Top 4 Ways to Transfer Messages from Samsung to Samsung

The tradition of those old-school messages still exists as we often use it when our networks fail to work and messenger apps cannot connect. And whenever it comes to shifting to a new Samsung from the previous, for instance, from a Samsung S21 plus to a Samsung S22 ultra, transferring those text messages comes under one of our greatest concerns. Since, there can be many details stored in those messages, ignoring those can later backfire on us.

Hence, we are here with some powerful ways to understand how one can transfer text messages from Samsung to Samsung. If you are about to switch to a new Samsung and considering text messages, this article is just for you.

Method 1: Transfer Messages One by One between Samsung devices using Bluetooth

One of the ways that can help you answer how to transfer text messages from Samsung to Samsung is using Bluetooth. Though this method is not widely used now the feature is supported on all Android devices and if nothing works, this can come to your rescue easily. Not being able to transfer the whole conversation at once will be the downside you will have to face while using this method. Let us know how you can perform this method to transfer messages from Samsung to Samsung.

Step 1: Ensure to open Bluetooth and pair the two devices

1. First of all, turn on the Bluetooth by simply tapping on its icon on both the Samsung phones.

2. Now, go to “Settings” on the source phone and tap “Connections”. Tap on “Bluetooth”.

3. Look for the target Samsung device’s Bluetooth name and hit on it.


4. A pairing prompt will appear on both phones. Confirm it and tap “OK”.


Step 2: Transfer Message Samsung to Samsung via Bluetooth

1. Open the Messages app on the source device and look for the conversation to be transferred.

2. Open the chat and long press a text message. Message options will come up where you need to tap “Share”.


3. Choose “Bluetooth” from the sharing platform options.


4. Select the target Samsung device and you will see the message getting transferred to the new device.


5. Accept the Transfer on the new device and you are good to go.


Method 2: Transfer Messages from One Samsung to Another in Batches by One-click

When it comes to transferring messages from Samsung to Samsung or any other data, there’s this – MobileTrans. This mighty tool is capable of serving all your data transfer needs under the same hood. With MobileTrans, you not only can transfer data from any Android device to another Android device. But you can also make use of this tool to transfer your stuff between cross-platform devices, i.e. iPhone to Android or vice-versa.

MobileTrans - Phone Transfer

Transfer Messages from Samsung to Samsung

4,085,556 people have downloaded it

For your convenience, we have mentioned the entire step-wise tutorial on how to transfer text messages from Samsung to Samsung using MobileTrans.

Step 1: Get the software installed

First things first, you need to download the original MobileTrans tool from its official website and then install it over your PC. Once done, launch the tool. You’ll now have 4 different tiles over your screen. Opt for the “Phone transfer” tile and proceed to the next step.


Step 2: Connect Devices

Next, you need to get both Samsung devices connected to your computer. Ensure to use only the genuine USB cables (supplied with your Samsung devices) to avoid any sort of interruption. Allow the tool to automatically detect your devices.


Step 3: Initiate transfer messages from Samsung to Samsung

Then you need to set the “Source Device” and the “Target Device” available on the left and right of the MobileTrans window respectively. Lastly, select the data that you wish to transfer, i.e. “Text messages” in this case, and then hit on “Start” button at the bottom.


Within a short while, you’ll get a notification that the transfer messages from Samsung to Samsung are successfully completed!

Method 3: Transfer Messages via Samsung Smart Switch

A yet another way to fulfill the need is the app that Samsung itself has developed. It is named as Samsung Smart Switch that helps users move various types of data from one device to the Samsung. The types of data include contacts, messages, call history, images, videos, apps, audio, documents, and the like.

This app is compatible with Apple, Blackberry, all Samsung and Android devices running over Android version 4.0. Also, the RAM should be 1.5 GB in the device to make this app run properly. When you plan to work with this app for transferring messages between Samsungs, please note that you may find the steps a little complicated. Besides, you need to keep the two devices in close proximity and should have stable Wi-Fi.

Let us now learn how to transfer text messages from Samsung to Samsung.

1. To begin with, open the Smart Switch app on both the Samsung devices after installing it.

2. From the source device, simply tap on “Send data”. On the other hand, tap on “Receive data” on the target device.


3. A “Get connected” screen will appear where you need to tap “Wireless”. The two devices will connect now.


4. You will be asked what you wish to transfer. Choose “Messages” and proceed.


5. Hit on “Send” and tap “Receive” on the target phone.


6. You just need to wait now until the messages get transferred. Close the apps.

transfer-message-via-smart-switch-5 transfer-message-via-smart-switch-6

Part 4: Email the Messages from One Samsung to Another one

The last way to serve the purpose is to use the email method. This method eliminates any downloading of a new app or third-party tools. So, if you find it comfortable, you can go for this method. Here is how to transfer messages from Samsung to Samsung via email.

    1. First of all, go to the Messages app on your old Samsung.
    2. Open the message thread and long press a message on it.
    3. You will be able to see a share icon on the top. In some phones, you need to tap on the three dots at the corner.
    4. Select “Share” and choose the email icon to transfer messages.


5. Simply enter the email ID on which you want to transfer. Tap send.

6. Now on your new Samsung device, log in with the email ID on which you’ve sent a message. You can now access it easily.

Part 5: Find the Suitable Method

Quite a comprehensive article, right? Well, we understand you might now be able to keep a record of what solution does what and how effective are they. Hence, we have captured a snapshot comparison of all the aforementioned solutions on how to transfer messages from Samsung to Samsung along with their other functionalities too.

Features Bluetooth MobileTrans Samsung Smart Switch Email
Supports transferring of all your data (photos, videos, messages, music, documents, apps, app data, etc.) No Yes Yes No
Supports two-way transfer (from any Android to another Android) Yes Yes No. Only any Android to Samsung is supported Yes
Time Convenience Slow Extremely Fast Fast Ok-Ok
Ease of Use Complex Very Easy Easy Just Fine
Supports Cross-platform transferring of data (iPhone to Android or vice versa) No Yes No. Only from iPhone to Samsung. Yes (but only photos, music, videos, and documents).

Final Words

With all this highly classified information and then a quick snapshot comparison, it’s now time to conclude the post. We’re now positive that you must have found the ideal solution to transfer messages from Samsung to Samsung or any other data depending upon your requirement. We have now served our purpose, it’s now yours to get yours fulfilled.

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