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How to Recover Deleted Snapchat Messages?

Axel Nash

Written By Axel Nash |

Sending messages to your friends and family is a great way to get in touch with them. Messaging has become more popular to all generations as to how easy it is to use, and you receive and send your messages in real-time.

Snapchat , on the other hand , has changed the way messages are sent by providing options to send photos or videos and then disappearing from your history after a certain time duration. For messages that you have deleted and if you want to retrieve them back, there are multiple ways that you can do so, and we will talk about these steps in our article.

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Part 1: Are You Able to Retrieve the Deleted Snapchat Messages on iPhone & Android?

Even though messages on Snapchat will get deleted after a certain time, it is still possible to retrieve these messages. In case you want to keep it in storage as it was memorable for you, you can get a copy of the messages.

There are numerous ways to do it, and we will share that with you shortly so you can follow up and get a hold of your messages back. One way is to contact the support team to send you these retrieved messages once they have approved your submission. We will share other ways with you shortly.

Part 2: How long do the messages on Snapchat last?

For messages or snaps that you send on Snapchat, those messages or snaps will disappear after it has been viewed or after 24 hours the message was sent. However, you can still access the snaps that you haven’t viewed if you save them. So if you know that the snap or message you sent was important, we suggest you save it so you can look back on it even after the 24 hours have passed.

Part 3: 4 Ways to Recover Deleted Snapchat Messages

We have scoured the internet for different ways how you can recover your deleted Snapchat messages. You can follow the ones that will be easy for you, or if the first one does not work, you can go and try the other ways that we will share.

Option #1: Contacting Snapchat’s Support Team

Contacting Snapchat’s Support Team is one of the best ways to get a copy of your deleted Snapchat messages. As you are contacting the app’s team, you can be sure that the steps will be easy and that your data is still safe and secured. Below are the steps to contact Snapchat’s Support Team.

  • Step 1: Open the Snapchat application, and you can click on your profile which is located on the upper left of the screen.
  • Step 2: Then, you can click on the “Settings,” which is the cog icon on the screen.

contact Snapchat's support team

  • Step 3: After, you can scroll through the list and look for “My Data.” You will then be asked to fill in your username and password.

contact Snapchat's support team

  • Step 4: After logging in, you will be directed to the “My Data” page. You can read through all of the text, or you can just scroll to the bottom of the page and click on “Submit Request.”
  • Step 5: You will then be directed to another page that says “We Received Your Request.” It should take a day or two for Snapchat’s support team to get back to you with a link to a .zip file that will give you access to your deleted Snapchat messages.

Option #2: Save your Snapchat messages

 This is probably the most obvious and another easy choice to recover your deleted messages. By saving the messages that you want to store, you can just access these saved messages through the Snapchat application. With this option, there is no need for you to go contact their Support Team and wait for days until you get the copy of the messages.

save your Snapchat messages

Option #3: Recovering your messages from your cache (Android Users)

We are aware that everything we do with either our phones or laptops will have a cache that stores all of the things that we did, even if we have deleted them. So by accessing these caches, you can have another way to retrieve your deleted messages on Snapchat. It is also another good way to retrieve your messages back without contacting their support team. You can follow the steps below to recover your deleted messages using Android.

  • Step 1: Open the “Settings” on your phone and then look for “Android.”
  • Step 2: You can then look and click “Data” and click on ””.
  • Step 3: Finally, you can now select the messages that you want to retrieve from the cache folders. Then click on “Recover” to begin the process.

Option #4: Installing a Snapchat Message Recovery application

The other way for you to retrieve your deleted messages is to download a third-party app that is specialized in retrieving your deleted messages. There are numerous applications out there that you can download, and some applications can cater to either Android or iOS users. We do suggest for you make sure to read through how they can recover your messages so you can understand that they specialize in that.


Recovering deleted messages on Snapchat is possible but will require a few steps from you to get them all. If you can save all of the important messages or if that message has sentimental value to you, then it would be better to save them and access them later on in your free time. If you cannot save it, fret not, you can try the other ways that we have shared and those will work for you. We hope that all of the different ways that we have shared will help you to recover your deleted messages.

Now you know how to recover your messages, maybe you want to know the other tips and features that Snapchat has. Features that will make your user experience in Snapchat more seamless and fun. You can read more about the tips and tricks in Snapchat in our article titled, “21 Hidden Snapchat Hacks & Features You Might Have Missed” and make your Snapchat usage unique and engaging.

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