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How to Transfer Music from iPod to iPod with or without iTunes

Axel Nash

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The trendy collections of iPod are really cool in the online depot of the digital market. Every product has its own unique and challenging functionalities. The latest versions of the iPod bring innovation in the entertainment field. The evolving iPod models have awesome built-in programs and allow you to get connected with various activities like games, books, music etc. The new iPod Touch is a seventh-generation gadget with A10 fusion chip. This model suits well to listen to music and play games. The impressive audio tracks in iPod with clear bass notes kill your day. The vocal effects are overwhelming. The iPod Touch supports Hi-Res Audio codec Flac enables you to access audiophile-quality music.

After exploring your recent iPod purchase, the next step is to transfer data from your old iPod to your new iPod. Now, learn how to transfer music from iPod to iPod?

Part 1: How to transfer music from iPod to iPod without iTunes

As you all know the traditional method to transfer music from iPod to iPod using iTunes but do you have any idea in employing a third party program to establish this transfer task. MobileTrans - Phone Transfer simplifies the data transfer process between gadgets. You can complete a lossless data transfer effortlessly when you get connected with this tool.

Explore the dazzling built-in features of MobileTrans

  • • Performs well between cross-platform
  • • Excellent working environment
  • • Systematic backup and restore options for apps
  • • Quick transfer of data despite its size
  • • Compatible to all file formats and carry out the transfer process without any interruptions
  • • Few clicks are sufficient to move bulk data between the electronic devices.

Procedure to trigger music files transfer from iPod to iPod

Step 1: Connect with MobileTrans

Download the MobileTrans app from its official website and install it in your PC. While downloading the tool, you must look for appropriate OS version which suits your needs accordingly. Tap MobileTrans icon from your desktop shortcut and figure out the right option to trigger the transfer process. Here, you must hit the 'Transfer' button from Phone Transfer feature.

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Step 2: Mount the iPods

Now, connect your old iPod at the source and new iPod in the destination using the USB cable. Plugin at the right ports in your PC to avoid confusions. Check out the proper location of the gadgets in the MobileTrans screen, if you find any changes then resolve by tapping 'flip' option. You must tick the checkboxes beside the data like contacts, calendar, music, videos etc and press ' Start' button.

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Step 3: Quick transfer

The data transfer completes within a few minutes and you must wait patiently until the process ends. During the transfer take care of the connected cables because any interruptions in the gadget connection lead to data loss. Open your new iPod and explore your favourite tracks in the playlist. Enjoy the sounds with the innovations of iPod Touch.

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Part 2: How to transfer music from iPod to iPod with iTunes

It is a traditional method while handling data transfer between iOS gadgets. The only disadvantage of this method is that it is a time-consuming process.

Download the latest version of iTunes in your PC and then follow the below steps

Step 1: Launch iTunes

You must connect your old iPod with your PC using USB cable and launch the iTunes program. The iTunes will recognise your iPod automatically and now you can add music tracks by tapping 'File –Add Files to Library'. This option assists you to add the soundtracks one by one. If you want to move bulk data into the iTunes library then select the next option 'Add Folders to Library' from the 'File' menu.


Step 2: Sync the music files

To synchronise the music files with the iOS gadgets then select 'Music' from the left panel of the displayed list and check-in 'Sync Music' option in the right panel. Here, you can either synchronise the entire library in the iTunes or synchronise the selected audio files by choosing the radio buttons below the Sync Music option.


Now, you can access the updated music files from the iTunes platform on any iOS gadgets easily. Unlock your new iPod and access the latest tracks from the iTunes.


A perfect conclusion fulfils the article with a better thought on the above content. You had a quick tour on how to transfer music from iPod to iPod.

Here, you gained a better knowledge in employing an effective third party application MobileTrans to complete the data transfer process successfully. Now, you can select the best method for the data transfer between iOS gadgets with or without using iTunes.

Many professionals from various fields make use of MobileTrans to deal with data transfer from one device to another. This technique overruns the traditional method of using iTunes. It is the right time to decide which method to adopt to satisfy your frequent data transfer between iOS mobiles.

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