Transfer Photos from Samsung to PC: 4 Smart Solutions

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Irrespective of who you are, one of the data you'll always cherish on your Samsung device are photos of precious moments spent with your loved ones.

However, there are times when you might want to transfer them to your PC for editing, storage, or sharing. No matter what the reason could be, transferring your photos from Samsung to PC shouldn't be a breathtaking task.

In today’s article, we will introduce to you 4 effective methods to download photos from Samsung to PC. It doesn't matter if you're tech-savvy or not, the fact is you'll find a suitable method to transfer your Samsung photos just within a few minutes. So, keep reading.

transfer photos from Samsung to pc

Part 1: Transfer Photos from Samsung to PC with MobileTrans

The Wondershare MobileTrans is a tested and trusted data transfer tool, with over 500,000 users enjoying its effectiveness globally.

This tool, over the years, has been a top choice for lots of users globally, and this is because of the extensive features it offers to make data transfer operations just like a walk in the park. It doesn't matter if you're tech-literate or not, the fact is MobileTrans can always come in handy for you to transfer photos from Samsung to PC effortlessly.

Besides, this amazing software tool also supports phone to phone transfer, data backup and restore, and lots more features that tick boxes all around. Everything is just a matter of a few clicks!

Key Features:

  • Supports advanced functions like 1-Click Phone transfer, file transfer, and one-click backup & restore.
  • MobileTrans doesn't compromise data So, you do not have to worry about your data being corrupt or damaged.
  • The simple user interface makes it straightforward for even the least tech-literates to utilize the program to their benefit.
  • Transfer all data types, including multimedia files, apps, text, calendar records, contacts, and more without damaging the contents.
  • Supports and works on over 6000 devices, including Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, BlackBerry, etc.

Here’s how you can Transfer Photos from Samsung to PC using MobileTrans:

Before you proceed to the step, make sure you've installed MobileTrans on your PC from the Visit official MobileTrans page.

Step 1. Connect your Smasung phone to the PC, launch the program, and on the main interface, select ‘Phone Transfer’ from the options available. Then click Export to computer on the new page.

select phone transfer and click export to computer

Step 2. Click photos on the new interface. By doing so, a list of all the photos on your Samsung device will be displayed on your PC screen. All you just have to do is to select all photos you want to be transferred to the PC.

select photos to be transferred

Step 3. Click Export to begin the transfer process. This will take only a few minutes, and once it's finalized, a pop-up will show on your screen, just click the open folder to view the transferred photos.

export photos to PC

There you go! That is all you have to do to transfer photos from a Samsung phone to your PC. It's as easy as sipping a cup of coffee. 

Transfer Photos from PC to Samsung with MobileTrans

As stated earlier, MobileTrans has got you covered with all you need to transfer data from one device to another without hassles. Hence, read on to see how to transfer data from your PC to your Samsung phone.

Step 1: Start by connecting the Samsung Phone to the PC using the USB cable, launch the app, select Phone Transfer, and click Import to Phone from the options.

select phone transfer and click Import to phone

Step 2: On the new page, click Photos from the left-hand side and select photos that you want to transfer to your Samsung phone.

select photos

Step 3: Click Import > Add file, then browse and select the photo you want to transfer from your PC and click Open. Once you do that, the photo file will be transferred to your Samsung device instantly.

import photos to Samsung device

Part 2: Transfer Photos from Samsung to PC via Cable

In case you do not want to utilize third-party software, you can just move the photos from Samsung photo onto your PC using a USB cable. However, this process when compared to using MobileTrans, can be very time taking and any slight mistake might corrupt your phone data.

Method 1: Import photos from Samsung to PC via Windows Explorer

import photos from Samsung to PC via cable

  • Connect your Samsung device to the PC using a USB cable.
  • On the Samsung home screen, drag down to the notification bar. You will find options like: 'Allow to transfer files' or 'Allow to transfer photos.' Choose either one of those to transfer photos from Samsung to PC.
  • Go to This PC and locate the device by choosing the name assigned to the Samsung device.
  • Open it, and go to internal storage or SD card — where you stored the desired photos. Then, navigate and locate DCIM or Camera options. 
  • Open them and choose the photos — you want to move or Just drag and drop the photos into a folder of your choice.
Method 2: Download photos from Samsung phone to computer with Smart Switch

Another safe and secure way to transfer files and photos, Smart Switch is an application from Samsung itself. The software allows you to move the files effortlessly; however, you need a third-party application to transfer the photos from the Samsung phone to the computer.

