6 Methods to Fix Move to iOS Not Connecting

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Move to iOS can transfer calendar, photos, messages, videos, contacts, etc. in a few simple steps. But if you’re here reading this article you most probably are facing issues with the app, either the Move to iOS not connecting or Move to iOS could not communicate with the device. For example, you find that "move to ios" does not work with oneplus 6.

An important thing to remember, your iPhone should not already be set up. If you’ve already set up your iPhone, then you’ll have to perform a manual transfer of all the data files from Android to iPhone. Do a factory data reset on the iPhone to get the option of transfer data from Android.

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Fix 1: Make sure your Wi-Fi is turned on

The Wi-Fi connectivity can cause a problem as the Move to iOS app relies on the private network connection to transfer data resulting in the “Move to iOS cannot connect” problem.

When you select the option of migrating your data from Android, the iPhone creates a private Wi-Fi network. So, make sure that you disconnect your Android device to any Wi-Fi connection and forget all current Wi-Fi networks. This will make the Android ready to connect with any new Wi-Fi network. The iPhone will search for nearby Android device running the Move to iOS app and generate a security code. Once you enter the security code on Android it will begin transferring the content you have selected on to the new iPhone.

connect to iphone wifi

Also, if there is an application that you think might interrupt with Wi-Fi network connection, like VPS apps, etc. uninstall them all before proceeding with the Move to iOS.

Fix 2: Check if your cellular data is turned off

This method only uses a private Wi-Fi network connection so turn off the cellular data so it may not interrupt the functioning of the app.

Switch off the Smart Network Switch option on Android as it may hinder the proper connection with iPhone. To turn it off follow the steps.

  1. Open the Settings and then go to “Connections”
  2. In Connections go to “More Networks” and then “Mobile Networks”
  3. Disable “Connections Optimizer” option here
  4. Now head to Wi-Fi settings and disable “Smart Network Switch” if you find the option in your mobile
  5. Reconnect the Wi-Fi and try the Move to iOS again

turn off cellular data

Fix 3: Turn on Airplane mode

Switch on airplane mode on both your Android and iPhone devices so the device’s network connectivity may not cause any unforeseen problem. It will prevent your smartphone from turning on a mobile or any other network connection available in the vicinity. After the data transfer completes you can always disable Airplane mode.

  1. On iPhone swipe up to open the Control Center and press the Airplane or flight mode icon to turn it on.
  2. On Android swipe down the notification tray to view all the shortcuts, in there you’ll find the Airplane mode option enable it.
  3. Now turn on the Wi-Fi while the Airplane is still turned on so that both the devices can communicate and transfer content on a private Wi-Fi network.

turnon airplane mode

Fix 4: Check the compatibility of your devices

Much like any other app on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store the mobile device should have some minimum requirements to be compatible with the app’s current version. The Move to iOS app supports mobile phones and tablets running Android 4.0 and above while the app can transfer data to devices operating iOS 9 or higher. Both the devices need to be plugged into power to maintain consistent power supply during the transfer. To confirm the operating system version on both Android and iPhone, do the following,

  1. On iPhone head to the Settings and then General and finally go to About menu. Here you’ll find the installed software version.
  2. While on your Android device also go to Settings and then to About menu item found usually at the bottom of the settings.

check compatibility

Now if both the device’s software versions are compatible with the Move to iOS app, you’re good to go.

Fix 5: Restart your device

It may seem a little too obvious while troubleshooting any mobile issue, Move to iOS stuck on connecting to the iPhone might be resolved by restarting both the devices. A simple reboot can remove any cached error or bug in the mobile devices and give way to a successful data transfer from Android to iPhone.

  1. On Android press and hold the Power button once the power menu appears to tap the “Restart” button and the device will automatically restart.
  2. While on iPhone hold down the Power button on the power menu “slide to power off” and then manually start the device again.

restart device

Fix 6: Use Move to iOS alternative: MobileTrans – Phone Transfer

The Move to iOS is a fairly simple app facilitating the transfer from an old Android user to a new beginning with iOS devices. But dare I say, if you’re still unable to transfer your data using Move to iOS app then we are back to square one. As the saying goes when one door closes, another opens, and you don’t need to worry as I’ll be presenting a perfectly designed and professional product that will certainly do the job.

Wondershare MobileTrans – Phone Transfer is an amazing software tool aiding millions of users every day in resolving their issues with virtually any mobile operating system, from Android to iOS and Windows. The tool is proficient and skilled in transferring any type of data from one mobile phone to another.

The streamlined and user-friendly interface can save your time and do everything in a few mouse clicks. This professional tool allows you to transfer photos, contacts, music, videos, and any other type of file from Android to iPhone, or iPhone to iPhone, iPhone to Android, Android to Windows phone, and all the other probable combinations.

To overcome your Move to iOS could not connect to device issue and successfully transfer data from Android to iPhone, follow the steps,

  1. Download and install the MobileTrans – Phone Transfer tool on your PC either Mac or Windows as the tool is compatible with both.
  2. You’ll be presented with an elegantly designed interface offering numerous professional options on the tool window.
  3. mobiletrans home 01

  4. Choose the “Phone Transfer” mode to transfer your data from one device to another. This function works with any device combination such as Android to iPhone, iPhone to Windows, iPhone to Android, etc.
  5. Connect both Android and iPhone to your computer system via a USB cable. The tool automatically detects the connected devices and presents them to you on the window.
  6. phone transfer android to ios 01

  7. You can Flip or switch the place of the connected devices. Making sure the source and destination are at the place you want them to be.
  8. On the same screen, you can select the type of files that you need to transfer from one iPhone to another iPhone. All the transferrable files are highlighted in blue and can be selected. Select the video files that you want to transfer.
  9. phone transfer android to ios 02

  10. Here you can also choose the files you want to share or simply select the type of file and all the files related to that category will be transferred. All the transferable data files are in blue and can be opted for transfer while the files with red color and an exclamation sign can’t be transferred. Select any or all of the files that you intend to transfer and tap the “Start” button. Don’t disconnect the devices until the transfer completes.
  11. phone transfer android to ios 04


With these 6 methods, anyone should be able to resolve the issues surrounding the Move to iOS app. The app is an easy method to transfer data from Android to iPhone but if it’s not working for you, I highly recommend the other option I presented in the piece. The MobileTrans – Phone Transfer is an outstanding and perfectly designed toolset providing a straightforward and user-friendly interface to shift from Android to iPhone with all your accumulated data in just a few clicks.

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