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How to Backup iPhone Contacts Step by Step

For any mobile users, it doesn't matter whether the phone is iPhone or Android. The most important thing is its contacts and the content. If lose them it will be a great loss for that user. You will lose all your connection and the last option will be using the recovery tool to recover back the data again. So to prevent this loss we have a better backup option available for backup iPhone contacts. Read the full article to know the different ways to prevent the loss of your contacts and backup iPhone contacts.

Part 1. How to backup iPhone Contacts to iCloud

To store the contacts safely is the first thing that all mobile users require. Nowadays, iOS users need not worry about backing up their device as you can backup iPhone contacts with iCloud. Once your backup has been taken then there is no any chance to lose your data after changing your iPhone to the latest one or if you have upgraded your operating system. There are several ways to take backup of your contacts. Here we will see how to backup iPhone contacts via iCloud.

Steps for how to backup iPhone contacts using iCloud

Step 1. Open the stock setting app on your iPhone and select the iCloud cell which is located in the fourth section of the setting menu.

How to backup iPhone contacts-iphone-contact-Step 1

Step 2. You’ll see a newly opened slide which shows the data that is saved to the iCloud service. From the listed items you have to select iPhone contacts, turn on the contact backup service.

How to backup iPhone contacts-iPhone-contacts-Step 2

Step 3. When you turn on the button, the message dialog box will pop up and ask you whether you want to merge your iPhone contacts. Simply click on "Merge".

How to backup iPhone contacts-iphone-contacts-Step 3

Note: If you are storing it for the first time then this message will not appear.

Step 4. Wait until the cloud service is turned on for your iPhone contacts.

Step 5. Finally, click on the refresh button and check out your contact list by clicking on the circular arrow.

Part 2. Best iPhone Contacts Backup - How to backup iPhone Contacts to PC/Mac

Backing up with other methods do consume more time but once you have started using MobileTrans - Backup for backup iPhone contacts then this tool will make sure you’ll complete your backup with using very less time and efforts. Have a look how it works.

Key Features:

  • Wondershare MobileTrans is one click software that is simple and uses click-through process.
  • It can move data between devices with different operating systems and can transfer the photos, text messages and many other files types.
  • It is very safe and reliable to use. It can only read information on your device and can fulfil the functions provided by MobileTrans.
  • This tool comes with zero hacks and zero data loss and can create a backup of your data on a third device.
  • Fully compatible with iOS 13 and Android 9.0

  • Try It Free Try It Free

    Steps for how to backup iPhone contacts

    Step 1. Download, install and run the MobileTrans

    How to backup iPhone contacts-download mobiletrans

    Step 2. Click on ‘Backup’. Connect your iPhone device to your PC using USB cables.

    How to backup iPhone contacts-connect phone

    Step 3. Check the list which you would like to take backup. After selecting the files, click on a ‘Start’ to begin the process.

    How to backup iPhone contacts-Start Transfer

    Simply you need to click on setting button to select the location where you want to store and backup your contacts. After selecting the folder, click on ‘OK’ button.

    Part 3. How to backup iPhone Contacts to another Phone – Android/iOS/WinPhone

    MobileTrans - Phone Transfer is a 1 click phone to phone transfer’s software and can permanently erase all the content from your old phone to protect your privacy to be leaked. This tool works very well for more than 5000+ phones including Android and many other models including iOS 13 devices. It comes with zero quality loss and risk-free, so it becomes very easy to use by millions of users. We highly recommend using this MobileTrans - Phone Transfer to back up your contacts. Here we will see how to backup iPhone contacts with using another device.

    Steps for backup iPhone contacts to other Android devices

    Step 1. Run and Open Wondershare MobileTrans and click on Phone to Phone Transfer

    Try It Free Try It Free

    Step 2. Connect your both devices iPhone and Android device to your computer using USB cables and make sure they are connected properly until the process is completed.

    How to backup iPhone contacts-phone to phone transfer

    Step 3. Select the contacts that you want to transfer by checking the box beside the file type.

    Note: If you want to clear the data, choose the clear data in the destination device and then you can transfer the contacts. You can erase the data using ‘clear data before copy’ box.

    Step 5. Click on the ‘Start’ to begin the transfer process and do keep both the devices correct until the process is completed.

    How to backup iPhone contacts-

    MobileTrans is software that will make your transition easy and hassle free. With this software not only you can transfer the contacts but also other files such as text messages, contacts, photos, call logs, videos and also music from one device to other using one click process.

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    staff Editor

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