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In a lifetime, we change our smartphones every couple of years or so. But every time when a user switches his/her phone, there are lots of things that need to be transferred as well. So, if you want to know how to transfer apps from Samsung to Samsung along with the data files, then you need to go through this guide. Here we have gathered some useful and effective techniques here. Let’s explore them.

Part 1. Install Samsung Smart Switch Mobile App To Transfer Apps:

You must have heard about the Samsung Smart Switch Mobile App at some point. If you are wondering how to transfer apps from Samsung to Samsung, then we can tell you how to take advantage of the Smart Switch App. With the help of this tool, you can transfer a variety of data including messages, media files, contacts, etc. To do this, follow the steps below:

Step 1: You will find the Smart Switch App in the Galaxy Store or in the Play Store. Install the app on both the devices and keep them within 50 cm of distance from each other.

Step 2: Launch the app on both phones and establish a connection. As the phones are connected, the list of data types that can be shared with the help of this app will be displayed on the screen.


Step 3:: Select the data that you want to transfer and click on the Transfer button on the phone from which you want to transfer the data.

Step 4: Now, on the target device, you will get a pop-up message that prompts you to receive data. Hit on the Ok button to confirm the transfer and wait.


When the transfer is complete, press the Done button and exit the application.

Part 2. Best Alternative to Transfer Apps without Any Data Losing:

If you don’t want to go through much hassle to know how to transfer apps from one Samsung tablet to another, then use MobileTrans. This application software is specially designed for users who often switch their devices. With the help of this one tool, users can transfer data from iPhone, Android, Windows Phone, Symbian, and others as well. So, whether it is the mobile apps, media files, contacts, messages, or any other data, you can share all the data from one device o another with just one click.

Samsung Transfer

  • MobileTrans is extremely easy to use with an intuitive interface that does not need any technical background.
  • It supports the direct phone to phone transfer of data for photos, videos, music, contacts, call logs, bookmarks, messages, notes, and so much more.
  • Users can first select the type of data they wish to move before commencing the process. You would not encounter any compatibility issues using it.
  • It is compatible with 6000+ different phone models and even supports the cross-platform transfer of data like iOS to Android (and vice versa).
  • The quality of the data would remain 100% intact and it would not be saved anywhere in between.
Available on:

The software is available for download on the official website. You can download in both Mac & Windows system. To learn how to move apps from Android to Android, follow the guide given below:

Step 1: Select Mode:

Launch the program on your system and connect both the devices to it. Select the solution that you want which is Phone Transfer in this case.


Step 2: Choose Data For Transfer:

Specify the source device and which is the target device and select the data types that you want to transfer from one device to another.


Step 3:: Transfer Data:

Press the Start button and the software will initiate the sequence. Keep your phones connected to the system and wait as the transfer is processed.


With the help of MobileTrans, you won't have to wait longer than you expected as it is quick and efficient. No matter how much data you need to transfer, this tool will handle everything with care.

Part 3. Using CLONEit to Try To Move the Apps between Samsung:

There is another application that you may have heard of, and it is CLONEit. This app can also help you to learn how to transfer WhatsApp from Samsung to Samsung and to other Android devices as well. This application has been in the market for quite some time. And over time, the developers have made smart changes in the app so that you can send SMS, call logs, media files, and even system settings to the new phone. To use this tool, you have to follow the steps below:

Step 1: Download/Install the app from the Play Store on both devices. Launch the app and establish a connection.


Step 2: From the sender's phone, select the data that you want to transfer and click on the Start button and wait as the data is transferred.


Make sure that you keep both the phones close otherwise the process will get interrupted. You might have to wait a long time for the process to finish up.

Part 4: Make a Comparison Of Above Solutions:

As we have mentioned several methods on how to move apps on Samsung S8/S9 or any other model, it is time to compare the solutions. We are going to compare the solutions on the basis of some common and vital features to ensure that you get the best solution.

Features MobileTrans Samsung Smart Switch CLONEit
Supported Types All types of data including contacts, text messages, calendar, call logs, photos, app data, and apps. Contacts, calendars, messages, media files, and app data. 12 types of mobile data can be transferred with this application
Supported Devices Over 6000 devices For Android 4.0 or higher only Requires Android 2.3 or up
Transfer Speed 3X faster than any other transfer tool Moderate Gives 20Mb/sec speed
Selective Transfer Yes Yes Yes
User Interface Interactive and Intuitive Little confusing Not very intuitive
Easy to Operate Yes Hard to establish and maintain a connection The same problem of connection with this app


In this article, we learned some common and easy ways on how to move apps on Samsung Galaxy S7/S8/S9 or any other Android device. From the above comparison table, you can see that MobileTrans is the best solution that you have for such situations. So, the next time when you are switching from your old phone to a new one, use MobileTrans. Don’t forget to recommend the software to your friends as well.

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