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WhatsApp Business vs WhatsApp: What are the Differences?

Axel Nash

Written By Axel Nash |

“I’m not sure if I should use WhatsApp Business or keep using the personal app. Can someone tell me what are the main differences between WhatsApp and WhatsApp Business?”

Just like this, we get a lot of queries from our readers these days who would like to compare WhatsApp Business vs WhatsApp. Ever since WhatsApp Business is released, some small business owners and entrepreneurs have been confused about it. To help you clear your mind, I have come up with this detailed guide on WhatsApp vs WhatsApp Business. Read on and get to know which version of WhatsApp is right for you!

whatsapp business vs whatsapp 1

WhatsApp WhatsApp Business
Profile Personal profile (basic details) Company profile (product details)
Quick Reply No Yes
Chat Labels No Yes
Automatic Reply No Yes
Multilanguage Yes Yes
Free Yes Yes
Web WhatsApp Yes Yes
Availability Android/iOS Android/iOS
Recommended for Personal use Small and medium business communication

WhatsApp vs WhatsApp Business: What You Need to Know

The above-listed table can only provide differences between WhatsApp and WhatsApp Business at a glance. Though, both these apps have a lot of similarities and differences. Let’s quickly compare these parameters to continue our WhatsApp vs WhatsApp Business guide.

WhatsApp and WhatsApp Business Similarities

Ideally, both WhatsApp and WhatsApp Business are owned by the same company and look pretty similar at first glance.

  • • You can use them to chat with your contacts, exchange media files, include stickers, share documents, and so on.
  • • Apart from that, both apps can be linked to WhatsApp Web so that you can access them on your computer.
  • • Since the user interface of both WhatsApp and WhatsApp Business is pretty similar, you won’t face any trouble accessing their features.
  • • They can be linked to an iCloud or Google Drive account to backup and restore your data as well.

The Differences between WhatsApp and WhatsApp Business

After using WhatsApp Business, you will encounter some of these exclusive features in the app that are presently not available in WhatsApp.

    • Create Business Profile

One of the main things that distinguish WhatsApp Business vs Personal is the creation of a business profile. Unlike a standard profile, it will include details for your business, contact information, and you can even have a catalog of your products/services here.

whatsapp business vs whatsapp 2

    • Automatic Greeting Message

You can go to the settings of your WhatsApp Business app to set automatic greeting messages. Whenever anyone would text you something to your WhatsApp Business account, they will get the greeting text that you can set accordingly.

whatsapp business vs whatsapp 3

    • Unavailability Message

If you are going away and can’t get in touch with your customers, then you can also set messages for the same. Just go to the “Away message” feature on WhatsApp Business, turn it on, and set the automatic messages that your customers will receive during your unavailability.

whatsapp business vs whatsapp 4

    • Advanced Search Filters

This is another feature that makes WhatsApp vs WhatsApp Business so different. There are several advanced search filters in the Business app that you can’t find in the standard app. Using them, you can search for group texts, unread messages, broadcast messages, or chats under a certain label.

whatsapp business vs whatsapp 5

    • Short Link Sharing

In WhatsApp, we first need to save the number in our contacts to chat with the user. To avoid this, WhatsApp Business has come up with a short link feature. You can use to create a short link for your Business account and share it with someone. The other user can just tap on the link and start chatting with you without saving your number.

whatsapp business vs whatsapp 6

    • Quick Replies

Sometimes, users have to type the same messages again to different customers. To save your time, WhatsApp Business has come up with a Quick Replies feature. You can go to its settings to set quick replies to various commonly asked queries. While chatting, you just need to enter “/” (forward slash) and select the saved quick replies to pick from.

whatsapp business vs whatsapp 7

    • Chat Labels

The last prominent WhatsApp Business vs WhatsApp difference is the chat label feature. You can assign different labels for each chat and even allocate them in various colors. This will help you track your orders, generate leads, and keep your WhatsApp Business account organized.

whatsapp business vs whatsapp 8

Not Sure? Keep Both the Apps!

One of the best things about WhatsApp and WhatsApp Business is that these apps are not mutually exclusive. You can keep both the apps on your device without any hassle. Mostly, people keep WhatsApp for personal use and WhatsApp Business for their professional work. You can easily distinguish them on your phone as they have different app icons.

whatsapp business vs whatsapp 9

You just need to have a dual SIM for this so that you can link these apps to different numbers respectively. Alternatively, you can also use a landline number to create your WhatsApp Business account.

Bonus: A Must-have Tool for WhatsApp and WhatsApp Business

By now, you would be able to differentiate WhatsApp Business vs WhatsApp personal app. Though, there are times when users end up losing their important WhatsApp chats or can’t transfer them from one phone to another. To easily manage your WhatsApp and WhatsApp Business data, you can use MobileTrans – WhatsApp Transfer. It provides a one-stop solution to backup, restore, and transfer your WhatsApp data without any hassle.

transfer messages whatsapp


There you go! Now when you know the differences between WhatsApp and WhatsApp Business, you can easily choose the right app for you. To make things easier for you, I have compared WhatsApp Business vs Personal on the basis of different parameters. Though, you can always keep both the apps on your phone to separate work from your personal life. Also, if you wish to backup, restore, and transfer your WhatsApp/WhatsApp Business data, then you can just take the assistance of MobileTrans - WhatsApp Transfer.

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