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How To Transfer Phone Data To Xiaomi 11/12

Axel Nash

Written By Axel Nash |

Have you got a new Xiaomi 11/12 phone?

If yes, then the first thing that may come into your mind is how you to transfer data to Xiaomi from old phone. There are different ways to move or transfer all your messages, contacts, music, video, photos, and more from old phone to new Xiaomi Phone. In this article, we will provide you with different solutions that can help you with easy data transfer process.

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Solution 1- Mi Mover For Transfer Data to Xiaomi 11/12

Mi Mover is data transfer software that is specially developed by Xiaomi for its users. This software can transfer all your contacts, photos, music, video, messages, and other files from old Xiaomi phone to new Xiaomi devices.

mi mover

The best part is that Mi Mover is very simple to use. You just have to pair the app with any of your old devices and need to scan the QR code to initiate the transfer process.

This app supports the connection speed of up to 6MB, which makes the whole process of moving files very fast and simple. Moreover, when you start the transfer process, your new Xiaomi Phone will also act as a Wi-Fi hotspot.

Now, let us find out the process of using the Mi Mover app to transfer the files from your old phone to your new Xiaomi Phone.

Step 1: First of all, you have to install the Mi Mover app on your device. For this, you can go to the Mi App Store and download it on your old Xiaomi phone as well as the new Xiaomi Phone.

download mi mover

You can also go to the setting option of your device and then click on the additional settings, and finally to the Mi Mover option.

mi mover option

Step 2: Then, you have to launch the Mi Mover app on both devices.

Step 3: On the old device, you have to tap on “I am sender”, and on your Xiaomi Phone, tap on “I am a receiver”.

select the model

Step 4: On the sending device, you need to scan the QR code that is appeared on the screen of your Xiaomi Phone.

QR code

Step 5: Now, you have to select all the apps and other data you want to transfer to your Xiaomi phone; when you finished the data selection process, tap on the "Send" button on the sender's phone to transfer it.

tap the send button

Step 6: When the transfer process gets complete, tap on "Finish" on both devices.

It is so simple to transfer photos to Xiaomi or to transfer data to Xiaomi devices.

Drawback of Mi Mover

Mi Mover only transfer the data from your old Xiaomi phone to your new Xiaomi phone. Also, with this app you are not able to transfer the selected data. This is one of the main drawbacks that you may face while using Mi Mover.

Moreover, if you interrupt the data transfer process, you need to start the whole procedure again.

Solution 2- Use MobileTrans - Phone Transfer

If your old phone is iPhone or Samsung, then you need a tool that can transfer data from iPhone to Xiaomi or any other old devices. This is where MobileTrans - Phone Transfer comes handy. Wondershare specially designed this tool to transfer data between all types of phones with ease.

use mobiletrans

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When using Mobile Trans, you can easily transfer the selected data from any Android or iOS device to Xiaomi in one click.

Moreover, all the data that you move to your Xiaomi 1will get transfer safely without deleting the original data.

Why Choose MobileTrans- Phone Transfer

When you want to transfer data to Xiaomi, MobileTrans - Phone Transfer is one of the best and safest solution. Using this tool, you can easily transfer your old files to any of the new devices. It is the most appropriate way to move data due to the following reasons:

  • • One-click to transfer data - It allows you to transfer up to 18 types of data files in one click. You can transfer contacts, messages, photos, music, notes, apps, and more from one phone to other with ease.
  • • Transfer as per your requirement - If you want to transfer only selective data rather than the whole, you can easily select what you want to transfer.
  • • Guarantee of data protection - When you use this tool, only the user has the right to access the data on their devices.
  • • Do not over write the original data - In some of the cases, apps need your target device to be a new one without setting up. In simple terms, you can say that you have to erase the data from your device permanently. But if you want to avoid this situation, use MobileTrans - Phone Transfer.
  • • Fast speed - As compared to the other data transferring apps MobileTrans offers you to move all the data to your new device quickly.

