How to Restore iPod Touch -Top 2 Ways to Restore iPod

If you have iPod Touch, you will likely need to restore it from several backup files through the use of “Restore from Backup” feature. The popular ways of doing this with the use of iTunes and most iPod Touch users normally restore the backup files with the help of iTunes. So, you can easily learn how to restore ipod through itunes when you check online. But, what if you do not want to restore the backup files with iTunes? In that case, this post is dedicated to provide you the information on how to restore ipod touch without itunes.

Part 1. How to Restore Music from iPod Touch without iTunes in 1 Click

Do you want to restore ipod touch without itunes? You can equally restore backup files on your iOS and Android device from iTunes with MobileTrans. The steps and process you need to follow to make this possible is quite simple. Wondershare MobileTrans is the software designed with capability to restore iPod device from several backup files. It has “Restores from Backup” feature making it easy for users to carry out the action without stress. WithMobileTrans, you can restore your device from backup like iTunes backup, iCloud Backup, BlackBerry backup, Kies Backup OneDrive backup and lots more. Follow the steps below to restore your iPod Touch from backup.

Step 1. Launch WonderShare MobileTrans

Since you want to restore your iPod music, you have to firstly connect the iPod Touch to your computer.

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Step 2. Select iTunes to Restore Backup File

The first thing you need to do in order to restore music to your iPod Touch fromng iTunes, click “Restore from Backups”. From the provided options in the device primary window choose iTunes.

How to Restore iPod touch-Restore from Backups

Step 3. Restore Music to iPod Touch

From the displayed list, confirm file type music or other files, which you want to restore to the device. All the things you want get can easily get gotten here. Then click "Start Transfer" button. In the entire process, ensure you connect your device. This is to make sure that you get successful and smooth data transfer.

How to Restore iPod touch-Start Transfer

Part 2. How to Restore iPod Touch from Backup with iTunes

There is another way to restore ipod touch, which is to restore its backup by iTunes. If you sunc the iPod touch before, then you may restore it from backups by iTunes. What you need to do is to connect your iPod touch to computer and open iTune. When the iTunes launches, click on "Restore" button. Remember to login your iTunes account. Then iTunes will show the backup lists of iPod Touch. When you complete the restoration, your files or music will transfer to ipod touch.

How to Restore iPod touch-itunes


You can see how easy it is to restore iPod Touch from iTunes, iCloud, BlackBerry backup with MobileTrans. The most exciting thing here is that you can easily carry the restores using WonderShare MobileTrans without even passing through stress. The software is easy and straightforward to use. That is the reason why anyone can make use of it to restore iPods Touch and other iOS devices. More so, you learn how to restore disabled ipod through the content of this site.

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