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3 Methods to Transfer Data from LG to Samsung S20

Axel Nash

Written By Axel Nash |

With the announcement of the new Samsung Galaxy S20, people are more likely to upgrade their outmoded and dilapidated LG phones with the innovative Samsung S20. But when changing gears from LG to Samsung you need to know how to easily and securely transfer your precious data accumulated over the years without any prior technical knowledge. Here we’ll give an account of several methods for you to effortlessly and securely transfer your data from LG to Samsung S20.

Transfer data from LG to Samsung S20 with one click

MobileTrans is an amazing tool by Wondershare, designed to simplify a rather difficult and complex process of transferring data between any two smartphones. In 2020 there are so many new options in the market that every other person is upgrading their existing smartphone to enjoy the advanced technological breakthroughs. Here I’ve explained how to use MobileTrans in a comprehensive and precise manner to let you utilize the advanced features of this incredible piece of software.

The idea of upgrading to a gleaming new smartphone is so appealing that people more often than not forget to take all things into consideration such as their accumulated data on the phone and the security risks associated with changing a crucial digital base i.e. the smartphone. MobileTrans helps you keep all the things together and transfer all your data to the new smartphone without any intricate knowledge of computers or mobile phones and also keeping yourself secure from any type of phishing through your old smartphone.


  • • Transfer data from Android, iPhone, or Windows phone to any other mobile device or computer system without losing any data.
  • • Supports 6000+ devices.
  • • Supports the transfer of photos, videos, contacts, messages, and all the other file types.
  • • You can even a restore backup from one phone to another or to your computer system.
  • • Compatible with all the latest mobile phone operating systems such as iOS 13, Android 10 and Windows 10 mobile. As well as, with computer systems like Mac OS, Windows 10.

Step 1: Download the MobileTrans – Phone Transfer software onto your Windows or Mac OS machine and install the package.

Step 2: Once installed, open the MobileTrans tool and select the ‘Phone Transfer’ feature on the screen.

mobiletrans home 01

Step 3: Connect both your mobile phones with the computer system. Once the smartphones are connected, the tool will automatically recognize them and show their operating system, name and model number on the screen. You can select the source that in our case is an LG phone and a destination, which is Samsung Galaxy S20 using the ‘Flip’ button in the middle of the screen.

phone transfer ios to android 01

On the screen, you’ll be shown all the transferable data from LG to Samsung such as contacts, messages, bookmarks, voice messages, photos, music, and videos.

Step 4: You can either select everything to transfer from LG to Samsung or select the specific type of files to be transferred such as videos, or music. Once selected click the “Start” button. You’ll be warned not to disconnect the phones during the transfer process. Your data is on the way to your new device.

If you want to erase everything from the destination phone before transferring the data onto it, select the “Clear data before copy” option just below the target phone image.

phone transfer ios to android 02

The transfer time will depend on the amount of data, though the tool is pretty fast and transfers data efficiently within minutes. It’s that easy and quick to transfer all your data from LG to Samsung with the powerhouse tool MobileTrans.

Transfer data from LG to Samsung S20 with Smart Switch

You’ve got the brand-new Samsung Galaxy S20 with its magnificence but what’s not so majestic is the missing contacts, videos, photos, you had collected on your old device. Well, you don’t need to worry because Samsung Smart Switch lets you transfer all your data seamlessly from the old phone to your new Galaxy phone. That said, you can transfer from Android, iOS, Windows, or even Blackberry devices.

Step 1: If you don’t have the app preinstalled on your smartphone, ensure the Samsung Smart Switch app is installed on both the devices. In our case, Galaxy S20 has the app preinstalled and you’ll need to install it on LG smartphone. If prompted, agree to the Privacy Policy and Terms of Service. Then press the “Let’s go” button.

transfer data from lg to samsung S20 4

Step 2: On the LG side when you install the Smart Switch app, you’ll have two options to transfer your data either via wired or wireless. We’ll go with the wireless method.

transfer data from lg to samsung S20 5

When you press the wireless button, your device will start looking for nearby Smart Switch devices.

transfer data from lg to samsung S20 6

Step 3: Now open Smart Switch on your new Samsung Galaxy S20 and connect your devices. On the new device press ‘Yes’ when prompted to connect the two devices.