Let's learn the detailed steps to use MobileTrans on your computer:

Step 1- After downloading and installing the app, launch it to view available options. Then click on the "Phone Transfer" option.

mobiletrans home 1

Step 2- Now, you can plug both devices that are your old phone and Xiaomi, into the computer. Then you have to grant the necessary permissions on both devices to ensure that they are accessible via computer.

Step 3- Then, both the devices will appear as 'Source' and 'Destination.' The device through which you will transfer the files is known as the source, and the ultimate phone is Xiaomi 11/12, in which you are moving all the data is known as a destination.

phone transfer ios to android 1

You can also click on the 'Flip' option if you want to swap the source and destination phones.

Step 4- Finally, click on the 'Start' option to start the process. With only one click, you are able to transfer your whole data to your Xiaomi safely.

Please note that you do not disconnect any of the devices during the transfer process. After this, you are able to access each and every data on your new Xiaomi Phone.

Solution 3- Transfer Data from Old Phone to Xiaomi 11/12 via Bluetooth

Bluetooth is a wireless technology that allows users to transfer data or files between two devices. If you are interested in wireless data transfer from your old phone to Xiaomi, you can use the in-built Bluetooth feature.

When you choose to use Bluetooth, you can save yourself from the hassle of downloading any third-party app.

But, this method is appropriate only for those users who want to transfer only limited data. As, with this you can’t transfer heavy files. Also, if you want to transfer data from iPhone to new Xiaomi or android device, this method will not work.

3.1 Steps to Transfer Data Via Bluetooth

You can follow the given below steps to transfer data from your old phone to Xiaomi via Bluetooth.

Step 1: To start the process, firstly go to the Setting option of your device and then enable Bluetooth on both phones. Keep both the devices close and let your Xiaomi phone appear on your old phone from which you are transferring the data.

start the process

Step 2: When your Xiaomi phone appears on the other device, select it and then pair both the devices.

Step 3: When both the devices get connected successfully, you can start the transfer process. For example, if you want to transfer videos, go to the gallery of your old phone and select the video. Further, you have to tap on the Send icon.

use bluetooth

3.2- Drawbacks of Using Bluetooth

When you use Bluetooth to transfer files, there are some drawbacks to using it. Given below are the points that can help you to understand it in a better way.

  • • Slow Speed - In general, the transmission rate of Bluetooth is 25Mbps, which is very slow as compared to the other data transferring devices. Moreover, you cannot compare it with Wi-Fi as it offers faster transfer rates. Therefore, it is not an ideal option for transferring large files or data like audios, videos, and other major files.
  • • Cost Lots of Time - As the speed of transferring data through Bluetooth is very slow so, it requires lots of time to send files. Further, it is not possible to send large files through Bluetooth.
  • • Transfer Only Limited Data - When you use Bluetooth to transfer files, you can transfer only limited data at one time. You cannot transfer all the data at a time, so its usage gets automatically diminished.
  • • Poor Security - Every network technology provides you with some security built in it to stop hackers from accessing your private data without your permission. Moreover, the security of Bluetooth is weak as compared to Wi-Fi and other wireless options. A determined hacker can easily have access to your wireless device with the help of a Bluetooth connection and can use your personal data.
  • • Drain the Battery of Your Phone - Even though Bluetooth is an energy-efficient technology, still it will slowly drain the battery of your phones. When you enable the Bluetooth in your device, it will continually scan for the nearby available signals. As a result, the battery of your phone drains quickly.


In this article, we have discussed three ways that you can use to transfer data to Xiaomi. But the most appropriate option that you can use is MobileTrans- Phone Transfer. It allows to move data from any old device to new Xiaomi 11 oder Xiaomi 12. Also, it causes no harm to security of your phone and data as well.

Moreover, using this tool, you can also send the selective data rather than sending whole data, which is required in other cases. Try it once!

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