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How To Recover Permanently Deleted Photos From Google Photos

Axel Nash
Axel Nash Originally published Jun 30, 23, updated Dec 15, 23

Have you ever mistakenly removed images from your Google Photos account? And believed they were lost forever? You must feel as though you are sinking. Don't worry, however!

We're going to teach you some clever techniques in this article. it is to help you recover priceless memories you thought were permanently deleted. We'll show you how to use Google Photos Backup and Sync.

For challenging circumstances, we'll even introduce you to MobileTrans. So relax, and let's explore the area of recovering photos! It believes that they have been completely erased from Google Photos.

Is it possible to recover permanently deleted Google photos?

Yes, restoring completely deleted Google Photos is possible under some circumstances. Even if deleted photographs are permanently removed from the main collection. Google Photos gives users a window of time to restore them.

Note: Photos that you remove from Google Photos can be put in the Trash folder. They can stay there for 60 days. During this time, you can quickly restore them to your library by following a few easy steps.

60- days limitation by Google Photos for Recovery.

However, the recovery becomes more difficult if the Trash folder has been cleared out. It is because the 60-day window has gone. In this condition, retrieving lost photos can remain by using Google Photos Archive. The Google Photos Backup and Sync ways are also available.

Google Photos for Recovery.

Third-party solutions for recovering, such as MobileTrans, are readily accessible. These applications are generally adept at recovering lost data from several sources. These include Google Photos.

While it's not always possible to recover permanently deleted images. But trying these techniques to improve your chances of recovery is worthwhile. Remember that your chances of recovering increase as soon as you act.

Method 1: Exploring the Trash Folder to Recover Deleted Photos

Accidentally losing images from your Google Photos account can prove heartbreaking. But did you know that Google Photos contains a secret information cache? It simply saves the day. You can find the secret to recovering deleted pictures in the Trash folder.

Google Photos preview.

As a security, the Trash folder keeps deleted images for 60 days before permanent deletion. This implies that there's a chance of retrieving those photos. It is only if you accidentally touch the delete button or decide to recover them later.

You can quickly recover those accidentally lost photographs by Trash folder. Google Photos provides customers with this straightforward yet effective option. It is to guard against permanent data loss.

A Step-by-Step Guide to Recover Permanently Deleted Google Photos by Trash Folder

To find your deleted images in the Trash folder, follow these steps:

Step 1.

Visit Google Photos on a PC or use the Google Photos app on a mobile device.

Step 2.

To access the menu, click or tap on the hamburger menu on the left. In the upper left corner, you can also select the menu symbol (three horizontal lines).

Hamburger Menu.

Step 3.

Go to the menu and choose "Trash." If using the website, click on "Library" first, then select "Trash" from the dropdown menu.

Trash option in Menu.

Step 4.

All images you've deleted in the last 60 days will be visible in the Trash folder. To find the pictures you wish to recover, scroll through the list.

Step 5.

Select the images you wish to restore by tapping on them. You can check the box next to each one.

Selected photos to recover.

Step 6.

After choosing the desired photo, tap the "Restore" button. You can select the symbol that looks like a back arrow. This will return the photos you selected to your primary Google Photos collection.

Restoration complete.

Note: The photos will restore and be accessible in your Google Photos account. It seems that they had never been removed.

It's vital to remember that after 60 days, images in the Trash folder will permanently remove. Therefore, to prevent permanently losing them, be careful to recover them within time.

Method 2: Recover permanently Deleted Google Photos from Google Photos Archive

Restoring images from the Google Photos Archive is vital for keeping a photo collection. You can temporarily remove images from your main library by using the Archive function. With this function, you can clean up your photo feed.

You can easily retrieve hidden photographs with just a few clicks through the recovery.

A Step-by-Step Guide to Restore Photos by Google Photos Archive

With the help of this feature, you can save priceless images. It can ensure that they are always available in your Google Photos library. It gives you flexibility and convenience.

Here is how to recover pictures from the Archive:

Step 1.

Visit Google Photos on a PC or use the Google Photos app on a mobile device.

Google Photos on Mobile.

Step 2.

To access the menu, click or tap on the hamburger menu on the left. You can select the menu symbol (three horizontal lines) in the upper left corner.

Step 3.

Go to the menu and choose "Archive." You must click "Library" on the website before selecting "Archive" from the dropdown menu.

archive option

Step 4.

You can see all the pictures you've previously hidden or put away once you're in the Archive. Find the pictures you want to have restored by scrolling through the list.

archive folder

Step 5.

Use the checkboxes next to each photo or by pressing on them. Choose the pictures you want to add back to your main collection.

Step 6.

After choosing the desired photographs, tap the "Restore" or “Unarchive” buttons. This will transfer the chosen images from the Archive back to your primary Google Photos.

Unarchive the photos.

The images will appear in your primary library after being restored. In this, they will display your other images.

Method 3: Using Google Photos Backup and Sync to Restore Deleted Photos

If you have activated the backup option, using Google Photos Backup and Sync is a trustworthy way to retrieve permanently lost photographs from Google Photos. Using this technique, you can add another degree of security by ensuring that your images are routinely backed up to the cloud.