Step 4: Select what you need to transfer to the new Samsung S20, and press the ‘Send’ button. The content transfer is finished in two phases, basic content in the first, and larger files are transferred in the second phase. If you select to send ‘Apps’, only a list of your installed apps is transferred, you’ll still have to download the apps on your new Galaxy S20.

transfer data from lg to samsung S20 7

Step 5: The last step in the transferring is tapping the ‘Receive’ button on your brand-new Samsung Galaxy S20 to start the transfer process.

transfer data from lg to samsung S20 8

The transfer will be completed soon, and you’re all done. Samsung has fine-tuned and simplified the process of transferring data to any of its new devices. The process is almost similar if you want to use the wired transfer option offered by the app. You just have to select the wired option and connect both the devices using a cable connection.

Transfer data from LG to Samsung S20 via Google Drive

Google Drive is a cloud storage solution offered by the company for its users to connect their everyday use apps and data to the cloud and have access to the data everywhere and at every time. The app is available on every smartphone as well as a computer system and just requires an email onto which you can connect and share your private data to be accessed at a later time. Here I’ll explain how to use Google Drive on your Android device and share your personal data onto the cloud and then download it on your new S20 device.

Step 1: On your LG device install or if pre-installed as is the case with most of the modern Android devices, open the Drive application.

Step 2: Open the “Menu” from the upper-left corner of the app and then go to “Settings”.

transfer data from lg to samsung S20 9

Step 3: Under the “Auto backup for apps” click on the “Backup and reset” option. Now we’re in the “Backup” section and here we need to make sure that the toggle button “Back up to Google Drive” is turned on. If not make sure to press the toggle button for setting the backup process.

transfer data from lg to samsung S20 10

Step 4: Here you can also see the “Account” section, where you can choose your backup account onto which you want your smartphone data synced. You can add a new account or choose from the already connected accounts.

transfer data from lg to samsung S20 11

Step 5: To sync your photos onto the Google Drive, you’ll see a “Photos & videos” heading here. Press on the “Google Photos” and you’ll be taken to the Google Photos app “Back up & sync” settings. Here make sure you enable the toggle button for “Back up & sync” and select the same account for backing up your photos and videos.

transfer data from lg to samsung S20 12

That’s all. We are done setting up the Google Drive for sharing our data onto the cloud drive. As soon as the mobile is connected to a Wi-Fi connection the sync will start and upload all your data to the cloud. Once the data is on the cloud you can connect your pristine Samsung Galaxy S20 to the same Google Drive account and download all your data onto the new device and you’re good to go.

Compare 3 methods Pros and Cons

The problem that most people often face when transitioning to a new smartphone device is the personal data associated and accumulated on that older device. We just discussed three possible solutions for transferring data from an old LG mobile to the new Galaxy S20. Now we’ll ponder on each of their advantages and disadvantages in our scenario.

Wondershare MobileTrans is by far the most advanced and easy to use process if you want to transfer your data from a shabby and old LG smartphone to a brand-new Galaxy S20. The tool offers everything you’d need to perform the transfer easily and supports almost all the file formats, from call logs, contacts, videos, audios, and everything else across any mobile operating system. In addition, this wonderful tool is capable of backing up your smartphone data onto your computer, should you ever need to restore. Where this software lag is that you’ll not be able to utilize its advanced features before purchasing the full version which is not much costly though.

The Samsung Smart Switch app only lets you share data with a Samsung device and though you’ll be able to transfer data from devices like LG, Huawei, etc. but will only be able to receive on a Samsung device. Which in our case worked perfectly but may not work if you have bought a smartphone from another vendor like Apple, Nokia, etc. This tool offers wired or wireless transfer of data between devices so that’s a plus point of application.

Google Drive, on the other hand, is a cloud-based solution for the problem at hand. Which can pose a potential threat as well as requires a high bandwidth of internet connection. If you are using a cellular network, you can’t even consider this option as the data amassed on the old smartphone over the years can be in gigabytes and will cost a lot of money. While on the security front if in any case, an intruder gets hold of your account’s password, he might be able to steal your personal information and even your bank account information.

To transfer your personal data to Galaxy S20 using Google Drive, you’ll first need to configure settings and upload all your data onto the Google cloud. Likely wait for the huge amounts of data to be uploaded onto the public cloud servers and then configure the same account on the newly purchased Samsung Galaxy S20 and then wait for the whole data to be downloaded. This method, out of the three mentioned is the most time and resource consuming, that’s why I’ve put it at the last.

All in all, the Wondershare MobileTrans outperforms both the other methods of transferring data from LG to Samsung S20 smartphone and doesn’t require any technical knowledge whatsoever and can be performed by anyone and everyone easily.

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