How to Restore WhatsApp Business Backup on iPhone or Android

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“I have taken a backup of my WhatsApp Business account a while back and now I wish to restore it. Can someone tell me how to restore WhatsApp business backup to my phone?”

To make it easier for small businesses to communicate with their customers, WhatsApp has come up with a dedicated Business app. Though, there are times when we switch devices, we wish to restore WhatsApp Business chat. After all, the backup can have important details about your leads that you might not wish to lose. Don’t worry – I’m here to help you perform WhatsApp Business restore in three different ways.

Part 1: Restore WhatsApp Business Chat from iCloud to iPhone

If you have an iPhone, then chances are that you could have taken the backup of your WhatsApp Business app on iCloud. By default, Apple provides 5 GB of free space on iCloud that we can utilize as per our needs. If you have connected your WhatsApp Business to your iCloud, then you can easily take its backup. Though, to restore WhatsApp Business chat from it, make sure you meet these prerequisites:

  • • Your iPhone should be linked to the same iCloud account where your backup is saved.
  • • While setting up WhatsApp, enter the same phone number that was used to back up your chats.

Once you have met these prerequisites, just follow these steps to learn how to restore WhatsApp Business backup.

  1. Firstly, reinstall WhatsApp on your iPhone if you are already using it and launch it. While performing its setup, enter the same phone number where the backup is stored. The number should be active on your iPhone presently.
  2. After verifying the number with a unique code, the application will automatically detect the presence of a backup file. To get this option, your iPhone should be linked to the same iCloud account in advance.
  3. Now, just tap on the “Restore Chat History” button and wait for a while as the WhatsApp Business restore is completed. Try to maintain a stable internet connection and don’t close the WhatsApp Business app in between.

restore whatsapp business backup 2

Tip: Backup your WhatsApp Business Data

You can only restore WhatsApp Business chat if you have a prior backup saved. To backup your data, just go to your WhatsApp Business account Settings > Chat Settings > Chat Backup and link your iCloud. Now, tap on the “Back Up Now” button to save your chats on iCloud.

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Note: What if your messages have been deleted? No worries. We have a guide on how to read deleted WhatsApp Business messages. Click to learn more.

Part 2: Restore WhatsApp Business Backup from Google Drive to Android

Just like iPhone, Android users can also backup their WhatsApp Business Data to their linked Google Drive account. Since WhatsApp backup doesn’t accumulate any space on Drive storage anymore, it lets us save our chats easily. Just like restoring an iCloud backup, this method will have the same requirements.

  • • The Android phone should be linked to the same Google Drive account where your backup is saved.
  • • You must link your WhatsApp to the same phone number that you used to backup your data.

To learn how to restore WhatsApp Business backup to an Android using Google Drive, follow these steps:

  1. Just launch WhatsApp on your Android and perform its initial setup. If you are using it on your device already, then you need to reinstall WhatsApp.
  2. Now, enter your phone number that was used on your device before and confirm it by verifying the one-time generated code.
  3. If your Android is connected to the internet and linked to the same Google account, then it will detect the presence of an existing backup. Just tap on the “Restore” button and wait as it will extract and perform WhatsApp Business restore.

restore whatsapp business backup 4

Tip: Backup WhatsApp to Google Drive

To ensure you have the availability of your WhatsApp data, consider taking its backup regularly. For this, you can go to your WhatsApp Settings > Chats > Chat Backup and choose to take its immediate backup on Google Drive. There is also an option to enable automatic backup from here as well.

restore whatsapp business backup 5

Part 3: Restore WhatsApp Business Chat on Any iPhone or Android Like a Pro

One of the major limitations of the above-listed methods is that we can only backup and restore WhatsApp business chat between the same platform. To overcome this, you can take the assistance of MobileTrans – WhatsApp Transfer. The desktop application can help you back up your WhatsApp data to your computer. Later, you can select any backup file and restore it to your iPhone or Android without any compatibility issues.

Since it lets us restore the WhatsApp backup from an Android/iPhone to the same or any other Android/iPhone device, you can switch between different devices easily. To learn how to restore WhatsApp Business backup using MobileTrans, the following steps can be taken.

Step 1: Launch the WhatsApp Transfer tool

At first, just connect your Android or iOS device to your system and launch MobileTrans on it. Go to the "Backup&Restore" feature and choose the option "Backup app data", then click the "WhatsApp" to restore your WhatsApp backup.

backup whatsapp home

Step 2: Perform WhatsApp Business Restore

Once you choose to restore WhatsApp Business chat, the interface will list various backup files that are available. You can also note the details of the backup file and select an appropriate backup. Afterward, just click on the “Start” button and wait as the application will restore WhatsApp Business chat.

restore whatsapp android to ios

In the end, when the process is completed, you will be notified. You can now just safely remove your device and access the restored WhatsApp content on it.

restore whatsapp android to ios

Tip: Backup WhatsApp Business Data

In order to perform WhatsApp Business restore, it is important to have a backup saved on MobileTrans. To do that, you can just connect your iPhone/Android to the system, launch MobileTrans – WhatsApp Transfer, and click on the option to backup your data. Now, you can just follow a simple click-through process to backup your WhatsApp Business data to your computer.

backup whatsapp faq

There you go! After going through this guide, you would be able to restore WhatsApp Business chat data to your Android or iPhone. As you can see, I have listed 3 different techniques on how to restore WhatsApp Business backup to any device. Apart from iCloud and Google Drive, you can also take the assistance of MobileTrans – WhatsApp Transfer to restore your backup to any Android or iPhone with zero compatibility issues.

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