When done, uninstall WhatsApp from your phone and install it again.
  2. After installation, open it, verify your account, and tap on Restore when prompted.

setup whatsapp

How To Retrieve Blocked Messages on WhatsApp on iPhone

Unlike Android, iPhone only allows backing up WhatsApp data to iCloud. So, if you need to recover the report and block chat in WhatsApp, you can only count on iCloud Backup.

  1. You must Delete WhatsApp from your iPhone and install it again from the App Store.
  2. Now, complete your verification procedures and log into your account.

setup whatsapp

  1. Now, simply tap on Restore Chat History.

restore whatsapp messages from icloud

  1. It will take some time; wait until the restoration of messages is complete.

Retrieve Blocked Messages on WhatsApp by Asking a Friend

Did any of the tricks mentioned above work for you? If not, here is what you can try. This can be a bit embarrassing and pretty awkward too. Try manually texting the person and asking them to resend the messages.
If you wish to have the whole conversation, you can request the person select all the messages and forward them to you. However, this can not work if you two are not in touch.

Bonus: Retrieve Deleted WhatsApp Messages on Android

At this stage, we are sure you already know how to retrieve blocked messages on WhatsApp. We will not just stop here. We will introduce another solution below to help recover deleted WhatsApp chats on Android.

MobileTrans is one of the best file transfer tools. With it, you can have a free backup of your WhatsApp data and move your WhatsApp between Android and iPhone. Moreover, it can even help you locate and get back deleted messages.

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The Closing Thoughts

So, how to retrieve blocked messages on WhatsApp? It is not that difficult after all. Choose the suitable methods mentioned above to get the job done. Furthermore, MobileTrans is reliable when retrieving deleted WhatsApp messages on your Android phone.

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