2 Ways to Transfer Music to Galaxy Note 7

How do you transfer music to Galaxy Note 7? You may consider it as a silly question, because it's can't be easier to transfer music on your computer to it with a USB cable. However, sometimes thing may go against your will. What if you have no USB cable at hand? Or what if your favorite music is only on your old phone, like iPhone 4? In cases like these, what can you do to complete the music transfer? In this article, I'd like to share you some tips on transfer music from computer, iTunes, iDevice, Nokia or old Android phone to Galaxy S7.

Part 1: Transfer music from computer to Galaxy Note 7

As I mentioned above, when you get a USB cable, you can transfer music from the computer to Samsung Galaxy S7 without a hitch. Connect the phone to the computer. After detected, the external hard disk of your Galaxy Note 7 appears. Go and open the disk and choose a folder to save the music. Then, copy and paste your favorite songs to the folder.

What can you do when the USB cable isn't available? At this moment, an Android manager will provide help. Here is a good one named the Wondershare TunesGo Android Transfer. It can not only transfer music from computer, iTunes and Android phone to Galaxy Note 7 with or without a USB cable, but let you transfer iTunes music to Galaxy Note 7. The following guidance will show you the easy steps about the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 music transfer.

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1. Transfer music from iTunes to Galaxy Note 7

On the bottom line, click "Import itunes Music". Check the playlists you want and click "OK" to import them.

samsung galaxy note 7 music transfer

2. Transfer music to Note 7 from computer

To import music from computer, you can click "Music" in the left column. In the music window on the right, click the triangle under "Add" > "Add File" / "Add Folder" to import music to your Galaxy Note 7.

transfer music to samsung galaxy note 7

Note: You can also use TunesGo for Android to transfer music from an Android phone to Galaxy Note 7. Connect the other Android phone to the TunesGo Android Transfer. Then, in the Android phone category, click Music to show its management window. Then, transfer music to Galaxy Note 7.

Part 2: Transfer music from a phone or tablet to Galaxy Note 7

To transfer music from a phone running iOS, Symian or Android, I highly recommend you a program – the MobileTrans Phone Transfer. Only one click, all music will be transferred to your Galaxy Note 7.

MobileTrans Phone Transfer

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  • Support Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge/S7/S6 Edge/S6/S5/S4/S3 and Samsung Galaxy Note 5/Note 4, etc.
  • Fully compatible with Windows 10 or Mac 10.11
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Steps to transfer music to Galaxy Note 7 by MobileTrans

Step 1. Connect your Galaxy Note 7 and the other device to computer

Connect the two phones to the computer via USB cables. After detected, you'll see them in the primary window. Only keep music ticked. If you delete all the current music on your Samsung Galaxy Note 7 for only saving those from the other phone, you can tick "Clear data before copy".

select device mode

Step 2. Transfer music to Samsung Galaxy Note 7 from a phone/tablet

Click "Start Transfer". Then, the music transfer begins. Be sure the two devices are connected during the whole course.

That's all about how to transfer music to Galaxy Note 7. Now, find the way you want and do the music transfer now.

transfer music to Samsung Galaxy Note 7

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