Here’s how to utilize Smart Switch to download photos from Samsung photo to computer:

Step 1: Download and install Smart Switch on the computer. It’s a free application.

Step 2. Open the Smart Switch application, and connect your Samsung device to the PC using its cable. Once it's connected, allow it access to your Samsung phone.

Step 3: From the interface of the Smart Switch app,  click ‘More’ located at the top right corner. Then select ‘Preferences’ and choose Backup items.

After that, select ‘Photos’ as the preferred data to be transferred. Then click ‘Backup’ and select ‘Allow’ once the app asks for permission.

transfer photos from Samsung to PC with Smart Switch

Step 4: The backup process will begin. However, this might take longer to get finalized. Once it's completed, click on Ok. Yipee.. Your photos has been successfully transferred to the PC

transfer photos from Samsung to PC with Smart Switch 2

Smart Switch will create a backup file. So, when you need to restore the photos on your Samsung device, you just have to open the app, and click Restore. Then, you have to choose the backup data to choose the specific data to restore it. When you are ready — choose Restore now. Once you complete the restoration — click OK.

Note: Make sure you don't interrupt the operation when transferring data via Smart Switch or Windows explorer as it might lead to data corruption.

Tip: besides file transfer between Samsung phone and PC, Smart Switch is also a great data transfer tool when switching to Samsung. But sometimes Smart Switch may not work, you can find some other ways to transfer data to Samsung. Let's say MobileTrans is always there for you

Part 3: Transfer Photos from Samsung to PC Wirelessly

There is also an option to transfer the photos from the Samsung device to the PC wirelessly. The two methods mentioned in this section will show how to transfer photos from the Samsung device to the PC wirelessly. So, keep reading

Method 1: Move photos from Samsung phone to computer via Bluetooth

Bluetooth is a short-distance wireless technology standard that can help you exchange data between fixed and mobile devices using UHF radio waves. Meaning, it can help you transfer photos from the Samsung phone to the computer wirelessly.

Follow these simple steps to transfer photos from Samsung phone to computer via Bluetooth:

Step 1. Turn on Bluetooth on the computer: Go to Start. Type in Settings. Under Settings, choose Devices, and select Bluetooth & other devices. 

Step 2. On the right pane of the Bluetooth & other devices settings — choose Related Settings. And select Send or receive files via Bluetooth. 

transfer photos from Samsung to PC via bluetooth

Step 3. Under Bluetooth File Transfer, choose Receive files and select the photos you want to send via Bluetooth, then opt for Share. From the list of Share options, choose Bluetooth. Select the Windows PC (by name).

Step 4. On the PC, the Save the received file options will show in the Bluetooth File Transfer window. Choose the location where you want to save the file and select Finish.

That’s how to transfer photos from Samsung to a computer wirelessly via Bluetooth.

Method 2: Upload photos from Samsung phone to computer via Cloud Storage

Here’s how to upload photos from Samsung phone to computer via Cloud Storage:

transfer photos from Samsung to PC via cloud storage

Step 1. Go to the Settings. You can access it from the notification panel or click on the gear icon on the phone screen.

Step 2. Choose Cloud and Accounts — the fourth option. Choose Samsung Cloud — the first choice.

Step 3. Check your storage — you can review this by visiting the Manage cloud storage at the very top.

Step 4. Choose Back-up Settings. Choosing the option will open a list of apps and file formats you can choose to sync in the cloud. Select photos, then You can choose to backup manually or automatically.

Step 5. Choose BACK UP NOW at the bottom to back up the data instantly.

Step 6. Once you've successfully backed up your Samsung device data, Press the back button to return to Samsung Cloud Settings.

Step 7: Open a web browser on your PC and log in to your Samsung cloud. Then, you will find DATA TO SYNC — this is where you can configure the data types to sync.

Bonus Tip: Back up Samsung Phone to PC

You can also choose to back up your Samsung phone. By backing up, you can get your photos and videos off Samsung phone and free up storage space. For this, you can utilize the aforementioned MobileTrans or Smart Switch, as they'll enable you to get the job done easily.

However, we recommend MobileTrans for a faster and more advanced backup process because it supports a plethora of features and tools that enables you to backup Samsung phones to PC like a pro. For instance, the app also includes a Restore toggle to rejuvenate the photos back to the computer effortlessly.


There you go! Those are the four best methods to transfer photos from Samsung devices to a PC. Of course, all methods discussed on this page are very effective and easy to execute. However, to avoid any kind of unwanted hassle or data damage, we recommend you utilize the Wondershare MobileTrans tool, as it enables a seamless transfer operation from one device to another.

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