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An Ultimate Guide on How to Use Smart Switch

Developed by Samsung, Smart Switch is a dedicated tool that helps us manage our Samsung device and transfer data from any other iOS/Android phone to it. Although it cannot transfer from Samsung to iPhone, it is a great transfer tool to move data from Samsung to Samsung. To provide a holistic smartphone management experience for users, Samsung has made Smart Switch available as a mobile and desktop application.

Though, users often ask how to use Smart Switch to transfer their data or backup/restore their phone. If a similar query has brought you here, then you are going to get all your questions answered. In this ultimate guide on how to use Samsung Smart Switch, I will teach you how to use this application without any hassle.


Part 1: How to use Samsung Smart Switch on Desktop or Mobile

As stated previously, Smart Switch by Samsung is available for both mobile and desktop. While the Windows/Mac application helps us manage our data by taking its backup or restoring it, the mobile app is used to perform a phone-to-phone transfer. Here’s how to use Smart Switch on different devices.

How to Use Smart Switch on PC/Mac

The desktop application is majorly used to backup a Samsung device and restore an existing backup. Also, it can help you update your phone or sync it with Outlook/Mac Address Book. To learn how to use Smart Switch on PC, just follow these steps:

Step 1. Firstly, go to the official website of Smart Switch and download it on your Mac or Windows PC for free. Just run its installer to complete the setup as per your preferences.


Step 2. Once the application is installed, launch it on Mac/PC and connect your Samsung to it using a USB cable. It will automatically detect your device and would provide all kinds of options.


Step 3. To transfer data from your Samsung to PC, just click on the “Backup” button. This would take an extensive backup of your Samsung phone on the system.


Step 4. Similarly, you can click on the “Restore” button and retrieve the content of a previously saved backup to your Samsung.


Step 5. You can also go to the more backup options to manually restore an iTunes backup to your Samsung as well.


Besides that, you can also use Smart Switch on PC to update your phone or sync it with Outlook/Mac Address Book.

How to use Smart Switch to Transfer Data between Phones

If you have got a new Samsung phone, then you can take the assistance of Smart Switch to move your data from an old Android or iOS device. One of the best Samsung file transfer tools, it supports the transfer of data wirelessly or by using a USB cable. Ideally, you can transfer your media files, documents, contacts, messages, and some other data types this way. To learn how to use Smart Switch app, just follow these steps:

Step 1. Firstly, install the Smart Switch application on both the devices by visiting the Play Store and choose a mode of transfer to connect them. For a wired transfer, you would need a USB adapter while the WiFi feature should be enabled for a wireless transfer.


Step 2. To proceed, you need to select the source device as either Android or iPhone. Also, pick which device is the sender and which one is the receiver (the target phone has to be a Samsung).


Step 3. On the old device, a one-time generated code would be displayed that you need to enter on your Samsung to connect both the devices.


Step 4. Once both the devices are connected, you can just select the type of data that you wish to transfer and receive it on your Samsung.


Part 2: How to Fix Samsung Smart Switch being stuck

Sometimes, while using Samsung Smart Switch, users complain that the data transfer process has been stuck. Beforehand, make sure that the WiFi or USB connection is working properly on both the devices. Also, there should be enough free space on your Samsung to store the incoming data. If the app is still being stuck after that, then follow these simple suggestions:

    • Clear Smart Switch’s Cache

In case if the Smart Switch app has a lot of cache, then it can make it stuck. To fix this, you can just go to your phone’s Settings > Apps > Smart Switch and get its more info. From here, you can choose to clear its app data and cache.


    • Reinstall the app

If the Samsung Smart Switch app is still malfunctioning, then just reinstall it instead. Just remove the app from its home or by visiting your phone’s settings. Later, go to the Play Store and install Smart Switch on both the devices again.


    • Restart your phones

Chances are that there could be a problem with your smartphones as well. The easiest way to fix this is by restarting them. Just press the Power button and once you get the power options, choose to restart the device. When the device restarts, try transferring your data again with Smart Switch.


Part 3: 10 Frequently Asked Questions about Samsung Smart Switch

Even after following the above-listed tutorial, a lot of people find it hard to learn how to use Samsung Smart Switch. Here are some of these frequently asked questions about the tool that would help you understand its working in a better way.

    • What is Samsung Smart Switch?

