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How to Fix it if WhatsApp Notifications are not Working

Axel Nash

Written By Axel Nash |

When it comes to popular IM and social apps, WhatsApp is one of the most trusted options. Nevertheless, there are times when users encounter issues using the app like not getting WhatsApp notifications. Ideally, if your WhatsApp notifications are not working, then you can easily fix the issue since it is not a critical error. In this post, I’m going to make you familiar with some smart tips to fix WhatsApp notifications not working on Android/iPhone problem.

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Part 1: Solution for WhatsApp Notifications not working on Android

If you use an Android device and your WhatsApp gives no notifications even after receiving texts or calls, then you can try the following solutions. Make sure that your WhatsApp does not have a Wi-Fi issue first.

Fix 1: Check WhatsApp data usage restrictions

On Android devices, we can set restrictions on certain apps to use limited data. If you have restricted WhatsApp, then it can tamper with some of its add-on features like notifications. To fix WhatsApp notifications not working on Android, go to its Settings > Apps > WhatsApp > Data Usage and disable any background data limitations on the app.


Fix 2: Reset App Preferences on your Android

Another reason for not getting WhatsApp notifications could be related to the saved preferences on your phone. Thankfully, you can easily fix this by resetting the app preferences on your device.

Unlock your Android and go to its Settings > Apps and tap on the More Option icon on the top. From here, you can just choose to reset all app preferences on your Android phone.


Fix 3: Log out of WhatsApp Web

In case you are already logged-in on the WhatsApp web, then you won’t get notifications on your phone at first. Therefore, if you are not getting WhatsApp notifications on your phone, then make sure you log out of other devices.

To fix WhatsApp notifications not working on Android, launch the app, and go to the “WhatsApp Web” settings from its home. Here, you can select the option to log out from all the other linked devices and can just restart the app.


Fix 4: Enable WhatsApp permissions

Just like every other app, WhatsApp would also need some permission to send notifications on your phone. In case the WhatsApp notifications are not working on Android, then you can go to its Settings > App Permissions or Settings > Apps > WhatsApp. From here, you can view the needed permissions given to WhatsApp and make sure the “notifications” and “sound” access is enabled.


Fix 5: Keep WiFi on during Sleep

Android devices often enter a “sleep” mode if the phone is not used for a while. Therefore, you should make sure that the phone’s WiFi would keep working in sleep mode if you are not getting WhatsApp notifications. To fix WhatsApp no notifications issue, go to its Settings > WiFi > WiFi Preferences and enable the “Keep WiFi on during sleep” option.


Part 2: Solution for WhatsApp Notifications not Working on iPhone

Just like Android devices, you might encounter the WhatsApp notifications not working on iPhone problem as well. If you are not getting WhatsApp notifications on your iOS device, then you can try these suggestions.

Fix 1: Check Notification Settings

Before you take any drastic measures, make sure that you check the notification settings on your device. Just unlock your iPhone and go to its Settings > Notifications and enable the preferred options. Besides that, you can also launch WhatsApp and go to its Settings > Notifications to turn it on.


Fix 2: Unmute WhatsApp Notifications

You might already know that WhatsApp lets us mute notifications for certain users and groups as well. Therefore, if you have muted a contact or a group, then you won’t get any notification for their messages.

To fix the WhatsApp notifications not working on iPhone, go to the contact or the group and visit its more options. From here, you can just disable the “Mute” feature to get notifications for WhatsApp.


Fix 3: Log out of other devices

Chances are that your WhatsApp account could be logged-in on any other device (like on the WhatsApp web). This is one of the major reasons for not getting WhatsApp notifications on iPhone. To fix this, you can launch WhatsApp and go to its More Options from the top. Visit the WhatsApp Web feature now and choose to log out from all the other devices.


Fix 4: Restart your iPhone

There could be a minor glitch on your iPhone, causing the WhatsApp notifications not working error. Therefore, you can just restart your phone by pressing its Power or the Volume Up/Down and the Side keys. As the Power slider would appear, you can swipe it, and choose to turn off your iPhone. After that, you can wait for a while and press the Power button again to turn it on.


Fix 5: Reset all Settings on iPhone

Lastly, there could be something wrong with your phone’s settings for not getting WhatsApp notifications. You can restore your device’s default options by visiting its Settings > General > Reset. Now, choose to reset all settings and enter your phone’s passcode to confirm your choice. This will make your iPhone restart with its default settings and might fix the WhatsApp no notifications error.


Part 3: Use WaLastseen to Follow Your Friends' WhatsApp Status

WaLastseen is an app to help users track their WhatsApp contacts online and offline status. With WaLastseen, you can follow the online activities of your loved ones on WhatsApp and WhatsApp Business. And you can also receive the real-time notification as soon as possible. With it, you do have to worry about WhatsApp Notifications not Working.

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Part 3: Useful Tip to Avoid Data Loss in case of WhatsApp Bug

WhatsApp users already know how important it is to maintain a backup of their data. Since WhatsApp doesn’t let us back up our data to our computers, you can use MobileTrans – WhatsApp Transfer. It is a smart and user-friendly application to backup and restore our WhatsApp data.

  • • You can directly take a complete backup of your WhatsApp data to your computer with a single click.
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  • • If you want, you can also use the application to restore your WhatsApp backup to any device of your choice.

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That’s a wrap, everyone! After reading this guide, you can easily fix the WhatsApp notifications not working on Android or iPhone. If you are not getting WhatsApp notifications, then you can try the above-listed methods to fix it. Apart from that, you can also use a resourceful tool like MobileTrans – WhatsApp Transfer to backup and restore your app data without any trouble.

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