[Solved] How To Backup Viber Data to Google Drive

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Axel Nash Originally published Mar 30, 23, updated Jan 17, 24
Have you become a Viber user who seeks to guarantee the security of all your crucial chats and media files? You're in luck, then!

We'll look to Viber backup on Google Drive, a crucial tool for keeping your data safe and accessible. From the significance of Google Drive to step-by-step instructions on connecting Viber to Google Drive and downloading backup, we'll cover all you need to know.

Let's begin and make sure your Viber data is ready. Before anything, first, you need to know the importance of Google Drive in Viber Backup!

Part 1. Importance of Google Drive in Viber backup

Google Drive is a strong and dependable cloud storage platform that allows Viber users to easily and securely back up their chats and media assets. Google Drive is a popular option for Viber backup for various factors.

1. Automatic backup

With Google Drive's automatic backup function, Viber data is automatically backed up in the background, so you don't have to worry about remembering to do it yourself.

2. Simple recovery procedure

Your Google Drive backup may be used to recover any lost Viber data quickly. As a result, picking up where you left off is straightforward, and you don't need to search through your discussions and media assets manually.

viber backup by google drive

3. Abundant storage

Google Drive offers up to 15GB of free storage space, which is more than enough for most Viber users. You may upgrade to a premium plan for greater storage if you need it.

4. Reliable and safe

Modern security techniques are used by Google Drive to protect your data. Google's data centers are built to resist a variety of dangers, from natural disasters to cyberattacks, and your Viber data is encrypted in transit.

Thus, Google Drive is necessary for Viber users who wish to guarantee that their media assets and chats are always secure and accessible.

Part 2. How to back up Viber data by using MobileTrans?

For Viber users who wish to back up their chats and media assets swiftly, MobileTrans is a useful application. MobileTrans makes it simple to back up all of your Viber data, including text messages, videos, voice conversations, and more, thanks to its user-friendly UI.

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backup viber data by mobiletrans

Users of MobileTrans have access to a variety of backup options, including PC, iCloud, and Google Drive backups. Furthermore, MobileTrans employs cutting-edge technology to swiftly and effectively back up your Viber data.

It saves your time and guarantees that your data is backed up as soon as possible. Also, MobileTrans makes it simple to restore your Viber data if you ever need to, whether you want to move it to a new device or back it up to your phone.

Step-by-step instructions to Backup Viber by MobileTrans

To perform the procedure of Viber Backup on iPhone devices by using MobileTrans, you need to follow these steps:

  • Step 1. Get the MobileTrans app on your Device

Install the MobileTrans app > open the program on your device. Your screen will provide a number of possibilities. Choose "WhatsApp Transfer" from the menu.

modes of mobiletrans to choose

  • Step 2. Attach the phone to the computer

Connect your PC and device to the MobileTrans program. Choose Viber from the list of 5 options in the left column. You will be prompted to back up or restore Viber data on the right side.

back up the viber data

  • Step 3. Backup your smartphone's Viber data

Choose "Backup" from the menu. The processing of the data will be visible on your screen. Once finished, press the "OK" button.

completion of the back up of viber

  • Step 4. Begin the process of restoration

Tap the restore option similarly. All of your past backups will be visible to you. Choose the most recent backup of your Viber data that you have created. Then, click the Start button.

restore the selective viber data

  • Step 5. Check your device for Viber messages

When the restoration procedure is finished, you may view all of the Viber messages, including any attached photos, videos, or other files. During the process, ensure to keep the devices linked.

completion of restoration of viber data

That’s how you can achieve the Viber backup on Google Drive by using MobileTrans in just a few seconds. Read more manual methods!

Part 3. How to connect Viber to Google Drive?

Viber and Google Drive need to be connected for a number of reasons. It enables routine automated backups of media files and chats. It’s also guaranteeing that your data is always secure, even if your phone is stolen or broken.

You can quickly retrieve your Viber data from any device with an internet connection by using Google Drive as your backup location. It is helpful if you need to transfer to a new phone or use a different device for a while.

viber chats to backup on google drive

Also, free up space on your phone's internal storage by backing up your Viber data to Google Drive. The 15 GB of free storage space on Google Drive is also plenty to regularly back up your Viber data without incurring any further expenses.