Smart Switch is a set of desktop and mobile tools that is developed by Samsung for their Galaxy users. While the desktop application is majorly used to sync, backup, and restore the device, the mobile application helps us transfer data from one phone to another.

    • What is the Samsung Smart Switch app?

Samsung Smart Switch mobile app is a freely available application that can transfer data from an existing iOS or Android device to a Galaxy phone. It supports a wide range of Android devices and major data types. Users can either connect both the devices via a USB cable (and adapter) or wirelessly.

    • What does Samsung Smart Switch cannot transfer?

While Smart Switch supports tons of data types, there are certain kinds of content that it does not support. For instance, it can’t transfer app data, DRM-protected media files, or any third-party account related information. Some stored settings like Safari history, bookmarks, WhatsApp messages, etc. would not be transferred as well.

    • How to use Samsung Smart Switch wirelessly?

Smart Switch lets us transfer data wirelessly or using a USB cable. Just turn on the WiFi feature on both the phones and connect them to the same WiFi network. Later, you need to verify an authentication code to connect both the phones wirelessly.

    • How long does Samsung Smart Switch take to transfer data?

It would totally depend on the device, the mode of transfer, and the volume of the data. If you are only moving a handful of files, then it will take a few minutes. To move a lot of data wirelessly, the application can take more time (sometimes even more than 30 minutes).

    • Can I use Smart Switch to move data to any device?

No – the target device has to be a Samsung for Smart Switch to work. Though, the source phone can be any other Android or an iPhone.

    • How to Use Smart Switch to backup my phone to PC?

You can just use the desktop application of Smart Switch for Mac or PC and connect your phone to it. From there, click on the “Backup” option to save all kinds of content from your phone to your computer.

    • Can I restore an iTunes backup to Samsung with Smart Switch?

Yes, the desktop application of Smart Switch lets us restore an existing iTunes backup content to our Samsung. Just connect your phone to it, and go to Restore > More Restore Options. From here, you can select an iTunes backup file you wish to restore.

    • What are the things that are not included in the backup?

If you are taking a backup of your phone to your system, then some content would be missed. For instance, your Google account details, wallpapers, apps, emails, and third-party contacts would not be included.

    • Do I need to root my phone to Use Smart Switch?

No – you do not need to root (or jailbreak) your device to use Smart Switch. The app is developed by Samsung and provides an extremely secure way to transfer data without causing any harm to your phones.

Part 4: Better Alternative for Phone Switching

Although Smart Switch is developed by Samsung, it is not an ideal method to transfer your data. As you can see, a lot of people find it hard to understand how to use Smart Switch. To overcome its limitations, you can simply use MobileTrans by Wondershare. It can directly transfer all kinds of data from one phone to another instantly. It supports 6000+ devices and does not matter if the target device is a Samsung or not. You can move your files between Android and Android, iPhone and iPhone, and even Android and iPhone.

Samsung Transfer

  • MobileTrans is extremely easy to use with an intuitive interface that does not need any technical background.
  • It supports the direct phone to phone transfer of data for photos, videos, music, contacts, call logs, bookmarks, messages, notes, and so much more.
  • Users can first select the type of data they wish to move before commencing the process. You would not encounter any compatibility issues using it.
  • It is compatible with 6000+ different phone models and even supports the cross-platform transfer of data like iOS to Android (and vice versa).
  • The quality of the data would remain 100% intact and it would not be saved anywhere in between.
Available on:

It supports the transfer of photos, videos, music, contacts, messages, call logs, bookmarks, and even apps. Apart from that, the tool can also be used to backup your smartphone data and restore it afterward. You can use MobileTrans to move your data from one phone to another by following these steps:

Step 1. Firstly, install and launch MobileTrans on your system, which could be a Windows or a Mac. Also, from its welcome screen, select the Phone transfer option.


Step 2. Connect both the phones to your system and wait as they would be detected by the application. Their snapshots would be listed and you can later use the flip button to correct their placement.


Step 3. Now, just select the type of content you wish to move and click on the “Start” button. All you got to do is patiently wait for a few minutes for the process to be completed.


Now when you know how to use Smart Switch on PC and mobile, you can easily make the most of this tool. Though, if you are looking for a better option, then consider using MobileTrans by Wondershare. It will let you perform a direct phone-to-phone transfer in minutes. Having an intuitive interface, it does not need any prior technical experience and can be used by anyone in no time!

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