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Top 5 Mi PC Suite Alternatives to Manage your Xiaomi Phone

Written By Axel Nash |

“I want to transfer photos from my Mi phone to my PC, but the Mi PC Suite is not working properly. What are some other alternatives to the Xiaomi PC Suite that I can use?”

If you have a similar query about finding alternatives to PC suite by Xiaomi, then you have come to the right place. To make it easier for users to manage their phones and the stored data, the company has a freely available Mi PC Suite. Though, there are times when the PC suite by Xiaomi cannot meet the overall requirements of its users. Thankfully, there are some reliable alternatives to Mi PC Suite that you can use on your Windows or Mac easily. In this post, I’m going to discuss five of these Xiaomi PC Suite alternatives in detail.

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Part 1: What is Mi PC Suite and What are its Features?

The Mi PC Suite is a dedicated and freely available Windows application that Xiaomi develops. It provides advanced features to transfer our data between our Xiaomi phones and Windows systems or sync our devices. The Mi PC Suite 3.0 and 2.20 are the two most popular versions of the tool. Currently, the Mi PC Suite for Mac is not available, but users can download it on their leading Windows versions for free by visiting its website.

  • • Users can back up their photos, contacts, documents, messages, etc. on their PC using the MIUI PC suite.
  • • There is also a provision to select an existing backup and restore its data to your Xiaomi phone.
  • • The Redmi PC Suite can also sync your device to your computer to automatically transfer your data.
  • • There is an inbuilt File Manager to access the stored content and the directory of the device’s internal storage.


  • • The application also lets us access our photos, videos, contacts, messages, notes, etc. separately as well.
  • • It can also help you upgrade or downgrade your Xiaomi phone


  • • Limited features
  • • Lack of data preview
  • • Difficult to operate
  • • Not available for Mac

Runs on: Windows

Download here:

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Part 2: Top 5 Mi PC Suite Alternatives

Since the Mi PC Suite has so many limitations, you can consider using either of these applications instead.

1. MobileTrans

MobileTrans is an ultimate alternative to Mi PC Suite that would meet every smartphone data management requirement of yours. Using it, you can move your data between your Xiaomi phone and your PC (Windows/Mac). Furthermore, you can also backup and restore your social app data as well.

  • • It provides quick one-click backup and restore solutions to move your data between your system and smartphone.
  • • You can store your photos, videos, call logs, contacts, music, documents, messages, etc. on your system and restore it to the same or another device at the time of need.
  • • Additionally, the application will also let you directly transfer your data from one smartphone to another.
  • • There are additional features to backup and restore data of popular social apps as well like WhatsApp, Kik, WeChat, LINE, and Viber.


  • • Smart one-click data transfer solution
  • • Can also transfer WhatsApp data from one phone to another
  • • Also compatible with 6000+ smartphone models (apart from Xiaomi)


  • • Only free trial version available

Runs on: Windows and Mac

Download here:

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2. dr.fone - Phone Manager (Android)

This product from the dr.fone toolkit is another smart alternative to Mi PC suite for Mac or Windows that will save your time and efforts. There are all kinds of features provided in the application that will help you transfer and manage your Xiaomi phone’s data.

  • • There are different tabs for photos, videos, music, etc. for us to preview and selectively transfer our files.
  • • You can move data between your Xiaomi phone and system as well as from one smartphone to another.
  • • It includes a powerful file manager to help you explore the storage of your device.


  • • Users can also rebuild iTunes data without using iTunes
  • • Manage your apps, contacts, messages, and more seamlessly


  • • No one-click backup solution

Runs on: Windows and Mac

Download here:

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3. TunesGo Phone Manager

TunesGo by Wondershare is another user-friendly phone manager that you can use on your Mac or Windows instead of PC Suite by Xiaomi. It provides an all-in-one backup, restore, import, export, and transfer solutions.

  • • Users can preview their data (like photos or videos) and select what they wish to move to their system.
  • • You can also import data from your system and transfer it to your Xiaomi device.
  • • One-click solution to backup your photos from your smartphone to the PC


  • • Also provides direct phone to phone transfer solution
  • • Supports every major Android phone (including Xiaomi)


  • • Only free trial version provided

Runs on: Windows and Mac

Download here:

rebuild itunes library with android

4. Google Drive

If you have limited requirements and only wish to save your data on the cloud, then why not try Google Drive. Since all the major Android devices are already connected to a Google account, you can use this Xiaomi PC Suite alternative for free.

  • • By default, every Google account user gets 15 GB of free space on Google Drive (can later be upgraded).
  • • You can easily upload all kinds of files on the Drive and access them whenever you want.
  • • Since your data would be saved on the Drive, you can improve its availability, and don’t have to worry about losing it.


  • • Cloud-based storage
  • • Easy sharing of files over the Drive


  • • Takes a lot of time and effort
  • • Only 15 GB of free space is available for free

Available on: Android, Windows, and Web

Download here:

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5. AirDroid

Ideally, AirDroid is a solution to mirror your phone on the system. Though, it can also be used as an alternative to Mi PC Suite for Mac/Windows due to its file transfer features.

  • • You can easily transfer data between your system and Xiaomi phone using its file manager.
  • • There are features to mirror your smartphone screen on the system and access its options easily.
  • • Users can get all the major notifications for messages, calls, etc. on their system’s screen.


  • • Also available on web
  • • Can remotely control your smartphone


  • • Restricted data transfer limit for the free version

Runs on: iOS, Android, Windows, Mac, and Web

Download here:

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That’s a wrap, everyone! I’m sure that after going through this guide, you would be able to pick an ideal Mi PC Suite alternative. I have been using MobileTrans for a while now as it provides so many features to manage our data. You can backup your Xiaomi phone to your system with just a single click and can also restore your data. Apart from that, you can also manage your social app’s data and transfer your files directly from one phone to another. Feel free to explore these Xiaomi PC Suite alternatives and never worry about losing your smartphone data again!

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