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What to Do If the Device Fails to Connect to Wondershare Software

Now, more and more users are using Wondershare's products. we get the feedback that many devices sometimes fail to connect to Wondershare's software. There are some issues sometimes when Wondershare products not working to your PC, such as iPhone won't connect to PC or you need some iPhone driver, but don't worry because we have concluded some tips for you to solve it.

There are some tips for you to fix that:

1. Download the latest version of the program for reinstallation.

If Wondershare MobileTrans analysis failed or Wondershare Mobiletrans failed to connect, please download the latest program and check the tips below.

2. Reinsert your USB cable to connect the device.

3. Try to find the driver to install on the PC. Here is a link for you to find the right driver:

  1. iPhone/iPad/iPod:
  2. Samsung:
  3. Huawei:
  4. Xiaomi:
  5. LG:
  6. Google Pixel:
  7. Motorola:
  8. HTC:
  9. Sony:
  10. OnePlus:
  11. Vivo:
  12. Asus:
  13. Dell:
  14. Fujitsu:
  15. Fujitsu Toshiba:
  16. Garmin-Asus:
  17. HTC:
  18. Hisense:
  19. Intel:
  20. Kyocera:
  21. Lenovo:
  22. ZTE:
  23. Google Nexus:
Nicola Massimo

Nicola Massimo

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