A Guide to Connect Viber to Google Drive

A simple technique requiring a few easy steps can connect Viber to Google Drive. Here is how you do it:

  • Step 1. To access the menu, open the Viber app on your phone and press the three dots in the bottom right corner.
  • Step 2. After selecting "Settings," > tap "Account” > "Viber Backup" after scrolling down.

connecting the viber to google drive

  • Step 3. Tap "Connect" after "Backup to Google Drive."
  • Step 4. Log into your Google account if requested.
  • Step 5. You should allow Viber access to your Google Drive account. Tap "Allow" after selecting the Google account you wish to use for backup.
  • Step 6. Finally, choose the interval of your data backups and whether or not you wish to include videos in them.

auto back up intervals to choose

There you have it! Now, with the regularity of backups you choose, your Viber data will be backed up to your Google Drive account. By visiting "Viber Backup" in the Viber settings and checking for the "Last backup" time, you can determine the state of your backup.

Part 4. Download Viber backup on Google Drive

Saving your Viber backup on Google Drive is essential because it guarantees that you always have a copy of your Viber chats and media assets stored on your device.

After cleaning your phone, you can do this if you need to recover your data. You might read and see your conversations and media files. Even if you don't have an internet connection, downloading your Viber backup gives you offline access to them.

downloading the viber backup on google drive

You can move between devices simply and access your chats and media files without any problems if you have a local backup of your Viber data. Generally, it's wise to download your Viber backup from Google Drive to make sure that.

Instructions to Follow for downloading the Viber Backup on Google Drive

You can quickly download the backup file of your Viber data to Google Drive by following these simple instructions:

  • Step 1. Go to google.com/drive/ on a PC or open the Google Drive app. If asked, sign in to your Google account.
  • Step 2. To download a Viber backup file, look for it. You can go to the folder where you stored the backup or use the search box.

viber backup folder in google drive

  • Step 3. If you're using a PC, right-click the backup file after finding it and choose "Download."
  • Step 4. Your smartphone will begin downloading the backup file. The size of the backup file and the speed of your internet connection will determine how long it takes to download.
  • Step 5. You can recover your Viber data by restoring the backup to your Viber app or by viewing the backup file using a file explorer program after the backup file has been downloaded.

After downloading, if you want to check your Viber backup files' location, read the next section to get access!

Part 5. How to find and view Viber backup on Google Drive?

You must always use Google Drive backups for Viber to have a replica of your chats and media assets. You can check whether you can access your chats and media assets by discovering and viewing your Viber backups on Google Drive.

This is critical if you need to recover your Viber data after transferring to a new phone or resetting your device. To maintain a duplicate in case you lose access to your Google account, it's crucial to often check and locate your Viber backups on Google Drive.

The steps below make it simple to locate and examine the backup file you created when you backed up your Viber data to Google Drive:

  • Step 1. Go to drive.google.com on a PC or open the Google Drive app. If prompted, sign in to your Google account.

log in to the google drive account

  • Step 2. Search for the "Viber" folder that has your Viber backup. It's possible that you still need to upload your Viber data to Google Drive if you can't find this folder.
  • Step 3. Click on the Viber folder to open it after you've found it.
  • Step 4. To access the Viber backup file, look for it. "Viber messages backup [date and time].vcf" is the format used for the backup files' names.
  • Step 5. After you've found the backup file, clicking on it will allow you to see it. Depending on the format, the backup file could open in a text editor or web browser.

That's the end of it! You can locate and access your Viber backup file on Google Drive by following these easy steps. Your data will always be secure and available if you maintain track of your Viber backups and often check them.


Backing up your Viber data to Google Drive is an efficient approach to guarantee the security and accessibility of your media files and chat history. You can quickly back up your Viber data and save it on your Google Drive by using MobileTrans to link Viber to Google Drive.

To ensure that your data is being correctly backed up, recovered, and accessed, it's essential to download and frequently check your Viber backup files on Google Drive.

You can be confident that your Viber data is always secure and available with these procedures, regardless of what happens to your smartphone.

Axel Nash
Axel Nash Jan 17, 24
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