Are you tired of the color of your Samsung Galaxy S series? The almost ready-to-be-launched Galaxy S24 series is a new opportunity to get your desired color. Or even a new color different from the one you're presently using.

Samsung revealed that their upcoming Unpacked event is on Jan. 17 in San Jose, California.

Although the reveal date is just a few days from now, there are different rumors and leaks about the series. In this article, we offer you what to expect with the colors of this new Galaxy S24 and S24 Ultra series.

Keep reading to find out the available colors for Samsung Galaxy S24 and S24 Ultra. And possibly make up your mind about which color to go for. Happy buying in advance!

there will be seven samsung galaxy s24 colors
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Part 1 Samsung Galaxy S24 and S24 Ultra Colors

Last year, all models in Samsung's S23 series (Galaxy S23, S23 Plus, and the Ultra) all had the same colors. Unlike earlier versions, especially in 2022, where the Vanilla and Plus models had the same colors while the Ultra had a different one.

The S23 series broke this trend. Looking ahead to the Samsung Galaxy S24 and Galaxy S24 Ultra, it's likely they will continue the trend of adopting the same colors for all models. This means that both Samsung Galaxy S24 and Galaxy S24 Ultra might come in the same color.

Famous leaker Ross Young has indicated that we can expect four main colors. Knowing that Ross Young has always been accurate when it comes to making predictions on Samsung Galaxy colors, we cannot wave off this information.

famous learker ross young said there will be seven samsung galaxy s24 colors

These colors include Black, Gray, Violet, and Yellow. Also, with the possibility of three exclusive colors, which are Orange, Light Blue, and Light Green. So altogether, we might be expecting 7 different colors for the Samsung Galaxy S24 and Galaxy S24 Plus.

Predicted Galaxy S24 Colors Rumored Exclusive Galaxy S24 Colors
Marble Gray (rumored as Phantom White) Orange (also known as Sandstone Orange)
Cobalt Violet (rumored as Phantom Purple) Light Blue (also known as Sapphire Blue)
Onyx Black (rumored as Phantom Black) Light Green (also known as Jade Green)
Amber Yellow (rumored as Gold)

Now you have a broad view of all colors of S24 series. Let’s look closer at each color of Samsung Galaxy S24 and S24 Ultra.

Marble Gray

For the Galaxy S24, the gray variant is rumored to be named Marble Gray. Ross Young included this Gray in his prediction variant instead of the earlier rumored Phantom White. This might signal a potential shift away from white phones for Samsung.

Gray remains a popular color choice for Samsung. They had it on the Samsung Galaxy S23 line too. But only that it was called Graphite. This shade is a hit trend because it is a neutral color that will go with any other color shade.

With the rumor of a black variant, we anticipate Marble Gray to be a lighter tone. This shade will be a great choice if you like a simple and sophisticated look that goes well with any style.

galaxy s24 will have the marble gray color

Onyx Black

It wouldn't come as a shock to see that black is in the color mix for the Samsung Galaxy S24. It's a widely popular smartphone choice. The Galaxy S23 and S23 Plus also offer it, but it was instead known as Phantom Black. The upcoming Galaxy S24 might stick to this name.

But with that tweet made by Ross Young, it could go by Onyx Black. And this is possibly a slightly lighter shade than Phantom Black. However, Despite being a rumor, the chance of having a Phantom Black or Onyx Black Galaxy S24 seems high.

Black is timeless, always stylish and business-like. Hence, it's doubtful Samsung would exclude it from the options. This shade will be great for people who like a simple design that shows confidence and professionalism.

onyx black color for samsung galaxy s24

Cobalt Violet

Sources like Windows Report and Android Headlines, in agreement with Ross Young, suggest this year's violet will be named Cobalt Violet in a darker shade.

It was initially rumored as Phantom Purple. If you've been keeping up with Samsung, you will know they often offer a purple or violet variant for their phones. There is a possibility that The upcoming Galaxy S24 might follow this trend.

It is rumored to be like "Phantom Purple" or "Cobalt Violet", though. However, these names aren't official yet. In less than a few days, we will get to know this.

Whether purple or violet, there is no doubt that these shades are more vibrant compared to the initial neutral colors we initially indicated. Although the Galaxy S23 didn't have this option, the Galaxy S23 still came as a lavender-colored phone.

cobalt violet color for samsung galaxy s24 colors

Amber Yellow

The earlier rumored gold color might turn out to be a yellow hue. This brings something new to the table as we have never had this color before in the Samsung Galaxy S flagship. Leaks and rumors are pointing towards this color being called Amber Yellow. And most leaked pictures display it in a light-yellow shade.

While yellow has been mentioned as a possibility, it's not as commonly used by Samsung. Unlike the more frequent colors mentioned earlier. recent Galaxy S models haven't featured yellow. However, the Samsung Galaxy S10 line did come in a bright yellow. so we might see something similar, although possibly a lighter shade.

amber yellow for samsung s24 colors

Sandstone Orange

The mentioned colors are expected to be widely available. But Samsung typically reserves some colors exclusively for its online store. This Sandstone Orange is rumored to be one of them.

This might be a fairly bright shade. but we guess that it will lean towards a pale orange, similar to the one featured on the Samsung Galaxy S20. According to Ross Young, this Galaxy S24 shade is supposedly named Sandstone Orange. This suggests it could have a yellowish-brown tint.

Orange is not a color Samsung frequently uses. So, we're less certain about its availability compared to more commonly seen colors like black and gray.

sandstone orange for s24 colors

Sapphire Blue

There's another rumored exclusive for the Samsung store. It is called the Sapphire Blue. This was initially described as light blue. It resembles the Sky Blue color offered on the Galaxy S22.

However, recent updates suggest the marketing name is Sapphire Blue. Therefore, hinting at a darker shade. Whether it's a continuation of Sky Blue or a new hue, it could be an interesting choice for those seeking something different from the usual bright options.

sapphire blue color for samsung s24

(Credit: Samsung)

Jade Green

Lastly, there's Jade Green rumored to be another exclusive color for the Samsung store. This shade was formerly described as light green. Samsung has a liking for green no doubt. For the Galaxy S23 line, this light green variant was officially named Lime.

Given the availability of a green shade for the Samsung Galaxy S22 and Galaxy S23, Jade Green appears to be another probable choice for those interested in a lighter green option in the s24 series. Only that it might be an exclusive option.

a samsung galaxy s23 ultra in light green but can give a sense of what samsung s24 jade green may look like

(Credit: Samsung)

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All the seven Samsung S24 colors will again give Samsung fans a wonderful gift.As you start using your Samsung Galaxy S24 or S24 Ultra, choosing your color preference gives it a personal touch that matches your style.

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