Steps to Use Google Photos Backup to Restore Deleted Photos

Here's how to restore lost photographs using Google Photos Backup and Sync:

Step 1.

Visit Google Photos on a PC or use the Google Photos app on a mobile device.

Step 2.

To access the menu, either click or tap on the menu on the left side. The menu symbol (three horizontal lines) is in the upper left corner.

Step 3.

Go to the menu and choose "Settings."

Settings of Google Photos.

Step 4.

Find and choose " Back up & sync" from the Settings menu.

Backup option.

Step 5.

Make sure the " Back up & sync" toggle is set on. If it has recently been set up, your images should automatically back up to the cloud.

Backup Toggle On.

Step 6.

After confirmation, it should be possible to find deleted images in the "Trash" folder.

Your images have a safety net due to Google Photos Backup and Sync. This technique automatically backs up your photographs to the cloud. It enables you to retrieve them even if they delete.

It's a proactive method for preserving your priceless memories. It ensures that they get accessible whenever necessary.

Method 4: Permanently Deleted Google Photos Recovery via MobileTrans

Due to distinct skills and user-friendly features, MobileTrans is essential. It is for recovering permanently deleted Google Photos. With the use of cutting-edge scanning algorithms, this robust program recovers data. The data can be from several sources, including Google Photos, with success.

Logo of MobileTrans.

Key Features of MobileTrans

  • It allows for the retrieval of pictures that have passed the window for recovery. There is Google Photos' 60-day time restriction.
  • As a dependable third-party help, MobileTrans provides specialized recovery methods. It provides device compatibility.
  • It is usable by users of all technical levels due to its user-friendly interface and instructions.
  • MobileTrans guarantees that recovered photographs are handled safely.
  • It gives consumers peace of mind by strongly emphasizing data security and privacy.

While success cannot guarantee in every circumstance. MobileTrans is a vital application that provides an alternate approach for people. It is for those looking to restore their completely lost Google Photos.

Steps to follow for Recovery of deleted photos by MobileTrans

Follow the steps below to restore permanently lost Google Photos using MobileTrans:

Step 1.

Download and install the MobileTrans program on your PC or mobile device.

Try it Free Try it Free
safe Downloadsafe & secure

Step 2.

Open the MobileTrans program. Then choose " Back up & sync" or a related option from the main menu.

Note: Use a USB cord to connect your device to the computer. You can use the on-screen prompts for wireless connectivity.

backup home

Step 3.

Hold off until the scan is finished. MobieTrans shows the permanently erased photos in the list of recoverable images.

Selected photos.

Step 4.

Select the desired photos from the list by looking through them. You can preview them to ensure you pick the appropriate ones.

Step 5.

Decide where you wish to save the recovered photographs on your device or PC.

Location to keep images.

Step 6.

Click the "Recover" or a similar button to start the recovery process. In the designated location, MobileTrans will restore the chosen photographs.

When the recovery is complete, you will find the recovered photos at your chosen place.

It's crucial to remember that the success of recovery using MobileTrans can vary. It is based on elements like device compatibility, data overwriting, and the amount of time. To guarantee a quick recovery, ensure you run a reliable version of MobileTrans.


MobileTrans stands out as the preferred option for recovering images. If they have been permanently erased from Google Photos. Inbuilt recovery methods in Google Photos include the Trash folder and recovering from an archive. But MobileTrans has more benefits.

It is great due to specialized data recovery skills and device compatibility. Users of various technical levels can restore data more easily. MobileTrans offers a potent tool for anyone looking to recover their completely lost Google Photos.

You can boost your chances of recovering those priceless memories and data with MobileTrans.

FAQs on Restore Permanently Deleted Photos from Google Photos

  • Q: Are there any time limitations for recovering permanently deleted photos?

    Yes, there are limitations to restoring permanently lost images. A picture you remove from your Google Photos collection gets relocated to the Trash folder. You can easily add the deleted photos to your main library within this 60-day.

    However, the pictures in the Trash folder are permanently erased after 60 days. After that, it becomes difficult to use Google Photos' built-in methods to restore them.

    Remember that the 60-day time only applies to pictures in the Trash folder. In case you permanently remove a photo without first going through the Trash folder. Then your recovery possibilities become more restricted.

  • Q: Can I recover photos if I never backed them up in Google Photos?

    If you never backed up your images in Google Photos, your chances of recovery are smaller. The original versions of the photos can delete if there isn't a backup in Google Photos. There are still options to consider, though.

    You can consider using specialized data recovery software. You can seek the advice of data recovery experts. The success of these techniques is not certain. But they can recover deleted files from the device's internal storage.

  • Q: How can I prevent the permanent deletion of photos in Google Photos?

    You can do various things to stop images in Google Photos from being permanently deleted.

    First, ensure your Google Photos settings have the Backup and Sync function turned on. Your images will automatically back up to the cloud. As a result, giving you a safe backup even if you erase them from your smartphone.

    Additionally, keep an eye on Google Photos' Trash area. In this, the deleted images shift before being kept there for 60 days.

    You can restore lost pictures inside that time by watching the Trash folder.

    Using the Archive function is a different choice that lets you hide images from your main collection without removing them.

Axel Nash
Axel Nash Dec 15, 23
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