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Does Samsung S24 copy iPhone 15? Separate Facts from Fiction

Axel Nash
Axel Nash Originally published Nov 25, 23, updated Dec 15, 23

Apple and Samsung have been going at it for over 10 years in the battle for smartphone market supremacy. And every year, there are rumors that Samsung will copy a function from the flagship iPhone of that year. Those comments are reasonable because while iPhones hit the market around September, Samsung Galaxy arrives by January of the following year.

Producing a smartphone takes years of research and development, so, it may not be entirely correct to say that Samsung copies the latest iPhones. Yet, there are some clear examples that show it is the case. Does the Samsung S24 copy the iPhone? Let’s get into it.

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Does Samsung S24 copy iPhone 15?

Does Samsung S24 copy iPhone? Here are some similarities in both devices to help you answer the question.

Samsung S24 Copy the Titanium Body

This is perhaps the clearest sign that Samsung S24 will copy the iPhone. In what was an exciting move for iPhone lovers, Apple ditched the stainless steel body in favor of the Titanium body for the iPhone 15. That dropped the weight of iPhones from 206 grams for the iPhone 14 Pro to 187 grams for the iPhone 15 Pro, and 221 grams for the iPhone 15 Pro Max from 240 grams for the iPhone 14 Pro Max.

Strong rumors from the Korean blog The Elec suggest that the Galaxy S24 Ultra smartphone will also have a Titanium body, which will be the first time Samsung is using Titanium materials on its smartphone. So, they are copying Apple's move on that one.

 samsung and iphone

Samsung S24 Copy the Emergency SOS

Apple introduced Emergency SOS via satellite with the iPhone 14 range. Although the function was initially only for the United States market, it has spread to other parts of the world. Apple has also confirmed that the Emergency SOS service via satellite is also now available in Spain.

In a move that looks like copying the iPhone, the Samsung Galaxy S24 will come with a satellite vineyard emergency function. The new feature will work in the same way as that of Apple. The system will ask you some questions, then give you instructions to search for the satellite after which it sends the message that the authorities will receive.

Samsung S24 Copy the Flat Frame Design

Another reliable rumor from Ice Universe on X (Twitter) indicates that Samsung Galaxy S24 will have a flat frame design with rounded edges. Samsung Galaxy S23 and Galaxy S23+ models have flat backs with a slightly curved middle frame, but this will change with the S24. The new design will be similar to the iPhone 15 Pro. The bezel of the S24 will also be around 1.5mm which is close to the iPhone 15 Pro Max 1.55mm bezel.

 X post on S24 frame

Samsung S24 Copy the Camera

This is coming as a surprise to many but Samsung may replace the iconic 10x zoom with a 5x zoom. The 10x zoom has been a mainstay inSamsung flagship devices for 3 years. It will now be replaced by a 5x zoom similar to the iPhone. What could be the reason for this? Perhaps the Samsung S24 is copying the iPhone?

 samsung 20x zoom vs 5z zoom

Past Instances of Samsung Copying iPhone

The stories about Samsung copying Apple are not just rumors or social media talk. In 2011, Apple sued Samsung for copying their design in their Galaxy smartphones. The case ended in 2018 with the court demanding that Samsung pays $1 billion in damages. The amount was reduced in subsequent hearings.

You’ll find some clues here:

1. Charger: Before now, Samsung smartphones came with a USB charging brick that looked exactly like the one of iPhones.

 samsung and apple charging bricks

2. Voice recorder: The Samsung Galaxy II also had a voice recorder app that looked identical to the iPhone.

 Samsung and iphone voice recorder

3. Face ID icon: While you can forgive Samsung for the other cases, this looks more blatant than the others. In 2020, Samsung copied the iPhone Face ID icon at one of their public events in CES.

 image of iphone face id icon
 samsung copies iphone face id icon

4. Samsung One UI 5 Copied the iOS 16: Samsung introduced the "Mode" which is used for starting a sequence of actions. The iPhone already had that feature as "Focus" in iOS 16. Samsung also copied other features like live text, lock screen customization and widget stacks, which are all features on earlier iPhone.

 mode feature on samsung one ui 5

Expectations for Samsung S24

You can expect from the rumor that Samsung S24 will copy iPhone 15, but what do users think about the forthcoming S24 so far? Here is about the leaked image renders of the device.

  1. Good performance of Samsung S24.

    @/ZombieFrenchKisser stated, “I just ran one on my S23 ultra and got 2094 single core 5335 multi. This is a good generational leap”

     reddit discussion for S24

    Another user also focuses on the power of the smartphone. He believes the Samsung’s cores are closer to the A1 bionic chip found on the iPhone 15 Pro Max.

     reddit discussion for S24
  2. High storage of Samsung S24.

    @/Legion070Gaming sounds disappointed with the 8 GB coming on the basic S24.

     reddit discussion for S24
  3. No need to make changes as previous standards are powerful enough.

    @/Berkoudieu has a different perspective and just hopes they maintain the previous standards.

     reddit discussion for S24
  4. The chipset of Samsung S24.

    There are rumors that the Samsung S24 will have Snapdragon 3 in some countries, and Exynos in other countries.

    @/t3xh states, "Anyone who has seen the battery improvements on the s23 with Snapdragon will never vote Exynos". That's a big claim, but @/Alive_Importance_629 says “”Snapdragon all the way”.

     reddit discussion on S24
     reddit discussion on S24

    @/Xpolsionite gives a more measured response. He believes neither Snapdragon or Eynos are good enough and despite their superior smartphones, their processors are always sub-par.

     reddit discussion on S24

In all, most of the users are talking about the processor. They are more interested in the RAM and chipset. There are other issues like the new Titanium body which copies the iPhone 15 Pro Max, and 5x zoom. Most want a phone powerful enough for their daily tasks. Obviously, many users do not care whether the Samsung s24 copies iPhone 15 but the quality of the new phone.

How to Transfer Data to Samsung S24/iPhone 15?

Wondershare MobileTrans makes transferring more convenient as it allows data transfer from iOS to Android and vice versa. So, you can smoothly moves data from a Samsung to an iPhone 15 or from an iPhone to the new Galaxy S24. Let's take switching from iPhone to Samsung S24 as an example:

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Step 1: Install and open the MobileTrans app on your old iPhone and Samsung S24.

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choose 'Old Phone

Step 3: Choose the specific data (or all of them) you want to transfer from your iPhone to your Samsung S24. Afterward, tap on "Send".

choose data to transfer on mobiletrans

Step 4: Follow the on-screen instructions to establish a connection between the two phones and initiate the data transfer from your  your iPhone to Samsung S24.

mobiletrans transfer data from iphone to samsung s24


Does the Samsung S24 copy the iPhone? Based on rumored specifications, it seems the Samsung will be identical to the iPhone in terms of the zoom lens, Titanium body, flat frame design, and the emergency SOS feature.

Samsung has copied some features of the iPhone in the past, though they are still one of the biggest smartphone makers that come up with new features yearly. So, based on all this information, will you be buying the Samsung Galaxy S24 when it hits the market?

Axel Nash
Axel Nash Dec 15, 23
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