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How to Use Google Photos Instead of iCloud on Your iPhone?

Axel Nash

Written By Axel Nash |

Is your iCloud storage full? Have you started using Google Photos yet?

How can you use Google Photos instead of iCloud?

We have only 5 GB of storage of iCloud, and that means once we fill up that storage, our data is on our iPhone, which is also going to fill up someday. For this reason, many users wish to start using Google Photos in place of iCloud.

So, if you are also asking can I use Google Photos instead of iCloud, then we have an answer for you. In this article, we have discussed everything you need to know about how to use Google Photos instead of iCloud.

use google photos instead of icloud

Part 1: How to Use Google Photos Instead of iCloud?

On your iPhone, you have an option to use 5 GB of iCloud storage which is available to everyone. However, this storage always fills up too fast and this is the reason many people try to use Google Photos instead of iCloud. Although Google Photos also has limited storage of 15 GB only, it is much more than what iCloud has to offer. So, why not use it?

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Tip: If you are already using Google Photos, you might want to know how to stop Google Photos backup.

1. Set up Google Photos on iPhone

To set up Google Photos, you need to download the app on your phone and sign in with your account.

Here’s the process to do it:

  1. Download the Google Photos app on your phone.
  2. Open the app and create an account if you don’t have it.
  3. If you have an account, then you can sign in using an existing account.

set up google photos

For users who already have Google Accounts signed in on their iPhone, they don’t need to add login credentials.

These steps will set up Google Photos for you and now you can use Google Photos instead of iCloud. After you change from iCloud to Google Photos, it's recommended to unsubscribe to iCloud storage plans. Otherwise, it will still charge you automatically.

2. Move iCloud Photos to Google Photos

If you have filled space on iCloud and your iPhone also doesn’t have any storage left, you can move photos from iCloud to Google Photos.

Here are steps to achieve that:

  1. Visit the apple privacy website and sign in using your Apple ID.
  2. Select the option to Transfer a copy of your data.
  3. After this, follow different requests and complete them.

At one point, you need to sign in to your Google Account and this will allow transferring data to Google Photos.

Once the transfer starts, you will get an email notification. Another notification will come when the transfer completes.

Remember that if you decide to cancel the transfer between the process and some media has already been transferred, then the data on Google Photos remain there and rest on your iCloud.

It is possible to check the status on your account page.

3. Toggle off iCloud Photos

It is necessary to remove iCloud sync so that you can stop transferring data to iCloud. You only need this data on one cloud, there’s no need to fill up space on both clouds.

Here’s the process to toggle off iCloud photos, so that you can use Google Photos instead of iCloud:

  1. From iPhone Settings, click on your name. This will give you options and you need to visit iCloud for the same.

go to icloud on iphone

  1. Under iCloud, there are options to backup data. Scroll to Photos.

icloud photos

  1. You need to toggle this button. This will disable the sync of iCloud Photos and you can’t use your shared albums anymore.

icloud photos

Following this, your photos would be stored on iCloud anymore. You can move to the next step and automatically start backing up photos to Google Photos.

4. Automatically Backup to Google Photos

Can I use Google Photos instead of iCloud?

You can set up an automatic backup to Google Photos. We have explained the steps for the same below:

  1. On the app, click on the three-lined icon and visit Settings.

sync with google photos

  1. Under the Settings of Google Photos, you will find Back up & sync. If your iPhone is already backing up data to Google Photos, it will tell you backing up to …

sync with google photos

  1. If not, then you need to click on this icon and it will take you to the Backup & sync Under this, you need to enable Back up & sync.

sync with google photos

You can also select if you wish to backup your iPhone on cellular or only on WiFi or both.

After you enable this feature, Google Photos will start backing up photos automatically. It is possible to disable this option once you have backed up data. You can toggle it at your convenience.

Part 2: Transfer iPhone Photos to Computer to Free up iCloud Space

Even when you have the option to use iCloud and Google Photos both, it is necessary to understand that both the storage may fill up one day. Of course, you get 5 GB in iCloud, which fills up really quickly, and 15 GB in Google Photos, which also fills up eventually.

So, what do you do?

You can simply backup photos to your computer and keep data safe. The storage won’t fill up and you will have enough space on iCloud and iPhone for other things.

MobileTrans is the tool that you can use to transfer photos from iCloud, Google Photos, and iPhone to the computer. This tool helps you transfer, backup, and restore data without any hassle.

MobileTrans - Transfer between Phone & Computer

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Check how you can start using MobileTrans:

Step 1: Download MobileTrans and Connect your iPhone

Download the tool on your computer and install it. Open the software and go to Phone Transfer.

After this, select Export to Computer.

export iphone photos to computer

Now, connect your iPhone to your computer to start transferring data.

Step 2: Select Files to Import

You will see data on your iPhone on the next screen. It will look like this:

export iphone photos to computer

From options, you can select just Photos or more data on your device.

Step 3: Export Data

Once you click Export, data will start transferring to the computer. You need to wait for a while so that photos can move to the computer.

export iphone photos to computer

Now that your iPhone photos are transferred to your PC now, you can delete photos on iCloud to free up space. And unlike cloud service, photos on your computer would be much safer. Try MobileTrans now.


You can use Google Photos instead of iCloud without any hassle. You only need to follow the steps we have discussed above. If you run out of storage with Google photos as well, in that case, transfer data to the computer using MobileTrans. Explore more about MobileTrans on our website.

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