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Comprehensive solutions to transfer Samsung galaxy s7 to Xiaomi

It is damn hectic to move the phone data from old to new. It is a tiring process. Are there any optimum solutions to transfer data from Samsung to Xiaomi?

The above whispers are frequently heard when you make a purchase on phone. Everyone feels the data transfer from one phone to another is a hectic activity. Of course, it is hectic unless you adopt comprehensive ways to deal with it. Discover intellectual ways to make this process interesting rather than tiresome. In this article, you will figure out Samsung to Xiaomi transfer in a precise manner.

Part 1: One click to transfer all data from Samsung to Xiaomi with MobileTrans

The heading seems to be persuasive due to the fact ‘One Click’. You might be wondering is this possible with just a single knock? Absolutely you can make the hectic procedure to happen in a fraction of seconds using effective toolkit. MobileTrans is a miraculous platform, which performs this wonder effectively and it hails from the giant software provider Wondershare. Before going deep into the how to do process it is high time to get some knowledge about its features.

Samsung Transfer

  • Compatible with 6000+ devices to make a data transfer by one click
  • Ensures lossless data transfer in a rapid mode
  • Highly adaptable to Android and iOS platform
  • Free download available for Mac and Windows version
  • No prior skills necessary to understand the transfer procedure
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Action 1: The first move is to step into the official website of MobileTrans to download this software. Just click to make a download and install the tool wisely using the guiding wizard. Hit the icon to trigger MobileTrans software

Action 2: The main goal of this article is to transfer data from Samsung Galaxy S7 to Xiaomi phone set. Obviously, you have to select ‘Phone Transfer’ option from the home screen of MobileTrans from Wondershare.


Action 3: Now connect Samsung Galaxy S7 and Xiaomi to your PC using quality USB. The MobileTrans window will show up the connected devices graphically for better understanding.


That is nice. Here the source device is Samsung Galaxy S7 and the destination is Xiaomi. The data must move from source to destination. In case if the device was misplaced then make use of the ‘Flip’ button to swipe the devices the other way. Before commencing the transfer process, it is highly advisable to ensure the source and destination device.

Action: Check in the desired data for the transfer from Samsung to Xiaomi. Finally press the ‘Start’ button to trigger the transfer procedure.


The above screenshot displays the progress of the transfer process. You must wait for few minutes for the successful completion. Make sure the connection exists until the end of the transfer to avoid data loss.

Wow! The process is as easy as pie without any complications. The above steps ensure flawless understanding of the data transfer from Samsung to Xiaomi using stupendous software MobileTrans from Wondershare.

Part 2: Try to switch data from Samsung to Xiaomi with Samsung Smart Switch

In this section, you will be making use of the ‘Smart Switch’ feature from Samsung to transfer data from Samsung to Xiaomi.

Step 1: Ensure you have enabled the Smart Switch feature in your Samsung Galaxy S7 during the initial installation of your device. Install the ‘Smart switch ‘app from Google play on your Xiaomi device.


Step 2: Open the ‘Smart Switch’ feature on the Samsung phone. In your Samsung device hit ‘Send Data’ icon.


Step 3:: Establish the connection via wireless mode. You must select the ‘Wireless’ option in the ‘Get Connected’ screen


Step 4: Turn on the Smart Switch app on Xiaomi and authorize Samsung device by tapping ‘Yes’ option to begin the transfer processes


Step 5: Select the data, which requires the transfer, and click ‘Send’ to stimulate the transfer.


Step 6: Authenticate the transfer process by tapping the ‘Receive’ option on the Xiaomi phone.


Step 7: The data transfer process completes shortly and hit the ‘Done’ button on the Xiaomi phone to end the process.


It is great you are now able to handle the ‘Smart Switch’ of Samsung to transfer data.

Part 3: Try to move data from Samsung to Xiaomi via Bluetooth

Good! Now move on to excel in the data transfer via Bluetooth. In the below steps informative guide is based on the transfer of contacts from Samsung to Xiaomi.

Step 1: Unlock your Samsung phone and go to the ‘Contacts’ window. In the ‘Settings’ option choose ‘Import/Export Contacts’. Then, choose ‘Share Contacts’ option.


Step 2: Choose the Bluetooth icon and turn ‘On’ it. In your Xiaomi phone, you must enable the Bluetooth option to reveal its visibility to other devices. Identify Xiaomi on your Samsung to begin the transfer. Select the Xiaomi on your Samsung phone and pair the device for successful transfer process.


Select the contacts from the Samsung phone and click ‘Send’ button to start the data transfer. Only after proper paring, you can establish this process. The transferred data will be stored in the Bluetooth storage folder in Xiaomi. Tap the folder to view the data, which is moved from Samsung to Xiaomi.

Note: Ensure the two devices were hold nearby throughout the transfer process because the Bluetooth range is implemented with close proximity. The signal is lost after certain distance between the two deices.

Part 4: Try to Email data from Samsung to Xiaomi

The process is similar to the above discussed Bluetooth but with small changes. Instead of Bluetooth, icon you must choose ‘Email’ icon. It leads to the compose window with data attached to it. Enter your email address and tap the ‘Send’ button.


Open your mail on the new device and save the data transferred from Samsung Galaxy S7.

Part 5: Advantages and disadvantages about above solutions

Transfer via MobileTrans


  • Quick transfer
  • Reliable outcomes


  • Professional suite and the beginners need assistance like tutorials to work on it.

Transfer via Smart Switch


  • Inbuilt feature of Samsung
  • Effective data transfer without loss


  • A little bit complicated and so the newbie will struggle to make use of this feature optimally.

Transfer via Bluetooth


  • Simple and light step


  • Handles less data while transfer. Difficult to go for bulk data
  • Connection fails if the distance between the two devices increases.

Transfer via Email


  • A primitive procedure
  • Quick transfer


  • The process fails due to poor internet connection


It is good to conclude this topic with the optimum solution to transfer the data from Samsung to Xiaomi. The MobileTrans from Wondershare is highly recommended tool because it handles bulk data wisely with lossless data transfer. The other solution holds good if you want to transfer less data at a time. Moreover, the other procedures are basic method with a flaw on the data transfer process. Switch over to MobileTrans for your transfer needs to achieve remarkable transfer process.

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