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How to Export Samsung Calendar and Import to New Samsung?

There was a time when Calendars were only used to look up days. But now, calendars keep our weekly, monthly, and annual schedule making it easier for us to plan out things. But when a user switches from an old Samsung phone to a new phone, they often find it hard to transfer the calendar data. That’s why people often search the internet to look for answers. Fortunately, we are here to tell you how you can transfer the calendar from Samsung to Samsung without any trouble. In this guide, we will go through some plausible methods that can help you to export the Calendar for once and all.

Method 1: Export Samsung Calendar and Import to New One With One Click:

Without wasting any of your time, we are going to introduce you to the best transfer tool available in the market nowadays. It is MobileTrans that will help to ease up the move. As the name already suggests, the software is specifically designed to serve the users who need to transfer their device data to a new one. It will help you transfer the Calendar data with just one click.

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Here, we will tell you how to export the Samsung calendar with the help of MobileTrans. Just follow the step-by-step guide given below:

Step 1: Download and Run MobileTrans:

Just download the software from the official website and run it. As the home interface opens up, you have to choose the transfer mode. Click on the "Phone to Phone Transfer" mode and move forward.


Step 2: Connect Phone and Select Data:

Connect both of your Samsung devices to the system and specify the target and source device. You will see the supported data type in the middle of the screen. Just select the data that you actually want to transfer and leave the rest of them.


Step 3:: Transfer Calendar:

Finally, tap on the Start Transfer button and wait as the software finish the transfer. You will be able to see the progress o the screen.


The software will notify you when the transfer is complete and you can disconnect the phone with the system. Along with the calendar, you can also use MobileTrans for other types of files such as media files, contacts, messages, etc.

Method 2: Sync Samsung Calendar with Dedicated Samsung App:

The first thing that comes into the mind of Samsung users is to use the Samsung Smart Switch application. It is a dedicated app developed by Samsung itself so that the users don’t have to struggle when they are transferring files from one Samsung device to another.

The steps you need to follow to learn how to sync the Samsung calendar with another Samsung using the Smart Switch app are given below:

Step 1: Bring both the devices closer to each other and install the app on them. Once the app is installed, run the app and specify whether you want to use the USB cable mode or the Wireless mode.

Step 2: On the source device, select Wireless> Send > Connect. On the target device, you have to choose to "Receive" instead.


Step 3:: As both the devices are connected, select the data that you want to transfer and press the Send button. Touch Receive on the target device and the process will be initiated.


Wait for a while as the data is being transferred. The app will notify you that the process is complete and then you can exit the app.

Method 3: Transfer Calendar From Samsung To New Galaxy One Via Bluetooth:

With the help of Bluetooth, you can't exactly export the Samsung calendar, but you can share the calendar events with the other Samsung device. Still, it is useful if we only want to send some details to the new phone. The steps you have to follow are given below:

Step 1: Turn on Bluetooth and open the Calendar on the Source device. Press and hold the event that you want to share with the target device and click on the Share Calendar option.

Step 2: You will see the Bluetooth icon there. Select the icon and you will get a notification on the Target device to accept the file transfer.

Confirm the action and wait for a little while as the details are transferred into the target device.

Method 4: Use Google Backup To Transfer Calendar To New Phone:

All smartphone users already know how to share other data from one device to another using the Google Account. But you will be glad to know that you can use Google account to transfer the Samsung calendar to the new phone as well. Most people don’t even have the slightest idea that it is possible. The steps you need to follow are given below:

Step 1: On the source Samsung phone, open Settings, and access the Account & Sync option. Add your Google account and ensure that the Sync option is enabled.


Step 2: Open Calendar on your source phone and click on the "More" option. There you will see the Account settings. Add your Google account in the Calendar as well.

Step 3:: Now, on your target phone, run the calendar app and again set up the same Google account as in the source device. As the account login, you will be able to view the events of your calendar on the new phone.

To do this, don’t forget to enable the Sync option on both the devices. Sometimes, you might have to enable the feature manually.


As you can see, we learned lots of different methods to transfer calendar from Samsung to Samsung. But the final decision is entirely yours. If you want to make sure that the transfer is easy and simple, then you should opt-out for MobileTrans. Other methods are slightly complex and sometimes have issues, but MobileTrans will provide you 100% guarantee of successful transfer in the first attempt.

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